Updates (#2) RT and Me – Nothing to Do with Each Other

Graham Phillips

I still find myself associated with the channel RT, so I’d like to say this very simply – I don’t actually like the channel RT.

Graham PhillipsI never wanted to ‘do a Liz Wahl‘ etc, so have been polite before, but I can’t let continued association with RT compromise the integrity of my work going forward, so would like to be entirely open.

Moreso, I don’t say RT are ‘Russian propaganda, etc, actually I dislike watching reports from the DPR and LPR still captioned ‘East Ukraine’ – that’s disrespectful to the people there.

And while I’m grateful for the opportunity they gave me to start my career, I didn’t really enjoy working with RT, as I did in 2014, they chose to support me only when it suited them, otherwise, they’d go missing, or, in a sticky spot, try to throw me under the bus. No hard feelings from me about that, looking back, that’s business, I guess, but at the time it was disappointing.

Graham Phillips 1Association with RT acts, in the western media, only as discreditation against your work, the brand is now likely inextricably associated with ‘Russian propaganda’. That may be a shame, may be because of western propaganda, but that’s just how it is. No one I know would even think of watching the channel. The early work I did with RT serves now only as an attempt to discredit my later work, and of course I believe in the importance of not only that, but the work ahead, so can’t let this happen.

All said, I have friends working at RT, I support their good work, and all told, wish the channel well. But to put RT and me together in any way is just not on!

3 thoughts on “Updates (#2) RT and Me – Nothing to Do with Each Other”

  1. Graham, I think you are mistaken about the “East Ukraine” bit. The point is that anti-Russian forces wish to spin a line that RT is Putin’s personal international lying system. If RT started referring to the relevant areas as DNR/LNR or as Novorossia, then the anti-Russian spinners like Bellingshite would instantly declare that that shows that Putin has officially recognised them (and by implication planned to do so all along). And thereby their lie that DNR/LNR are parts of Putin’s “aggressive” designs is “confirmed”. So from the point of view of anti-anti-Russians in Russia it is important not to refer to them as DNR/LNR or Novorossia, but instead very neutrally as East Ukraine.

    I can appreciate that that upsets people who live there and have lost lives in the struggle for independence from the Kiev regime. But such feelings are far less important than the geopol war of words. And anyway RT is specifically a channel aimed at people over here rather than in DNR/LNR.


  2. Also I would have thought you would appreciate that from the perspective of residents of Russia, they would greatly prefer that Ukr eventually become one again, with Kiev no longer under control of anti-Russian forces. Again, the avoidance of official recognition of the secessions is needed for that.


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