A Graham Newsletter (#4) Brexit Reportage – Almost There!


In the next newsletter, I’ll be sending you full stats and figures from what has been quite an amazing reportage trip, covering over 8000km, from Dundee to Graham Phillips LatviaDenmark, Latvia to London. Over 30 videos so far, approaching 750,000 hits, a major story in western press, not to mention a lot of coverage in the Russian, and Latvian media.

The purpose of beginning in Europe was to go out and show you some, perhaps new, things about the EU, then, come back and show the UK. As I was always completely open about, I supported a ‘Leave’ vote, but put that to one side to bring you completely objective reportage, as you can see from this latest, full report from Dundee, all sides represented –

And there have, of course, been videos right up to date – you can find them all here on my channel.

This Brexit reportage project hasn’t always easy. My car smashed into in Lille, France, things stolen, was a blow, and some other challenges along the way. But, I always knew that come what may, the project would be completed. The support people vested in my via crowdfunding – and this project was completely crowdfunded, the only source of income for it was crowdfunding – has been an immense source of inspiration.

To me, crowdfunding is not just money, finance, far from it – it’s the messages of support you write, it’s the engagement, interaction with you. It’s the knowing that this is being done for a reason, because someone believes in this project, wants it to exist, brings it to life. It’s the trust vested in me by those who are involved, that of all the things in the world you would choose to spend your money on my reportage. That’s a constant drive for me, to ensure that your decision to support me is vindicated.

Graham Phillips filmingOf course, I always want my journalism to be free for everyone to view, I don’t like paywalls, or barriers. So, it’s not like I say to those who take part ‘you get first view‘ or so on. But, of course, I look to offer the most interesting rewards possible, and next week, when the project finishes, attention will turn to fulfilling pledges to all those who participated, have made it possible.

But … there’s lots to come before we bring this Brexit project to a close over the weekend! More special reportage, more video snapshots, a wrap-up video! And then, of course, attention will turn to the next project. And what will that be? It’ll be announced first here in a newsletter, and there’ll be another crowdfunding project to make that happen!

So, in the next newsletter, we’ll do a statistical wrap of this project, giving you all the facts, figures, trivia. And, we go on from there. Thank you for reading this newsletter, if you want to be first to get it, with an extra letter, drop an email to me at – gwplondon@gmail.com or write to me on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/GrahamWPUK

Best for now, Graham

5 thoughts on “A Graham Newsletter (#4) Brexit Reportage – Almost There!”

    1. Putting your email address unmangled on a website is generally a bad idea as spambots pick it up and send you offers for ill-fitting bras and so forth.


    1. I afriad for Ukraine was just a training pogon-base to adapt to improve political technology,
      1. to work to wide 2 or more political groups with different political ideas
      2. to help to 1 group to take the political power
      3. to use 2nd group to come forward as fully dissagree with a political power of group 1.
      4..to use 1st group in a political power to attack all from group 2
      5. to use group 2 to stand hard in political battles with group 1
      6. to use this political battle conflict with 2 group “Two Steps Plan” to dance “”Three steps = a civil war died valse with The Death, plenty mass killing civilins, women, men, kids, pensioners, to damage properties, to take other people good, jewerry, houses, etc”

      Two Steps dance – Threww Steps dance – The Walse with The Death, died, wounded, blood.

      The goal – as all here as the organising group 1, 2, conflict, political battle to the stage to start the walse with death — to organise the mass killing civilina mostly women and kids, to reduce the numbers of local civilians.

      Ukraine – the reducing number of the local European white race civilians, mostly Christian women, kids. Really, plenty of them had been kind people, wishing to help others, and so started unwanted.

      Russia stopped WWII coming to Berlin to stop Hitler in May 1945.

      So, as there is a mass kiiling civilinas of Russian Ethnic, – women, kids, men, damaging their properties – this may be a dirty evil revange from German Faschists and their supporters for the WWII end by Soviet Russian Army coming to Berlin in May 1945.

      If so, the next Great Britian and British people may be the next target by some technology to reduce their numbers, as civilinas, and to ruin their country to shrink. and Russia too as the next target and USA too, as was alies in WWII results.

      I try to say, as Ukraine just the temporal training base to educate to create confclict to use to move to open them after in other countries – in Great Britain, in America, any where.

      When people live here in Donbass from the end of WWII time, they never had such, as they have this now. WHile they had the some during WWII battle.

      So, here WWII started.

      I think USA – America will have the some – so they may see this to look for their own future soon in their own country.

      Criminals and murders have their criminal habits, as habit.

      Plenty Americans sure if their son will kill some one far away – he never will do this as his new coming training habit in return back on his own family, wife, kids, people around. But plenty American wives divorced, as they had saw the change.

      USA Congressmen and USA Congresswomen sure as traine to kill staff will be their personal slaves to do all their orders for the rest of their lives, not realizing as they open the bottle with The Jinn, and so this The Jinn may come to their houses, home, families, themselves, to ask or to do for what they had trained The Jinn.

      Congress USA deal as a fully stupid people with the full loss of any reality and mind and a feeling of dangerous in the suincidic manner over years more and more, ruined USA eonomy, reputation, National Security, created enimies, so USA had the consequences from this all.

      American rich people, never knew the real life for others, with the loss of reality, living just in their own fantasies well-protected social group — so, a good life, plenty food, drink, clothers, services, luxury — but they worry to act to ruin other people lives, economics of other countries, living plenty hungry cried wounded kids or died kids.

      I had a great hope, praying for American Police of NY to take the political power in UK to stop their own Murders in political power in USA to organise the mass killing other people – as police to protect lives, really, not protect rights of murders to kill plenty others to go free.

      See, American President Bush had not give the time and money to investigate the real location, bank account of Bin Laden and all 9/11 at all – he named the crimer himself, without any The Court – so, he crossed the work of The Court system, h work of the POlice as fully unsessary in system to name “we think this may be this-him!”

      I show plenty times already, British Calendar published in Great Britian in 2000, with the page for September 2001: 2 gygantic lightings feld down from the sky to hight hils — as a good illustration to 9/11 in NY – 2 planes feld down on Twin Buildings. And on English “The nature does not know awards or punishments – all consegences”

      This looked as 9/11 had been planed and organising, by someone with the connection to UK, Great Britian, as published here such British calendar in 2000. and so, may sat near TV to look CNN after as American troops tried to find him and them in Iraq-Afganistan.

      USA put plenty sanctions on Russia for doing wrong – but not for bank account of Bin Laden family in Great Britian? Bin Laden sister lived in UK, having here her bank accounts, bussiness, died in the crash of helicopter suddenly in 2015 – so no one had touched by sancions or frozen Bin Laden family bank account, and USA troops tried to find him coming to other countries not where he was – in UK, probably? sometimes? and later in Pakistan?

      Bin Laden had been killed by special American well-trained troops SEA SEALS – while he was without any weapons, unweaponed, so it was not any dangerous for American SEALS to tie him to delivery for the Court in USA.

      Just one things. Bin Laden never worked in American security airpors staff in NY? to know all details of the security work here to plan events ?

      so, there were some Americans from security airport staff, providing this information for him? voluntary or for money? and advicing?

      So, probably, their names as American supporters for plan to ruin NY and uSA had been covered by the death of Bin Laden?

      Military people do orders of bosses. If the task to tie alive to delivery in NY police to investigate this – they would do the order. If the order – to kill him to stop the spread the information for our Amerniac Citizens, living in USA, as his suppoertes – if the order to kill – they would killed/

      Which orders had they received? to tie Bin Laden alive or the order to kill Bin Laden?

      As Bin Laden had been killed, and still unweapone – they might receve the order to kill, may they?

      How it is possible to investigate the crime by police investigators and by The Court to know the truth, if some men with the information had been killed still unweaponed to hide the information from him?

      Bin Laden had been killed in Pakistan? as his location. So, why American troups ruines countries Iraq and Afganistan insread and not came to ruin Pakistan where he was living ?

      But as it was not The Court and just The Court has a right to name a person as a murder and criminal -so, Bin Laden had not been named as Murder and Criminal by no one American Court – – so American military weaponed troups SEALS had killed the unweaponed person, whom had not no weapons, no explosice on himslf and knew a lot.

      People on the East had fantasies. They may took on themselves what they did not do at all to up their own importance to others.

      Bin Laden might named themselves as he did this – plenty mental ill people do some, of just plenty East people, as lied as they did somethings, while not — but just onely The Court has a right to name the person as a criminal, after the investigation.

      May be it was not Bin Laden? and so plenty death in NY, cming to plenty mass death in Ukraine in Donbass?

      ……. Graham Phillips looked on his photos from Riga, Latvia as Aleksander Serebryakov, Lithonian chess player, a writor books, poems, fantasies. … I saw Aleksander Serebryakov in Riga, Latvia, USSR time couple times, he tried to hide himself from KGB, running away from KGB, as they tried to catch him in Crimea, where he filmed the truth as the corruption of local bosses and KGB here too. The last time I saw him with some bead, sunburned, and when I saw Bin Laden face … on photo from news side … I was suprised shocked to find as Bin Laden looked as my known and my ex-lover Aleksander Serebryakov.

      Aleksander Serebryakov wrote poems on Russian, really nice, good poems. His family lived in Shaulyai in Lithounia. Litva, his wife and his son. He had been married and divorced plenty time, so divorced and with this his wife too after, the some. He had been educated in Moscow in Baumana weel top intellectual grade Institute, aircosmic department, engines, and in Litherature institute too. was crasy to write poems as his hobby. dreamed about a political power as Anarhia, Anerchists-Sindicapist, – no any govertments, no states, a free world.

      But had was not such good, his wife said he used to low her a lot to rule her after to do all what he wanted including accepting his love affairs too to take. She said he said as she not beautiful, not nice looking – while taking her young girl, younger him as his wife.

      He played by people, emotions, and not nice for this way, while he was a really talanted educated intellectual interesting person to chat with him.

      He played in chess with us on two desks – he closed his eyes. we tried but he had win on two desks easily in chees and mat game.

      He was really bright. and kids to find me in a hospital to give me wild strawberries .. it was a snow winter time and … smelle of wild strawberries suddenly, saved me. with thanks.

      I try to say as plenty people looked similar some while they are different.

      I doubt that British Journalist Graham Williams Phillips was and Aleksander Serebryakov and Bin Laden , … especially as I sw as Graham was an actor, so he may be skilled to imitate other people look and image as all actors do.

      Plenty actors, having photo of people, working to look the similar some, to imitate the image, lok, speech too, habits.

      I just try to say as some British and American actors might be used in 2001 for a huge police operation to find the real Bin Laden location, instead of sending American troops in plenty countries to ruin economics and lives here.

      I do not undertsand the American Police Military Operation to find 1 man Bin Laden by a mass killing plenty other people instead in plenty countries, civilians, own American Citizens too, and so so plenty deathes as a result “of American Police Military Operation to try to catch Bin laden was and still now this American POlice Military Operation continue on UKraine Donbass, as a mass kiiling civilinas here -women-men-kids-damages.

      Do American Citizens living in USA hace the some American Military POlice Operations? AS Congress USA provided for people living in other countries?


  1. I wanted to spend £5 in Morrisons in Masfiled near King’s Mill Hospital store , on Sutton Road, index NG18 5HL – travel as to NG17 4HX – but their indx by their cheques here wrong as BD3 7DL for Bradford – while they located in Nottinghamshire. I have £5 to spent here in Morrisons on 28/06/2016

    I bought my 1st shopping here – plenty reduced items – so £3.78 paid for 16 items — cheque 28/06/2016 18:40:56 00023 016 0144 0110 – Survey Nr 62000230160144.

    16 items for £3.78 is a great deal! I am unemployed low income JSA, so, I was glad for this my shopping in Morrisons.

    But as I came to spent my £5 – five pounds – here, so, i had left
    £5 – £3.78 = £1.22

    So, I decided to return bac to continue my shopping in Morriosn to look for deal to spend more money here £1.22.

    I did not wanted to take two heavy bags with 16 items as my shopping for £3.78 in Morrisons back to shop floor, so, I asked The Customer Service staff in Morriosns, Adam, the permission to leave here my shopping with 2 heavy bag, as I wanted to continue my shopping and he was kind to agree, so I leaved, and started my 2nd shopping in Morrions.

    I bought my 2nd shooping with 4 reduced items for £1.08

    I returnd back to Customer Service in Morriosn, to pick my 1st shopping in 2 bags.

    But their Morriosns Customer Service staff, Adam, had not gave me these my property as my paid left shopping back too me, on my return back to his desk and ask.

    Instead this, he said he wanted to see the cheque for my this another 2nd shoping for £1.08 for 4 reduced items prices £0.25, £0.25, £0.29, £0.29, total £1.08 and he started to check each item and each price.

    So, he had not return me my shopping, he started to find the exuce to fo some another and not a job of the Customer Service at all, as a security check of customer shopping and cheque – while I just left these self-service tills area in Morriosns which under the CCTV control, scanned all here, to bee seen.

    See, a work of Customer sErvie to satisfite customers to keep them happy and return back to spend money.

    The work of the security searchhing another work, as this to upset customers always, shocked and stressed them.

    Plenty Morriosns customers came through trollyes with their shoppings, no one stopped no one here to check – no any security guard at all as a Morrison staff for this particular role.

    He did not gave me my property back as I was here asking – he started to do the security check of my another shopping and check instead. – and so, as my property was mine, Morrison Customer Service staff Adam was a thief of my property here, as he kept my property – which I just bought – in his own desk away from me, not returned me back.

    I started to be really unhappy. Yes, he gave ma all back – but with the delay. I was upset, so I had refused from two my shoppings as 1st shopping for 16 items for £3.78 -Survey 62000230160144 and
    from my 2nd shopping for 4 reduced items for £1.08 – Survay 62000231040045 – i returned back all, refusing, as upset, to have such Morriosn Customer Service from Adam here, – so, I gave all back, took my money £3.78 + £1.08 = £4.86 back, so, my £5 – five pounds had been back in my pocket, while I just came trying to spend them here to bought something —- —

    — British Trad Company Morriosns in Mansfield had not any interests in retail, trading, receiving profits, in work with customers to keep them happy to spend their money and to return back.

    — Their staff is so unprofessiona, more interesing to do some polie operation, as security searching each person, their bags, shooping, rigther in the real work to earn money as a profit.

    I am British Citizen from 2002, living in UK over 17 years, Russian Ethnic, talking with foreign accent, as I was 36 yo, coming to marry to British man, as his wife.

    I am really fed up from such British Trade Standards services and Customers services in British superstores as the true-born in UK British Ethnick people had extra-curiosity to treat any person with forein accents differently from others, trying to stop, to do extra searching, talking, not giving just a fress space to come to do a shopping to spend money,

    plenty staff used to deal as they worry more to do the security cheques of their customers, rigther in rreal trade in retail to sold items to have a profit.

    Their Manager before, refused to serve me-probably as I talk with foriegn accents, syaing me, staying here with the complain for the white kettle for £20 reduced price, but with straches inside and it was a dirty black soil inside – so i came to complain -they had not me a time to say this, she interrupted me, saying she had not a time to serve m, ruddely, and started to use her time to chart with some another man on a distance instead, whom had been Mr Almer Syson, 81 yo man, Pensioner, living on 23, Mason Street Sutton street – i Live on the some street house 2a. we had been lovers, he said me be friends, I offered a walk near King’s Mill Reservour, he took my offer.

    So, my man, my lover, my neigbor, 81 yo pensioner, stayed on the distance from the Customer Service Desk, waiting me to finish to talk about my complain about this white Russel kettle, and to go to walk near lake with me and for a sex, too, as we ahd been lovers. and in romantic attitute for both, dancing, singing.

    Mr Almer Syson had not something in his empty trolly which he use as a support to walk, having a bad back. He waited me.

    But Manager of Customer Service in Morrison, saying me as to her Customer, waiting to be serving here, rudely interuped me, 54-55 yo age woman, as she had not time to listen any complains – she used her working time instead to start to chat with my lover Mr Almer Syson here, whom had no one request to Customer Service Desk at all! His trolley had been empty! He just came inside! He waited me! to go together to a walk near lake opposite Morrisons! as King’s Mill Reservour – and we walked to here after, asa romantic couple, to enjoy our time to be together.

    What would be any woman to feel as Manager of Morrison intterup her as a Customer on the eyes of her lover? to start to talk with a lover instead? this was a humilation! so, i was really upset.

    People come to Morriosons or to any shop in UK to do their shopping, not for staff here to jump on their men, lover, frinds, as really inretesting and so attracted.

    My Almer Syson was a great lover, my best of the best lover in my live! I was so touched, attracted, we had romantic meetings, talking about our future marriage a lot, as prespectives to discuss. He is the owner of his property , so I saw this … He had invited before me to settle down here soon as he saw me, attracted by my look as a woman.

    We discussed our future plans, trips together to spend our time.

    I was really satisfied as a woman – Mr Almer Syson was just right man and lover for me, I enjoyed! he used romantic words all times, up me and my mood a lot.

    I was really upset in Morriosons as a woman when their Mrorrisons staff theis unnamed woman humilated me rudely as not having her time to serve me with my complain about the white kettle Russiel Hib reduced price £20, which I had just spent money to buy to celebrate Her Majesty Jubelly, but 1st boiling water had a strange taste, and marks where inside kettle, some detial as plastic dropped, not looking visually from where, and still a dirty black soil was too. It was not right to sold to be sold such kettle for £20, so, I came to complain, used just 1 time, with cheque, during 2 days after the sale — Morrisons Customer Service had not refund me, offered the change item only., but 2nd was wrong too – dirty black soil was on the walls of this 2nd kettle Russel Hub, made in China – I tried to complan – Morrisons Customer Service staff, a woman, as Manager had refused to take any complain as busy — but she was not busy to use her working hours here to start the chat with Mr Almer Syson, 81 yo, whom had not her customer in a que in Customer Desks at all – he had no one item in his empty trolley, just came, wiaiting me to take him to a walk near the lake.

    Mr Almer Syson is a really attractive man, if you read 81 yo – he will be 82 yo on 3rd August 2016, but some people as champaine with no age at all, so looking lovely, nice, attractive, especially.

    He is ex-miner, damaged his back a lot, feld down. I remember him on the old bike, trying to drive a bike, with a sore back, but trying to stay independant.

    I drew my drawings of him, and my photos of him for my archive for me

    on 4th June 2016, he was my guest. in my flat, enjoying food and a love here too and chating. On the next moring at 9 am I noticed as 1 my eraning, looking as a big diamond on a white gold, or platinium, really good rare cut, sparking nicely, rare job, was missed. while it was here on the glass visual seen on 5pm day before before Mr Almer Syson came to visit me to clebrate my daugther birthday – i did not want to stay alone and one on such day.

    It was no one… to take my earning… Mr Almer Syson had been on the kitchen when my earnings were on the glass cup twice, but in area far from the place be able to pick my earning. So, I am not able to blame Mr Almer Syson took my earning, as I had not saw this and he was far from this place.

    But we stopped all our relationship, romantic, love, and as knowns too. I cried, missed such plenty. as I had just him one to bright my life and mood.

    So, not just me was attracted by Mr Almer Syson, or SY, but this woman, Manager of Morrisons Customer Service too.

    Mr Almer Syson said me before, as he had did some really hard dirty gardening work in garden for some local British rich woman, a lot heavy garden work, spening his time a lot, but she had not paid for him after. May he tried to said this about Customer Service Manager in Morrisons, this woman, these words?

    Had he meaned a love and a sexual relationship here. as some issues of work may be connected here smetimes as a true-British atitute.

    Mr Almer Sysosn is living here for years, visiting local Catolic Club, bingo, will be on a cruese to Monaco soon, invited, and some another woman will be here too, as a friend of his relative.

    We planned to be together before this trip, to do our trip to a sea side as I asked for this. and to celebrate his birthday 82 yo too.

    But, as started to appart, so all broken and all plans too.

    …. see — plenty women knew Mr Almer Syson -he is sensitive to females a lot, interesting and sparking in their presence. … and some jealosy after… using their working position.

    Mr Almer Syson said me as his sister or someone worked in this Morrison.

    So, so pity – to live locally, and not be able to come to Morrisons to spend money to do my shopping, as their staff knew Mr Almer Sysosn, probably, from some romatic side or as his lover or sister’s knowns.

    There are not plenty attractive or just good heathy looking men in Great Britain and so some British women started to be crazy, seeing men, males. and jealose to see any foreign women, as much too attractive as the complain from British women here.

    British women blamed their British men for choices of other women if they are foreign, talking with some foreign accent.

    I am really glad that LEAVE EU will stop them to worry.

    Plenty British men sit inside their properties – just not meet or look others as true-British Britons.

    —– Dear Dobb — when you will married one the beautiful Ukrainian woman from Ukraine — all women here will try to do her life as really uncomfortable just for her another look, for her some accent, as thye hate others and foriegn women too — so, better to pick any of British Ethnick woman to stay happy here in UK —


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