Results of Your Patreon Support 2016 so far Month (#3)

Graham Phillips

2016 saw me depart Donbass in January, and spend a month in St Petersburg, 1Aramismostly working on my film ‘Aramis‘ (along with Oleg Somov). The film has far exceeded expectations, moving towards 150,000 hits on YouTube, as well as successful screenings in St Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov, across Donbass.

Your support on Patreon means I am now working on an English version of the film, for a special screening in London in May or June of this year. Not just subtitles, but have actually re-recorded material to make the film, which I feel contains an important message, as accessible as possible for an English-speaking audience.

Of course, the opportunity to do these screenings was unexpected, and came about after my reportage trip to the Baltics – supported by you – ended in deportation after 3 days, but not before I’d filmed reportage from there (English subs) –

And filmed enough material to prepare a special one-hour report for a UN, calling for submissions about the glorification of Nazism in the modern world. I’m putting that report ready now, and again, it wouldn’t be possible without your support –

Everything I do is independent journalism, funded, supported by you. And it makes a difference in breaking through the propaganda, getting the truth through. For example, Russian humanitarian aid, and all of the lies, propaganda about that? Your support helped me cut through all of that, with this, English, report on Russian humanitarian aid in Donbass –

These round-ups focus on English-language journalism, as Patreon is orientated towards that. Of course, much of my content is in Russian, but I’m always working – with the help of volunteers – to add as much English-language content as possible. And of course, there’s not just the video reports, but the many languages here on the Truth Speaker, which gets around 1,000 hits each day.

I took Eliot Higgins to task here. And most recently, exposed pro-Ukraine Dutch journalist Stefan Huijboom, as a con artist, here.  This, along with comprehensive articles about how life really is in the DPR, and LPR. 

Back to videos, and I also have volunteers who can go into territory I can’t, so these recent reports, from Ukraine-controlled Donbass –

Slavyansk – 

Kramatorsk – 

And Odessa – 

Also, I’m pleased to say there’ll soon be English subs on my special 24-minute reportage on Odessa. 

In the DPR, February, thanks to a colleague, I was able to give this drone report as Ukrainian shelling hits in February –

And further, thanks to colleagues, presented on my channel was a report, with full English subtitles, as a Ukrainian landmine blew up a passenger minibus outside Donetsk in February –

Here, Patrick Lancaster kindly filmed the DPR parliament for me, on request –

In February, a year on from events in Debaltsevo, your support made this video report happen –

Your support made this video report possible, from Donbass, Novosvetlovka, with some time lapse drone footage –

And this, as the 50th convoy of Russian humanitarian aid arrived –

March also saw us flip to the Netherlands, to bring you exclusive reportage of what the Dutch were thinking ahead of their referendum on Ukraine –

And Russia, in April, finding out what Russians really think of president Putin –

So, your support has helped bring reportage from Donbass, Russia, the Netherlands, watched by many thousands, across the world. Articles here, read by many thousands across the world.

You are a part of all the work I do, your support on Patreon makes it all possible.

Until the next time, thanks again for being with me!



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