A Graham Newsletter (#3) Brexit Reportage Nears Conclusion

It’s been quite a ride so far, for my crowdfunded Brexit reportage, with over 6500km travelled so far to bring you the most interesting reportage possible on the subject.

With the debate about the UK leaving the EU, I headed to Europe first. Why? I wanted to show some more about the EU the UK was voting to stay in, or leave.

So first, it was to have a look at those who want to get into the UK, often risking life and limb to do so, first going to the infamous jungle in Calais, where things got a bit heated –

Then, to Lille, where with Ukraine taking on Germany, I wanted to see how Ukrainian fans related to the fact that their country, in the war which resulted from their attempt to enter the EU, with Ukraine’s attempts to enter the EU ongoing, has been shelling, and killing civilians –

From there, it was 2000km up to Latvia, where I was deported, and banned from, in March. And why? I wanted to have a look at EU values, and what happens when you lose control of your borders –

From there, it was over 1500km to Denmark, and I wanted to show both how the ‘borderless’ EU is now erecting borders, and see what the Danes think both of Brexit, and the EU –

And most recently, back to London to see if the murder of Jo Cox would affect the outcome of the referendum –

With just a few days until the referendum, there’s lots more reportage to come, and with these videos in total at almost half a million hits, on my channel alone, we are going strong!

My crowdfunder stands at 75% by the way, so still a chance to get involved here –


Very best for now, Graham

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