Project: Crimea, Victory Day 2016

Graham Phillips

Plan: A film about Victory Day in Crimea, from no fewer than 7 places on the peninsula!

CrimeaMay9aThis project doesn’t have any connection or affiliation with any channels, organisations, or governments, it’s a completely independent project. 

(*Note – the artwork is in Russian for now, I’ll arrange English versions for the stand-alone English version of the film, which will be shown at a special presentation when I’m in London in May / June).

To show the world exactly how things are in Crimea on its third Victory Day since reunification with Russia.

How: People, just regular people, in Crimea will film for me, send me the footage, we’ll make that into a film, the plan is for it to be ready on May 10th, with an English version at (or around) the same time! 

How much do we need?
 Ideally $2000, or $600 plus a drone (even if it’s just for the week, that would be great!). $400 for professional graphics, $200 for general expenses, petrol etc.

I’ll do it via a crowdfunding campaign.

Crimea2016Important – This isn’t a project for money! If we collect more money than we need, I’ll donate it to a charity, chosen by you, in Crimea

The Russian version could get between 50-100,000 hits, but I also hope the English version will get no fewer than 50,000 hits, as well as attention from the media in both Russia, and the western world. 

Everyone who helps this film in any way, be it filming, volunteering services, helping with finance, will be mentioned in the film credits, with thanks (if you’re not against). 


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