A Graham Newsletter (#2) Return to the UK, Brexit Reportage – and More…

Graham Phillips

What happens when you stay in a foreign country for a long period? You come back to your own country, and it’s like a foreign country. I’ve been back in the UK Fullscreen capture 04062016 190103.bmpfor two weeks now, and, to be honest, it’s been quite a transition. I’d been away for over a year, working in Donbass, Russia, the Baltics (briefly).

And now back to a UK which has certainly changed, a London where entire streets are different to as I remember them. And the realisation that what I put my heart and soul into, my work over in Donbass, Crimea and more, just hasn’t reached over here.

Of course, Donbass is always in my thoughts and even as I write this, there are people living there in third world conditions due to war, while war, at some level, goes on. I know some of you supported me when I was doing humanitarian work there, having left living in Donbass full-time, I don’t do that now, so suggest you contact Patrick Lancaster.

My focus is to do reportage which will resonate with a western audience, and take that audience with me to my Donbass reportage, to make a breakthrough in the information blockade there. To that end, I’m hugely excited about my upcoming UK referendum reportage project.

It’s entirely crowdfunded, and as I write this the campaign is at 12% funded, so in need of a little help! Full details here –


Video here –

Of course, I’ve been spending some time here preparing for a wider western audience who won’t know anything about me, and, due to the weight of western propaganda determined to discredit those who report the other side, may well google and see me described as a ‘pro-Russian propagandist’ and so on. So, have written a factual biography of myself, just here.

Also, spent some time to write an account of Ukraine as it was 4 years ago – when I lived in Kiev, and as it is now, what a difference 4 years has made. This article is over 4500 words long, so make sure you’ve a cup of tea!


And I was very happy to present a guest article on the Truth Speaker, by Stefan Beck, on the Dutch Referendum two months on –


Would you like to write something for the Truth Speaker? Drop me a line – gwplondon@gmail.com

Of course, I’ve got videos to come too – including this taster from the Taigan safari park. And I’m now busily preparing for the start of my UK Referendum reportage trip. The target of £1600 may seem like a lot, but believe me, you’ll see where all the money has gone in the reportage!

And of course, I believe this reportage can make a difference, in itself, and in bringing a new audience to the truth about Donbass, Crimea and more!

That’s all for now, thanks very much for all your support! Graham

One thought on “A Graham Newsletter (#2) Return to the UK, Brexit Reportage – and More…”

  1. Thank you very much for your this photo from London, this up me to see you and London.
    I saw as British Politics had mistake each time – any political party – and so, i sure and thinks as any result of vote would be a loss though this inability of British Politics to think about all people from British Nations.
    UK in EU = a loss as we saw.
    UK out EU = a loss as the some people would be in a power whom where before to move UK to a loss, losses.


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