A Graham Newsletter (#1) Return to the UK, Referendum Reportage, More

Graham Phillips

Hello, this is the first in a series of short newsletters where I keep you updated on 1kids2what I’ve been up to, am up to, and what comes next. Also, as this is being published on the International Day for the Protection of Children, I’d like to take a moment to remember those children of Donbass, caught up in that terrible war, which should never have been. May no other children in the world see or go through what they have.

After over a year away, in Donbass, Russia, including Crimea, and (briefly) the Baltics, I returned to the UK last week, via a trip to the Donbass frontlines –

The last week I spent with family in Wales, and have now returned to London. Of course, some have said to me I should ‘return to Donbass‘ etc, and that’s very flattering, to have my work appreciated. But being back in the UK, home, I’ve felt things as they really are, spoken with people. Most people here simply don’t care about Donbass. And that’s not because they’re ‘bad people’, or so – it’s almost never on the news here. Marginalised to just another war (or even?) going on in a Graham Donbasscountry just distant enough to be distant.

All the work I’ve done from Donbass, for the last 2 years, the hundreds of reports from everywhere from frontlines, to homes hit by shelling, to concerts to festivals, simply hasn’t penetrated the information blockade. Of course, the main channels won’t show my work here, it doesn’t fit the narrative. And as for RT, who I still get associated with, I’d like to say firstly that I’ve had nothing to do with RT for a long time, and secondly, no one I know here would even think of watching RT.

So I can go back to Donbass, do the same again, the Russian, and a select western audience will know more about what they already know, and again no one (other than the select) in the west will notice. Or I can do reportage in the UK, and EU, to win a wider western audience, and take that audience with me to Donbass, Crimea, to bring the truth from there.

To that end, I’m working on a number of things. Ever more English subtitles on reportage. And I’m planning new reportage from the UK, and EU. I’ll be launching a crowdfunding campaign soon for my UK Referendum reportage, which I’d like to be … unexpected, interesting. Of course, when it comes to the UK referendum, I have an open position in support of ‘Leave’, but I’ll put that to one Graham Phillips Aramisside to bring – with your help – objective, fresh reportage.

I’m going to put on a special film evening in London, showing the 2 films I’ve made in Donbass and Crimea – Aramis, and Crimea, Victory Day 2016, and in my time here be doing new reportage, from London, Europe.

Then, the next big project, as with all my work, fully crowdfunded, will be an MH17 documentary. I’m aiming for this to be the definitive MH17 documentary – based on extensive time on site, witnesses, expert analysis – completely independent, getting through all the myths, lies and misinformation to the truth of what happened.

So, there’s a lot ahead, a lot to do. It’s all to do, and I know we can do it all together. When you come back home, and I’ve been away for over a year, it’s an excellent opportunity for a reboot, to make some changes, and define how best to do things going forward. To this end, I’ve closed the Support Donbass Shop, but not before it made a big contribution to humanitarian aid in Donbass. Read all Graham Phillips journalistabout that here.

Look out for crowdunding campaigns coming soon, giving you a unique chance for involvement in these projects. And be sure I don’t measure involvement purely by finance – every share, repost etc of my work helps to get the truth to a wider audience. And those who do decide to make a financial pledge to make a project possible I consider as partners. To all of you, I’m always very grateful, and more than happy to chat, find me on Facebook here.

4 thoughts on “A Graham Newsletter (#1) Return to the UK, Referendum Reportage, More”

  1. I think you may be mistaken about the views people have in the UK. You have first to divide the “audience” into the intelligent minority who are interested in foreign affairs and the sheeple majority for whom it takes 99th place after football, football, soaps, soaps, Trump/Boris/Farage, celebs……..

    The opinions of the latter lot do not remotely matter as much as the opinions of the former, interested, minority. And I can assure you that among them, the recognition is that the bbc etc are propaganda deceivers, and that while RT may not be entirely unbiased, it is certainly a very useful source for seeing through the lies of the bbc.


  2. Thank you, Graham, for your vision, videos, photos, youtube channel. I looked all information, great thanks. I liked you returned back to Great Britain, enjoying to see you in Wales, hoping for the peace and a comfort for each here as we all are alive and have our lives and rights to live to be happy.


  3. Dear Graham, I would like to see you supporting BBC by you vidoes and reportages much more rigther for now as this would put your information and vision for more British people living in UK. especially as not plenty Journalists from the West had been here to record events as they were and opinions of locals too. I dislike the way to see people under bombs, kids and women under bombs, as Western Politics and Newsmakers supporting this mass genocide of locals in Europe as “O, this all right! they all are just some Russian, talking on Russian languages, still their these just new-born babies and old pensionets and women and kids – not worry – just the reduction of some local Europen white race people here, using Russian language and not our English language of English murders, started plenty wars to kiil other people in plenty countries! under the protection of our bravest honest American Police and British Police!” – see. I did not see as American or British or Russian or Ukrainian Police would stopped wars by arresting some criminals and murders in the political power. How do you think, will we see this some day? as the stop of this? New born babies could not fight, as they had been killed by bombs of adults? under orders of politics in power? under a huge amount of money which had been put to kill plenty local civilians, to bomb to destroy their properties, schools, museums, buses. If this would be America, Americans would named this as “terract and a serious crime against civilians”. But as the mass kiiling as a genocide of local Europeans, Obama and Congress USA and CNN named this as a good resonable thing to reduce the Euroepan local white population in American military goals to represents their military goals in Europe with unwanted Russian Ethnic people here no one as living on the land of their ancestors. You know … if to say to a wolf or to a hyena or to a cat to stop to kiil others – still to show a video on youtube for them as may be this will work to stop – but this will not to stop, the some as the stop of murders to kiil others as this just the police may do. Musrders said to others on the Court with Solisitors help their tales dream why did they killed others and some way as American Politics said to others why they killed people as civilians in other countries as always for some goals of USA had been done always without any stop. Why do American Police had not stopped their American Politicians for making orders or creative activities to kill others? to kill other people in other countries far away from USA but so unwatned to live in the peace on their own land on their own countries? as American Military gaols or American Economical goals asked to kill others all times? to kill to put some people in American interests? Why do America used taxes and their American budget to kill other peopole in other countries over and over? Plenty died… and never enough for American Politics in power. Why do American Citizens USA used to vote to pick wrong people with the full loss of humanity, with the loss of position as a crime to kill? May be it is not any of normal humans already on USA? Why do Americans not stop their own murders in political power to order to kill other people? own-in wars? others – in political game changes? It is so easy – a fact as people died, houses damages, a fact as a financial and a political support of this, and so the organisation and a financial support of a mass genocide. This a good idea of UN OBSE Police force here – but … locals saw and said as all these UN just fixed just some of events and run not to fixed others – so no trust to them here – they used just to look and support murders whom bombed properties. Americans put hundreds billions dollars to Ukraine to do Maidan and they support the political power ordered the bombing own civilins on Ukraine without the attempt to talk to sort out things. They moved to bomb civilians with the full American support for this as a really fast, as this was discussed before this? Obama said – yes. American military and other specialists had helped to do Maidan as Ukrainian President was not on their side of USA, so they wanted to change to another and to come to Ukraine with the military tasts and American military base with rockets and so they ordered to kill so plenty local Russian Ethnic people here, including newborn babies. the military tast of American military specialist in Europe in Ukraine as a greatest reduce of number of the local European civilins and kidsa nd women as unwanted here by Congress of USA and Obama to live to be alive and happy. American mothers and women much happy to see other kids or other women cried, wounded, damaged, hungry, died. American people work hard to have taxes to keep their murders in political power happy, rich. any change – no change as alwyas just murders, ordering wars, a mass killing of civilians. Is the Democraticy is a Political Power of Murders in Power? as we see USA by this way?
    Each country to where American Democraticy came – died civilians.
    So, Is the Democraticy is a Political Power of Murders in Power? as we see USA by this way?
    Or – why do American Democraticy low mothers and a word Mum? So, women and mothers as unwanted by American Political Power of Murders too? unwanted by the way as unwanted Russian Ethnic in Ukraine?
    Do American and British Police realise that of they do not do their work to stop murders in politicals power, ir will be more worse? and no one may come to stop this for centures?
    Just if some comet or a meteorit?
    American people proud to have the Democraticy as a Political Power of their rich Murders? Jackals? Hienas? … as a normal person and man can not kill a woman, a mother with kids, kids, old people — just Jackals as American Congress USA may ordering to kill own people and people in other countries.
    How this possible that The American Democraticy started to be not a Power of Humans but a Power of Rich Murders and Jackals and Hyenas? liked to kill others? Look, where are American humans and men to stop this? Where American Police to stop murders of their country? Murders have the political power? but they are murders? murders in a political power? so, what stop American Policemen to arrests American Murders taking Political Power in USA to order activities to kill other people, as American Citizens in wars and other civilians in other countries? These money on wars might be spend to create the weapons to save the planet from the meteriot instead. or to a child benefits suppot. Americans prefer to spend on bombs, weapons, wars, died civilians. They are so great Nation … Nation of Whom? Whom?


  4. Dear Graham, someone used to test American Politics before to give the huge political power and the right to spend huge amount money from American budget USA?


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