Updates (#1) Closure of Support Donbass Ebay Shop

Graham Phillips

Last time back in London, in March of last year, I tried a few things. One of them, was setting up a shop on ebay, called the Support Donbass Shop. This ran at the same time as I arranged an event here in London to raise humanitarian funds for Fullscreen capture 01062016 000425.bmpDonbass. The shop ‘went into hibernation’ after I returned to Donbass last summer, and despite the best efforts of the wonderful Kristina here, was just too busy to keep it going. Anyway, now back in the UK, am officially closing it.

On sale from the shop were originals of photos I’d taken, plus things like Novorossiya mugs, Donbass items, even Motorola t-shirts and, ok, there was a bit of fun behind this too. Motorola, for example, vilified in the Ukrainian, western media, the idea of challenging perceptions, putting him on a t-shirt. I also wanted to show that you could do something like this. There are any number of ebay stores raising money for the Ukrainian military, yet there were protests against this one operating, raising humanitarian funds for Donbass. We overcame them, went ahead, the shop was successful.

What was the point of all this? Well, firstly, it was to raise funds for humanitarian aid for Donbass. And it did that, in the 55 transactions of the shop, we raised over £500 of aid, which was given out in humanitarian aid distributions in Donbass, and also, we helped people on both sides of the divide in Donbass.

Fullscreen capture 31052016 134417.bmpI received this message from a young girl called ‘Yana’ on the 13th April, 2015, living in Ukraine-controlled territory in the Lugansk region –

‘Graham.. If you can help me.. My father has the third group of disability.. He has a BIG problems with his head.. My grandmother has problems with her kidneys. sand goes, it was already 2 operations. One laser, then strip. She was very painful, but there is no money to go to the hospital and she suffers. I can not look at it .. though I found some work .. but 500 hryvnia is not enough even for one day in the hospital .. I beg you, you can help at least some means. I then return everything Fullscreen capture 31052016 154346.bmpwhen going to work! I am also a graduate, how much money has gone ..😔

And on the 19th – 

‘Hi, Graham, I do not know who else to turn 2 days ago again started to be shown gastritis and I have no money to buy some pills said that it began to appear frequently with symptoms such strong emotion and from junk food. please, we will return all money when we have it, have no strength to endure those pain’

I checked documents to make sure everything was legit –

Yana document Yana document2 Yanadoc1

Fullscreen capture 31052016 154543.bmpAnd everything being in order, transferred 100 Euros to Yana. This was all raised on the Support Donbass Shop. She was incredibly grateful, and the necessary medicine was purchased. And that was all made possible by every single purchase from the shop.

Fullscreen capture 01062016 000743.bmpIt served its purpose, actually a few purposes – raised some money, made some points. I left living full-time in Donbass in January, and stopped my humanitarian activities then. For those interested in donating in that way, you should contact Patrick Lancaster. 

I do still have some items of stock left from the shop, and will be putting them on my own ebay account, to raise funds for my upcoming MH17 documentary.

For now, huge thanks to all customers and supporters of the Support Donbass Shop, for the purchased, feedback, being a part of it!

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