Crowdfunding (#3) The Crimea Victory Day Project – and On

Graham Phillips

You may have read about my upcoming Crimea project – to make a unique film, of May 9th, Victory Day, in Crimea – how it’s celebrated in all the main places, plus some out-of-the-way places.

The plan is to make a film, a proper looking film, in one day, of how Crimea – people all over Crimea – celebrate this historic Victory Day, their third since CrimeaVictoryDayreunification with Russia in 2014.

Of course, as with all my projects, this needs to be crowdfunded. I set a target of $2000, which comprised $600 to cover basic costs, and $1400 for an additional drone, which would really be helpful, on the day and in general.

The concept of the film is to combine footage shot by Crimeans themselves, along with professional quality footage, to really capture this historic day, in the most authentic day possible – a Russian version, and English!

I’ve now collected more than 30% of the $2000 goal. More than the $600 minimum cost, so the project is live! If funding falls between the two amounts, I’ll donate it to a charity in Crimea, and hold a vote on my social media to decide which one. This Crimea film is a work of love, not intended to make money in any way.

As for the crowdfunding, due to my being in Crimea and simply working every minute right now, there’s no time for an outright campaign, video etc. However, if you’d like to contribute, I’m collecting via my Paypal account – 

Here are the rewards – 

Every donationA mention in the credits of the film (if you’d like)

£10A special tweet of thanks for those contributing

£25Mention in a special video thanking those involved

£100 or more – An individual video of thanks, and I’ll post you a souvenir, signed, postcard from the film.

Crimea Victory DayAnother reason for not launching an outright crowfunding campaign for this, is that, thanks to volunteers and goodwill of the people, we can do this Crimea project inexpensively. However, the next project will require real funding, a real budget. That will be my documentary on MH17, as you can see, work has already started on the graphics.

Boeing MH17The aim for the MH17 documentary is to make absolutely the definitive documentary on the subject. Speak to experts, relatives, investigators, witnesses – everything!

That’s up next, and as with the Crimea Victory Day project, it is possible entirely because of crowdfunding, and your support.

As for the Crimea Victory Day film, huge thanks in advance for your support, and I can’t wait to make, and for you to see the film! Graham

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