Mikael Skillt – Facts, Fiction and Frauds

Editor – Graham Phillips – I’ve written extensively about Mikael Skillt – you can read about him here, here and here. I was recently sent this article about Mikael Skillt, from a reliable source, name withheld for confidentiality reasons.

I’ve touched up grammar slightly on this article, added a few links. My comment on this article is that it’s clearly written with an agenda – as any article is – and this being to debunk the ‘legends / myths / misinformation’ around Mikael Skillt. It raises some interesting, challening points, and while Skillt was not consulted in this, he of course has his right to reply via his social media, comments here. 

Mike Skillt is the perfect redemption story in the post-coup Ukraine. A charismatic, articulate and Russophobic poster boy in a failed state desperately looking for hope and heroes to cling to. He has been featured in a multitude of Mikael Skilltpro-Kiev media, he has been embraced by the “credible” Newsweek, and on a daily basis he tweets about his achievements in the broken-down Ukrainian society.

Mike Skillt is everything the corrupt Ukrainian leaders – and their Western puppet-masters – could ever dream of. He is also a fraud.

There was always something different about Mike. He talked about murder and war crimes as if being in an action movie. But most soldiers who have seen war – its horrors and suffering – tend to be mostly silent and resigned. Mike also Mikael Skillt 1appeared to be somewhat out of control in his narcissistic and self-aggrandizing stories. His stories were not just dehumanizing the heroes of DPR/LPR, but himself too. Mike was a super-soldier, a Special Forces operator, elite and with an almost super human dimension to his self-proclaimed perfection. But, again, as time passed, and the stories grew into Herculean myths, things started to feel more and more wrong.

Looking closer into Mike Skillt’s past and present – using public records and public testimonials by other pro-Nazi soldiers in the Azov battalion – a totally different picture will materialize.


Public records show that The Swedish Sniper served 227 days of mandatory military service at the infantry regiment I21. His service period was among the shortest – read: exclusively for people deemed unfit by the pre-service tests by the Swedish state – and Mike’s role in the army was as motorcycle delivery boy. I21 has never had any sniper training, not one even remotely “elite” unit, or any
other way for Mike to become a sniper.

Mike’s service grade was X65 and that is one of the lowest a Swedish soldier can virtually get. For example this abysmal service grade would have made it impossible for Mike to, as he claims, “been offered to go on peacekeeping Mikael Skillt Azovmissions abroad”. His service record would per se disqualify him.

After a longer sojourn of unemployment, low-end jobs, state benefit programs and failed business attempts Mike went for the Swedish National Guard. However, verified by a number of Swedes, this has only the name in common with other many countries National Guards. It is basically “a bunch of drunk middle-aged men and naïve teens playing war games a few times a year”, according to our sources.

There is indeed a “sniper” education at the Swedish National Guard. But that is a voluntary weekend class. Whether or not Mike has actually gotten that training is not established in our investigation, but we will give him the benefit of the doubt. What is established, beyond any doubt, is that such courses can never – by any standard – be considered a real sniper education. The only path to becoming a sniper in any of Sweden’s armed forced is to serve in a rangers unit. Mike has never been close to any such service.

Mike Skillt did, during his time in the National Guard, compete as an amateur in the guardsmen’s different “sport shooting” competitions with various results. That being said, these competitions were mostly with the army’s standard assault rifle AK-4.


Mikael Skillt AzovIn what appears as an attempt to escape his Swedish reality – debts, being dumped by a woman, and made a pariah by many of his old Nazi friends over financial disputes (all claims verified) – the Kiev after the anti-democratic coup became Mike’s destination. Almost instantly Mike started to search for the limelight, create stories and actively seek media’s attention.

Early April 2014, on the way to Kharkiv (with the neo-nazi Right Sector in order to overthrow the city’s democratically elected officials), Mike was arrested by the police. At his first of many Ukrainian – and international – media appearances he claimed to have “broken knees, broken ribs and a severe back injury” after hours of torture by the police. Let’s just say these serious and self-stated injuries were of the “Timoshenko” school of bullshit. Because a few days later he yet again appeared in media perfectly untouched.

Mikael SkilltDuring his time with the Azov battalion in the pro-Russian eastern Ukraine Mike did see combat. But a number of military professionals – snipers, special forces and regular infantry – are highly sceptical about the stories he loves to tell media. Many were just laughing tired and pointed out that he is overweight and most certainly physical unable to have executed the missions he claims.

Mike has frequently mentioned a kill shot at 1400 meters. That would put him in the – albeit ambiguous – Top 15 of longest kill shots ever. But the experts we have consulted highly doubt this after looking at what rifles Mike has posed with on his pictures. “Such a shot would be ballistically impossible”, one said. Mike himself, in an interview with the Dutch “The Post Online”, mentions using a Remington 700 for his 1400 meters kill shot. We have not been able to Google and find one verified account of a shot longer than approximately 1000 meters, plus minus 10 %, with that rifle (nevertheless bullets and charge).

In his large number of interviews the number of confirmed kills has also varied drastically. In the Dutch interview mentioned above he claims to have killed 20 people, in the Italian Corriere della Sera the number is up to “at least 150”… and for unknown reason the number of people he has killed tend to oscillate Mikael Skillt 1drastically from interview to interview. The snipers we have talked to find this behavior unexplainable, ridiculous and insulting. Not one believes Mike Skillt to be genuine.

This was exactly where our look into Mike’s Ukrainian journey would end. But then it came to our attention that his former friends and Nazis in Azov had disclosed and disowned him. The following information is verified and 100 % establish to be written by Carolus Lofroos (a Swedish-Finnish soldier in Azov with background in a rangers unit in Finland) and another soldier who served with Mike Skillt in Azov (even Mike himself verifies that in their public argument). It will leave you speechless and not only Mikael Skillt 2disgrace Mike, but Western media in general and their lazy “journalism”.

For years and years Mike wrote a large number of daily posts on the Swedish – and arguably pro-fascist – forum Flashback. In a thread aimed for veterans of the Ukrainian [sic!] war his stories amplified to absurdity. He was a special forced operator, he was in direct contact with military and political leaders, he had access to a plethora of classified information… and gradually he started to trash-talk the international soldiers in Azov more and more (at this point Mr. Skillt was relocated as instructor/administrator in Kiev).

Then one day all that changed. Almost immediately after this public disclosure and disgrace Mike stopped writing on the forum he written on for many years. Because his former brothers in arms wrote the truth about Mike.

“Because of the impossibility of ending Mike’s bullshitting, even after warnings, the group [Azov’s international soldiers in the unit by the front] will issue a full disclosure. We feel bad for doing this, but can’t see any other way to stop him [referring to his bullshit claims].”

“Mike hates the international group because he is not allowed back to any combat unit in Azov in general, and especially not the international group”

“During his time as leader, the group barely ever got any combat tasks. Later it became clear that Mike never wanted to be assigned any combat missions” […] “The only mission Mike gave us was a make-believe such, when he shot at his own Mikael Skillt 3civilian car, in order to claim for a journalist spetsnaz had attacked him.”

“Mike has not been part of liberating [sic!] neither Marinka nor Mariupol, says their group commander. He was always hiding in the background.”

“Retreating from Shyronkie, a guy close to losing his life swears to have seen Mike, in panic and alone, drive by in a car and leaving him and 3 more soldiers behind.”

“On leave in Kiev, Mike did not want to go back to Urzuf and found one reason after another” […] “After 3 weeks I went back by myself to Urzuf. The reason Mike wanted me to remain [in Kiev] was that he was broke and wanted to ‘borrow’ money.”

All quotes above are written by the alias “Henlos”. His real identity is not established, but throughout the conversation Mike himself proves to know this person and verifies him to be a legit soldier in Azov.

“He is way too horny on appearing important.”

“Skillt had lied massively what I could do down there [refers to the front] while waiting for him [who insisted on staying in Kiev].” […] “When Skilled arrived he held passionate speeches about how the international company would be structured. It should be an elite force within Azov yada-yada. But the truth is that Skillt is not a military commander.”

Mikael Skillt 4“His competence is on par with what to expect from a simple soldier and national guardsman. Skillt claimed to be a sniper and employed by the army. I am sure someone can obtain public records about that.”

“We underwent training structured by him sometimes, mostly garbage. If they were physically demanding Skillt usually took a car or just stayed at base sleeping.”

“What happened is that he took videos of shooting exercises and, I discovered later, posted on Twitter claiming it to be pictures of actual combat.”

“And Mike, what happened to the Facebook charity money you held? Our guys should get new fucking clothes? You claimed to have made approximately $1,200, but nothing ever arrived to our group. But I remember big restaurant bills you were generous with in Kiev.”

“[when we] helped pushing the enemy back from Mariupol and keeping them back, you were in Kiev and posted posing pictures, claiming to be behind enemy lines, on Twitter, pretending to be at war.” […] “During this time your claimed kill number increased from 20-30 to around 100. Without any participation in battle.”

All quotes above are from Carolus Loofros , verified and legit. More information about him here, in Swedish.


When realizing the depth of Mike’s lies and fraudulent claims we took a closer look at other claims of his. Given his obsession with Twitter and forums it was very easy – factually using public records – to find a complicated pattern of self-aggrandizing lies and misrepresentations.

Mikael Skillt 5We also discovered a track-record of violence and mental abuse (even towards women). HOWEVER since this information is impossible to verify, and may hurt relatives and innocent people, we have chosen to not disclose it.

There are however many highly questionable statements of superiority. Mike loves talking about himself and nurse his own myths:

  • Mike often claims to have lost large incomes, close to $80,000 annually, in Sweden. He also often states he was some sort of construction project manager working with billion dollar companies. Neither of this can be proven by public records. On the contrary, he has never had any income not substantially under the average Swedish income level. He has debts formally established by Sweden’s state debt collection agency and even to an enforced collection level stated by court (expropriation of wages, enforced seizure of possessions). His former nazi friends tell unanimously him to have taken welfare checks, undergone unemployment programs, and having worked as a mover (carrying sofas and tables for a small moving and transportation company).
  • For well over a year Mike has claimed to speak Russian. But only in writing. Never once on video or in live conversations.
  • Mike has also been very vocal about his excellent English and times abroad. Any native English speaker will find this laughable. His constant – for years! – inability to differ between “your”/”you’re” and “then”/”than” says enough. He Mikael Skillt 6may have a decent language and some idioms, but at the end of the day he is a Swede lacking linguistic fundamentals. If you have lived and worked in English, than [pun intended!] will never happen. Not even for a Swede!
  • When it comes to the “abroad” years and the “bank accounts in many countries” we cannot establish this by any public records. All we can see is that he lived most of his life in a small northern town, on very low incomes, and no true sign of times abroad can be found. He has not – and remember this is a guy who obsessive-compulsory post pictures of cats/food/shoes/himself like an insecure and anxiety-ridden teenage girl – posted any proof of these times abroad himself either.


During Mike’s Gatsby-esque journey to “fame” we also noted a few significant abnormalities in his behavior:

  • A constant need to be grandiose and important
  • Mikael Skillt 7(False) Stories about success, fame, connections with the elite of the society
  • Claims of always being superior: intelligence, language, alpha male, violence and physical abilities and so forth
  • Anger and rage when being confronted, or even in harmless discussions, and often a surrender to insults about opponents being “ugly” or “mentally challenged”
  • A willingness to hurt others, often strangers, in order to feel powerful and important

Fullscreen capture 03042016 171520.bmpIt did not feel quite normal, so we let a practising psychiatrist take a look at his twitter. A real diagnosis can obviously not be made, but – and we quote – “the person in question is expressing the classic signs of narcissistic sociopathy” and “the behavior appears engraved and established, possibly pathologically, by obsessive interaction in social media”.

Mike has basically made a career out of a possible mental condition. Lies, empathy-bereft behaviour and selfishness have taken him to a career in Ukraine. By his own words he is now aiming to become a politician and “fight against corruption”.


But this is not just the story about Mike. It is the story about Ukraine after the coup, because – ultimately – it was the failed state, its rabid anti-Russian media, lazy journalists in expensive hotel bars, and a spiritually destroyed society that
let Mike become this fraudulent hero.

In the modern Ukraine – corrupted, selfish and belied – the existence of characters like Mike is not just natural, but necessary to exist, due to the society’s many mortal wounds. Ukraine is attracting charlatans, con men, fraud merchants, and selfish decadence. All these people prey on Ukraine and their Mikael Skillt 8“fortune” is made of the million innocent Ukrainians’ suffering.

Mike Skillt is the incarnation of the Ukrainian failure.


Finally, we would like to issue a challenge to Newsweek, the Daily Signal, Kyiv Post, Radio Free Europe, and all other propaganda media whom have glorified Mike Skillt:

Prove us wrong! Prove us wrong or make formal apologies for published misinformation!

We have copies of public records. We know about his real military service in Sweden. We have the tax reports, we have the debt history, and we have credible statements from impartial sources. Because we did our research and we checked the facts critically… something you never did!

The Donbass Truth Committee

7 thoughts on “Mikael Skillt – Facts, Fiction and Frauds”

    1. Worse. Graham is a whore for Russia. It should be considered an honor for Skillt to have the propaganda tool Graham sent by Russian intelligence (if you can call that an ‘intelligence’ at all, it’s more an ape group instinct) and equipped by all they could possibly set up of accusations, fakes and half-truths on the target of this rant. This apprentice-Goebbels should use his pitiful talents on examples of Russian systematic atrocities such as Motorola, a more grateful topic, as scum works always fine with fellow scum.


      1. Come on Mikael, at least disguise yourself better than that. And instead of babbling like an idiot take the challenge posted and prove the writer wrong.


  1. To nail a shot at 1410 meters is quite impressive. It does not only leave Skillt in the top 10 marksman in the world. It is even more impressive since the Remington 700 sniper rifle, which he claimed to have shot with, only have an effective range of 1200 meters.

    Skillt who have mediocre grades from the military service and a record of living of welfare benefits and temporary job within construction here in Sweden. And who have been kicked out or been in conflict with every organisation he joined. (Skillt would probably be kicked out of a chess club if he joined one). Now proves to be a cold blooded and disciplined commando soldier in a way that would make a Navy Seal or a SAS soldier green of envy. Is even more surprising.

    But who knows? Sometimes reality beats fiction.


  2. One more note. You mentioned that Skillts military grade was X65. Let me explain that grade for you.

    The Swedish military service grade consists of three digits where 10 or X is the highest. 1 is therefore the lowest.

    First digit is “Conduct and behaviour” usually all will get a ten or X unless you refuse to take order or slap the Captain on the nose or have a asocial unfit behaviour.

    Second digit is “The suitability of the job you do” How you perform the duty you have.

    Third digit is “Knowledge and skills”

    To be eligible for a military job abroad, in UN service for example, you must have the service grade X-7-7 or higher. Below 5 is basically a fail. So Skillts service grade is mediocre at best.


  3. What about the shooting on Maydan. I can remember he was confirming that those snipers on maydan (in uniform with those small yellow ribbons), which you could see on the pictures, one of those were him. I was looking for this posting, but it is deleted. But I know it was there. Anybody knows more about that?


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