Go Lightly on Hollie

Graham Phillips

I’ve made over 4000 videos, mostly from the war in Donbass, and around 40 have amassed over 200,000 hits. There’s another one set to join that list soon, and there’s a bit of a story behind it.

On June 24th, day after the June 23rd referendum had seen a vote by the UK to leave the EU, I headed down to Downing Street to film, and chat with, the protesters out there, posting several videos from a fairly low-key evening which had been pretty good-natured, a bit quirky.

I went back, posted them up, as my series of crowdfunded Brexit reportage continued. Now, for the most part, I have an idea how videos will do, but once they are out there online, they take on a life of their own. Back in October 2014, in time of war, when I was going to Donetsk airport every day, interviewing Givi, Motorola, I was pretty sure each video would get big hits – although that’s never been the first priority of any of my reportage, similarly Debaltsevo February 2015.

As public interest (sadly) waned in Donbass, a popular video from there would be 10,000, rather than 100,000, generally similar numbers for my Crimea reportage, with the occasional breakthrough. As for this recent Brexit reportage, it started slow, with videos getting a couple of thousand of hits, building a bit of momentum to several thousand.

So, when I uploaded the videos from Whitehall last week, I expected about that. And in the first place it was about that, then, something a little different started to happen with the video interview I made with 19-year-old Hollie Robson (I initially misspelled her name as ‘Holly’ btw). The Daily Express found the videos, made an article out of them, and of all the ones features, it was the Hollie interview which started to rocket.

I felt ok about this initially – of course, as any correspondent, I like to see my work reach a wider audience. But then, on the Express, and my channel, I began to notice some of the comments about Hollie were crossing a line.

The interview with Hollie happened, like all my interviews, I pitched up to her with a camcorder, started asking questions, she was friendly, up for it, we recorded the interview exactly as seen, I explained I was making a video blog, and that was that. Ok, in the interview, a few things Hollie said came out a bit, perhaps, dippy. However, nothing that Hollie said would justify some of the comments made.

Now, on my YouTube channel, as a rule, I never touch the comments, it’s a free speech zone (some get sent to spam automatically, when I have time, I try to go through them, pick them up). However, as I saw more and more hurtful comments about Holly, and her friend contacted me to say this was affecting her, of course I began to worry for her.

Eventually, Hollie posted a comment herself, saying she’d tried to contact me, prompting me then to go to the ‘filtered’ section of my Facebook messages to retrieve these. We’ve chatted, Hollie’s explained how hurt she has been by some of the remarks made, and we’re meeting on Sunday to film another video with her.

I’d like to defend Hollie for the first video – she is a nice, friendly young lady, caught on the stump by a guy who pitched up with a camcorder. If some of her ideas are not always fully articulated, she is, after all, 19. I want to keep the comments section of my YouTube channel an uncensored zone, but I would ask people posting to please observe basic boundaries. Hollie is a young lady, and a nice, open person. Whatever you think of her views, there’s no need to cross the line from expressing opinions and feedback, into personal insult, nastiness. This isn’t a faceless entity we are talking about, this is a young lady who will read your comments, and be adversely affected by them. So, I ask, you, please, express your views, but keep to within acceptable parameters.

I’m sure that Hollie can express herself, and her views better, and I will be more than happy to give her the opportunity to do so. I ask that you wait for this video, watch it, and be fair to Hollie. I would also note that there have been a lot of recent comments defending Hollie, and taking issue with some of the harsher comments about her, and I applaud this decency.

Thank you, Graham

16 thoughts on “Go Lightly on Hollie”

  1. I do not know about what you are writing about, as I do not write all comments about this girl, and the first comments, plenty, were positive as about some nice looking attractive young lady, nothing were what would harm (yet). Just one cooment was about the opinion to anilise her thoughts as opposite in one interview-but this coomon for females and for males too to have the change of mind.

    I did not wrote comments after that. But as Interent is a free speach zone, and you yourself had been attacked here in a really free speach manner, so others too, it may be just hard for any person, especially any young Narciss person, with a high level of responce to opinions to accept the reality of this World where all people are really diffirent with plenty really different and opposite opinions,

    and so, the stage to grow up, as a sad hard stage, to realize the rights of other people to be different to think on their way, but to love and value yourself to value all own opinions and yourself too.

    How would say – I did not wrote my personal opinion as no one word, as when I meet the similar type of young looking girl, I saw their inability to accept others, foreigners too, as they named them as migrants and foreigners, so I was thinking here was some fake, as a game play in own interests, some, rigther the real opinion of real person.

    She looked for my eye as some British Nazi young ladies, and so, I was thinking it was a fake all as just a play.

    See, to accept others for plenty young egoists, is a process to me mothers with kids to help for them to gorw up, to see how hard is this as a hard work, and here the way of a loss of egoism, the way to value a life, and lives of others, and others as the some.

    To learn the own heart is a long term process, which is connected with the personnel experience to be the mother to grow up own kids.

    Plenty the some looking British young Ladies had reacted as really egoistic British Nazi, on foreigners, and I know one, whom left her 2 yo son, her own son, as just was more interesting to open herself for a good interesting life.

    I try to say as some political opinions are just the age and the personal experience of the person.

    Some people noticed as she changed her opinions during her speach, saying some opposite way opinions, and so all this your vidoe looked just as you may liked this young British Lady herself.

    I may say to you or others as they are attractive – on a lookm on a style, as this may be the truth. But I value people not for their look or age or opinion or the stylish or not clother – here are still and a kindness, and a hardwork, and pacient, and politness, and a good manners, and friendship, as for any person more important TO SURVIVE at first, and TO SURVIVE near a cold egoistic Narzisess or Nazi, whom may be really intelligent, but IMPOSSIBLE TO SURVIVE AT ALL – NO WAY. JUST THE KINDNESS IF A GRADE FOR ANY WOMEN here only.

    Plenty British people are really closed geneticly related, so having really similar as the some reactions, opinions, actions.

    This as to Dolly Lambs – closed genetic Dolly Lambs with the similar reactions and responces.

    So, when you some some personality from a closed genetic group, knowing already well about responces, reaction – you do not spend your personal time to talk to know the some similar responces and reaction.

    This was a feeling of fake and false here from this young Lady, as she had not, really, the base to like EU and some foreigners – as plenty people living in small British villages hate each stranger whom would come – each stranger – own British Citizen or any Ethnick or any another race or foreigners from EU – they hate each, liking and value just themselves.

    Be honest, I was thinking she might be Ukrainian girl, in genes, so tried as British girl to find some rich man for herself.

    I was thinking, dear Graham, that may be you had some closed relationship with this young Lady, so, as way for plenty artists, decided to film your choice and your friend or – sorry – your lover or your relative. … some other people may thought the some way, really, and so to discuss this young girl as your possible lover – to say their opinions or as she attractive, trying not to offend just you here, or to say -i did not read but probably – some other opinions not as to offend this young Lady, personaly, but just you in your choice, — as you are a single man, looking to find your future wife, and you have some your fiancee and woman already, and you had plenty women, lovers, as you had, probably, some male lovers too, – so some opinions might be just the jealosy reaction on you personally and not for this young 19 yo British lady at all.

    See another point – you did a lot about some Ukrainian Lady from Kiev living in UK, and she married on some rich Russian or Ukrainian man – what may come as just a good idea for plenty British young women to be open publicly, still humilated, but to receive the open publicity to be wives of some rich men after that. …. and in this way, here are nothing at all as a real political opinions at all here.

    As you know yourself, as a modern life in UK as a game of double-faced, never to say what you think publicly. and to realise where and what needs to say or not so say.

    some break of this as a break of the surviing skills and so a mark of damage of brain, as our brain and mind is responding for our surviving skills, responces and reaction.

    She looks like really nice, stylish, attractive British egoistical cold intelligent Narcisis, and you know… plenty people whom had met the similar such in their lives would doubt in her ability to like EU and foreiners as Narcises like themselves and just money and their independance.

    Probably, people, some people, including me too, were thinking you knew her, as your lover, so, or your daugther, and so introduced her on your video to share as a proud – father or a lover – of her.

    Some your audience, males, looking just for women as females, lovers, prostitutes only, so, they may said own taste – they wish to buy or they did not interesting in this introduction. so, they disscussed your taste, trying or not to offend you or to offend you.

    See, here was nothing really personal to this lady at all, as people wrote their opinions just to you, really, not to her.

    I looked all your videos, photos, the information, I did not reacted to out no one work under that your video with this young ladies, thinking this might be personal, some your possible lover, and did not fish to harm you, or your choice.just pity for this your choice, as I saw the some, met the some, similar to know what it can be.

    So, she complained to you on her own, as an adult, choice, to stay on London street in public demonstration openly, trieing to be noticed, on her own wish to talk on camera with British Journalist to be filmed publicly and for OTHER PEOPLE as they reacted WRONG ???

    The some was with the similar looking another British Lady, as she used each opportunity to blame OTHERS and never herself, and so she blamed foreigners, migrants.

    This British type of young girl loked to blame others and to report as others do all wrong.

    The similar looking young woman report to Briitsh Social Service on the sister of her brother – on a mother with kids, as she was sure her relative had benefits wrong or cheepted.

    The similar looking girl reported to British Social service on her partner as she was sure he looked for her son, whom she left to him as her 2 yo son, wrong, and so when she return back, she blamed Dad of her son for a looking for her son.

    The similar looking girl shouted publicly on her mother-in-laws, as the evil foreigner, married on her father to steal his car, and so, shouted they needs to leave to give this car for her, already 38 yo woman and an adult, as a biological daugther of her father, whom had adultery with her drinken Mum, as a married man, but stayed to support a women with two kids, still pregnant and from him too.

    The way to treat this was just one way — to go through all hard work to be a mother and to help to grow up own kids.

    Each young Lady may be egoistic, but the way to be a mother, the way of changing a small baby girl to an attractive woman with kids.

    Each had the experience of such similar looking young British Ladies, blamed others, as wrong, and foreigners, as wrong.

    You know… I doubt … some British people use others to blame others after as wrong.

    But see yourself — she was 19 yo? Adult? it was her own choice to try be noticed, bright, stylish to attract Journalists’es camera? staying in the centre of London? What she had expected?

    Now she blame YOU and OTHERSas WRONG as NOT DOING AS SHOULD DO. But to do the bright image – to try to be filmed? to receive the reaction?

    see – is she is an adult? to do things as an adult and to take things as an adult?

    but if she is an intelligent person – all this might be a play on public, including the knowledge as she and her friends will start to blame or you or any Journalist after.

    I may be wrong, as I saw this video once. as I do not interesting, really in opinions of young British 19 yo ladies to know them or to look on them too. I prefer men, males, especially attractive as you, dear Graham, as more interesting to see in your vidoes as the information or the TV soap show mixed with documentry.

    In my personal life, I would avoid this young British lady as not interesting for me and as plenty them Nazi, and as some similar type used to blame others or to report on others, and plenty men avoid them to marry on them, as they left kids and do a mess as blame each relatives and all.

    See a point, if a woman lefts her kids, as a Solveig style, on the side of top hill, to go away to sing songs to enjoy her personal life… her babies may survive only if some others as kind people will be kind to take them to look for her kids. So, some kids are lucky, surviving, some not. The bird Coo-Coo left her babies to fly to enjoy her life.

    Some British women as birds Coo-Coo, left their kids.

    Or, she defenetly need some kind people here in UK, to help to grow her kids, to work 12 hours shifts to fill taxes for pensions, benefits, salaries to others, as Coo-Coo birds.

    So, one way as a natural way to hate others, to blame others, to hate and to blame forieners and migrants,

    Another intelligent egoistic way to realise as she needs foreignres and migrants to work hard to fill British budget, taxes to pay benefits for her and other kids, pensioners, NHS, salaries – she would be not able on her wage to afford British budget fillings.

    But such type of British girls in British social vallage are member of local British gangs, groups, with roles of each member as own task what to do.

    In nature, hyenas and others as group had dividing roles of each where they are hunters with hunting goals. — some things are in British small villages, as society.

    I try to say, any was sure she or hers will contact to blame you after if you was so full to stop near her, to do your video.

    so, now you in troubles for reaction of free opinions of others as OTHERS had reacted to say NOT what the adult 19 yo WAITED AS SHOULD BE THE REACTION OF OTHERS?

    Why do not ask her of the decision to stay here was her own? as 19 yo adult?

    I have no interest to women – hyenas and Coo-Coo British clan of British Nazi, i do not trust she liked EU-migrants. She looked as British Nazi, ordinary – they hate others, so, she probably lied as she for EU and migrants in UK, just tried to be noticed, filmed to blame others as wrong again — se the dicition was hers as the adult – but she blamed all others – you as a Journalist and others as wrong.

    If she is still a baby girl, she need to apply to change her age from 19 yo as an adult to more appropriate age group as she feels right. O! so aful! I wrote my opinion open as it is as this would be for your collection of them, wrong or right, or just.

    She seems as she was in some fear on your video. May be you had paid for her for this your interview and video? asking to do something bright?


    1. “If she is still a baby girl, she need to apply to change her age from 19 yo as an adult to more appropriate age group as she feels right.”

      Tiggi’s comments ramble on like a verbal sleeping pill but she’s spot on there (as per my own comment here).


      1. Dear Dobbb, I wake up at 7am, reading Graham’s article as his fan, but yes, I did not sleep enough, wriing my poems The Digging and my poems The Tale About The Jinn on Russian. I so liked what I wrote, as wanted some a mix of all in one tale. I may work hard one day to translated and to re-write my ‘The Tale About The Jinn’ from Russian to English, or as a poem as on Russian, or as a tale story and the fantasy. My own grand-daugther, 8 yo age, just strated her tale “The Moster Tale”. My grandson, 6 yo,started to drawing som kind Monster too, as the illustration. So, my thoughts are realy far from politics, tolotical issie now, so nice weather around. I try to say as all people wrote their comments in Internet in their free time from their home, some may be just wake up, still sleeping, some starting to sleep, some drunken a little bit or really drunken — so, any comment is a spark from someone esle life as a window, and so never really personal opinion to some person, but a moments of another person life.
        For example, the hungry person, just waked uping, may wrote something, and this will pass this spark of life and the personality.
        I try to say to Hollie to learn to see couple things
        1. That she knows about herself only all, and nobody else
        2. So, when people reacted on her by their way of their personality, mood, the spark of their life, by their age, character, personal characteristics of all — and so their words the expressions of other people as the some as her biggest bicycle eyes – they were being not needed to wear to see — some words may be just for a words as the style of speech too — so, some things needs to extract
        3. People may be right – not right – right in somethings – but no one know her personally as she knows herself
        4. In Internet, plenty opinions – for example, here, as my personal openion here, wriitng in a free time of people, from their home and home life
        5. Yes, Dear Dobbb, I may change my opinions from mornings to ev and I do this.
        6. See, plenty Britons whom voted LEAVE had changed their mind to pity to think as better would re-vote to REMAIN — David Cameron was one of our British famous gay, syaing better to leave, and chanched their opnion – O, not, better to remain
        7. See – men changed their mind – saw this normal and for plenty women.
        8. Each man knows as women chancged their mind as a natural way of reactions and responces — se why I so like the role of Monarchy much more rigther American Democraticy way, when someone decides, to leave others not worry and so to change mind.
        9. I saw and you saw the way of work of American Democraticy in Latvia and after in Ukraine, — so, this a point of me seeing the results of American-Ukrainian Democraticy in Donbass, Ukraine, Europe, not to want to have any such style of American Democraticy hre in UK, and so results as in Ukraine to have here too.
        10. This way is putting me to ask some questions about groups of people and people, moved to try to devide the results of vote as they do not accept them, so to build 2 sides of political conflicts here in UK to have – the some way as this had been in UKraine from 2014 done, as a civil war with 2 sides of political conflict in Ukraine with mass deathes of women, kids, men, pensioners, damaged bombed properties, peope had a loss of the properties, savings, money, lives of own or relatives, wounded a lot, plenty refuges.
        11. Just this a point for me to see people whom tried to do the some as in Ukraine “2 sides of civil conflict in Ukraine since 2014 till now” here in UK too.
        12. 1 group works with 1 side of conflict, anither with another, to have the political conflict, and though this after – the civil war. where plenty women and kids may died. and people had a loss of all what they have – their bank accounts, properties. lives
        13. The information from Ukraine was as some special American military specialist and others worked, planed, tried to wide to have this all in Ukraine
        14. USA budget spent hundreds of billions to Ukrainian conflict
        15. I do not want things as Ukrainian civil war on Donbass in Ukraine here in UK land for British people.
        16. Each person saw TV news from Europe, France, Belgia, Germany, …, Turkey, — to see explosions here and not safety as this was before. Londoners had explosions too.
        17. So, easy to undertsand as plenty people in UK voted to leave EU to protect UK and to protect Londer and Londeners too to stay more safe — border control will stop criminals, weapons, explosions, drugs, illegal traders, illegal tradors of sigarrets too
        18, Some youngers, British young people, tried to earn their pocket money on illegal things as the trade of illegal sigarets, tabacoo, drugs, as this way easy – just to tracel to pick in one country to sold here in UK after — – they may be worried that UK border with control for drugs, etc, will stop their illegal business and so their income too.
        19. Ye, some illegal tradors, British Citizens, sold illegal goods in UK, people bought as more cheap – no taxes, so more cheaper. and plenty people on benefits too, whom had kids.
        20. So, other people work hard to pay taxes. British people bought goods avoiding shops, not paying taxes, while plenty of them themselves and their kids on benefits from taxes from other people.
        21. France-Dover-London – a train or another way = to sold-to bought=to sold=income.
        22. Illegal tabacoo may be not a good quality, nobody control the quality of illegal goods.
        23. People have a cancer in UK, some from a smoke, so some from illegal tabacoo, too, probably? so NHS and budget UK will pay money,
        24. while illegal traders had not paid any taxes and so they had not support people living in UK and kids living in UK too.
        25. It would be not any point to mention this here, as just the connection British people, British Ethnick, born in UK to illegal trade markets of sigaretts, tabacoo, etc, …. as people whom will a loss of their illegal income.
        26. Plenty young British people may be in this illegal trade industry, as the way to travel all times – so, yes, they may be really unhappy to loss their illegal income as illegal tradors.


      2. Dear Dobbb, what Hollie may afraid? as she looked as stressed, having some fears? or just as the situation was so uncommon for her? …. Really, plenty young girls, on Graham vidoes, or they had a good destiny as married on the rich man – as this Ukrainian widow from Kiev, or a good political career after- as Maria Katasonova, or as Prosecutor of Crimea a spark to future political caree to a President of Russia in the future or another role, or, what worry me a lot – plenty them in Donbass area had been killed, wounded, started to be widows, had loss os kids, etc. So, just a really bravest girl not knowing Graham Phillips reputation might gave her interview to him, as no one able to predictable any results from his interview never.


      3. Dear Dobbb,

        Can imagine to do all to be noticed on the political meetings – to bright face, to put the biggest bycicle glasses, stylish image, really stylish and so nice, really, still a big paper,

        But soon as to be noticed, filmed on the interview as 19 yo British girl, to change her mind, to be just a baby girl doll, with no any responsibility for her actions never?

        But this is sounding as Hollies had been on this political meeting place, just in some mistake? as she just had a some another arranged meeting here to be to stay, probaby? and may still – as some love affair or a love meeting?

        So, after, as some her lad had finded her – he is not here on vidoe, he contacted to Graham on her behalf?

        To discuss why had Graham Phillips as British Journalist on this political meeting had filmed his girlfriend on his video?

        as she is just 19 yo British Girl? with ni any que what she did and why?

        and so not any adult yet? to ask her about something at all?

        See – here was not any her boy-friend on Graham Phillip’s video? She was as a single and staying as a one? alone?

        Soon as Graham filmed her – she started to have her boy-friend already?

        May Graham to re-film them both again to re-ask some more questions? and why she was without any her boy-friend before this in London Centre? and the question if they will plan to marry, of course?

        so, Graham would film their marriage.


      4. The thing is that Hollie, like most young peope nowadays, especially those with some “education” in politics, has been taught that “inappropriate” words are terrible things that can cause you to have years of mental breakdown or even drop dead from “hate speech”. So naturally she is now in the expected state of shock from which she may never recover…..


      5. As I am a mother and a grandmother myself, on this point of you, I would wish for young British 19 yo girl to have a great lige, happy life, family, kids, beloved husband, grandkids. – and this political issiue divided people to hate, while any woman as a money to keep her family, kids, husband would be better in the kindness, in a care and a love.

        Dear Dobbb, you helped me to understand myself, what was a point for my reaction here as some inner protect from the involvong your British 19 yo :ady in political issie with shouts, hate, which is a wrong teaching for any future mother to lean to teach to blame someone as wrong.

        So, really, me personally was so upset to see as the young Lady was involving in a political issue as wrong in such wonderful British summer to do, so nice nature and all around, to find and the joy, and the love, and the time spening.

        I would not want this for my own kids or gran-kids, preffered the normal life, and so, the some to another person, as still the young lady, as she needs a time to learn in colledge, in University, in courses to do her career up. or a spot activities, dancing, swiming, tennis, walking, yoga, drawings, singing songs, ballet.

        You know, such contract to see so beautiful summer photos from London – there aprk, green leaves, nature, to enjoy… and people involving in politics-see-young people,

        Each person has rights for own choice what to do.

        But to go to a politcal parties for young Ladies as to cut own free time just to enjoy their lives as they young. Better kisses and dances


      6. Dear Dobbb,

        I might said this for you or not, I do not remember, but when I started to read and write on Graham pages, as things connected with political issies, emotions,
        I had received plenty death thread on me, my kids, grandkids living here in UK from some group, of 4 with their IP, as I was picked on my livejournal page as recorded from London, two IP had been from London.
        I may put them both here. But I avoid.

        So, my prise to read and to post my comments had costed to me a hate of some group people – and from Ukraine, and from UK, and from … I had 134 + messages as just for 1 day to receive.
        So, I know defenetly the high level of the price for Graham to say what he said or recorced to show – he had plenty death warning, blames of him, a closure of Ukraine and Latvia entry, as if someone said what others prefer never hear – or all started to be a deaf, complitly deaf, blind, or some started to be as hyenas on commands, as cowards to deal by orders of someone.

        So, My advice and worry to Hollie as my personal point of view to think as for any young Lady would much better to spend own life on the more usefull enjoyments of her age group – the communication, friendship, love, family building, kids growing.

        I amd ex-USSR Citizen, Soviet Citizen of near 55 yo age on 8th July soon – so, my opinions are my personal opnion on the base of my long life experience as a woman.

        I sure as better enjoyment to pick own age group, while still young, to have all, for this own age group — this time of life as still some childhood, young age group, strong feelings, and not such huge obligation of age when people have kids to up to grow.

        The good age to lean in collages, Universities, as a future professions and to lean here own skills, abiltis.

        I am from USSR. Soviet men, males, protected all us, women, to stay safe – we had not been soldiers in any army or any war conflicts, staying ta home with kids.

        It was Afganian war, I was a schoolgirl 15-16-17 yo age, We decided to go to Soviet Army to be nureses here or soldiers. But our military Soviet Officer said for all us, smiled softly, that this activities not for girls to go to some wars to be killed and damaged here, as better to stay at home, to have kids to be good mothers. So thank for this to this man! He said to all us, as MEN, males, EXISTS to protect WOMEN, KIDS, ALL AS THEIR TASK OF THEIR LIVES IF THEY ARE REAL MEN.

        So, we returned back, as unwanted by Soviet Russian Army as soldiers here, continue tour school, had a love, kissed, coddles, dancing, wearing nice dresses, haircuts, leaning in Universities, had our family, husband, kids, a normal calm civilian lives, i visited theatres each week, art musuem too, swimming pool, enjoying my a l,ot with the gerat thank to be so protected by Soviet Russin Army and Soviet Russian Men.

        I never cares any heavy things – as all time someone soon as looked me offered the help to care my school bag, me myself to care on hads so I did not walked on dirty wet street – I was in white shouese and white clothes for go to see the performance in the teatre.

        Our men were so cared about us, it was so comfortable, any proble and any woman or fgirl or kid may ask any man whom just near as nearest to decide to help to sorty out.

        Men lift me by their car to my home free, I did not pay money, cared my school bad, my luggage, and all free, just as they were men and me a girl.

        When some thives picked my purse with money on the market – I said to a Police Officer and they gave me their own money to cover some this loss, so I had continue my travel safe.

        Any problem – to say to any man -and he helped to sort all.

        So, I never worried about any politcal issies, putting all on males shoulders to decide all.

        I was really shocked, coming in UK, married on my 2nd British husband, we bough a huge shppoing at home, really heavy shopping, and he said me that we needed to share all shopping to take at home equal 50%:50% as we are the equal. *O! I so pity to forgot to but to him some female hihienas pasd and tampons and bra! as to a fully equal to me human being-a British man!

        I think, this is a really wrong education to teach British girls to jump over their heads to look attractive, or shout as men, looking football and swarring and smoking and drinking as all men do this so stay equal.

        And now so stupid to go to these political battles as another modern way to looked as males so attract British males or Russian males or Ukrainian males as to look the fully equal.

        What will this Hollie to have as her future husband on such way? Some political Leader? rounded plenty men and women, so, having love and sex affairs a lot? a life where people argue, hate, scold and blame each another? as political battles and issie and agrovation?

        More worse, as I feel she may be liked this as having this nature.

        But see youself – people coming in a politics?

        Graham Williams Phillips is one of the attractive British single 38 yo age man, male, a single, no kids, no wife, any changes of a person near him all times.

        38 yo age – no one property? no house? no safety work here in UK? no wife and kids? while a really attractive sexy British man?

        He worked abroad in a civil war conflict, recordidng died people, died, died, died, died, died,

        While a man of his some age group may be the owner of own property, restaraunt, hpizzeria, etc, to earn money in more safe way, still enjoying ti eat own preparred pizza and a calm life.

        I read Graham. He had his girlfirends as plenty them and still not marrie as no endless.

        No, I am a British tolerant people, some said he was a gay or a bisexual – any way as to have a family would do a person as a happy person. Just so pitty if he would not had his own kids, to have his details of his genes, faces, colors forward to other generations.

        I remember Graham in a pizzeria and he looked as enjoying.

        So, if the young Lady will be involving in a political issie, she will learn political battles, the information to realise why other people thinking another way, so photos of died people will as they always as the results of political battles of ideas and opinions.

        see Graham – so this way to stay a single

        a woman with the loss of love may not to wish care for own kids, own husband too

        thevalue of just own opinion will put as a really self deaf sel-fish to hear other people opinion to value them all.

        But more impostant, as each genes still unick so to pass them – to find own pair, own couple, of house, home, family to stay warm for a heart.

        The political battles dry hearts, while to build a family, people need to have the kindness, the love too.

        see, my point here as I blame really Graham, if you noticed this, for the invlving British young Lady in open political publicity and the discussion, as better would be to protect just as she still young female of 19 yo age,

        yes… may stay … and after to meet someone to go to drink to forget all political issies

        She looked as still already really intelligent person, so clever eyes, so good stylish choice to introduce herself as a talanted Disigner of clother, Artist. =well talanted person.

        and so, I pity … for her to be involved in politics to dry own heat or to start to be a cruel, steel.

        Plenty British young girls dreamed to be Margaret Tatcher, probably.
        While I like and value choices to be a good mothers with plenty kids as more hardest job for each woman, as this 24 hours for plenty years or forever.

        See, dear Dobbb, for pussy cats as they happy just to lie down to enjoy as their kittens tried to find and drinik their mothers-pussy cats milk. — the nature — so females, women, whom crossed deleted this natural enjoyments as a castrated pussy cats when some evil people took their kittens straight or sterialised. they had a loss of knowledge of natural way of life to be humans, women, females.

        No one knows all, we lean all after our birth. as our adventure here always.


  2. I think this fuss is very ironic given that she was not exactly kind in her own words about many others. There’s an old saying that if you can’t stand the heat don’t go in the kitchen. Most particularly that placard she had saying “no bigots”. Would you yourself like to be called a “bigot”? Oh but it’s only other people (fools who voted for “the wrong reasons”) so of course the question is irrelevant. So what exactly does “bigot” mean? Well it is a word used to express hostility and contempt for a person who has views which differ from your own. In other words anyone who deploys the bigot word is by definition a bigot themselves (whereas the person accused of being a bigot might merely be reasonable-minded the victim of such prejudice against those holding a view).

    In the years before Political Correctness rose to become such an epidemic in high places, there was another famous saying that “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. But that was back then in the Victorians’ stone age. Now we have instead the “Hate Speech” Industry, the Industry of Being Offended (and not least the Religion of Being Offended). And the guiding wisdom now has changed to:
    “Sticks and stones can’t break my bones, but words will be a vile criminal offence of “hate speech” which requires at the very least a prison sentence (which of couse never hurt anyone compared to the violence of a word). And of course termination of all career prospects”.

    What Hollie et all need is a decent un-perverted education which enlightens her that the way to react to “hurtful” stupid comments is to brush them off and move on. If someone calls you a rude word, so what? It merely shows them to be shallow insolent jerks themselves. If someone makes an entirely sound criticism, again so what? You can learn from their valid criticism.

    And any people who “moderate” comments are engaging in a further “bigotry”, namely the assumption that the readers need to be mollycoddled from encountering words which they are too babyish to read for themselves.


  3. Dear Graham,,

    1. Are this young British Lady is the adult of 19 yo age? to be able to answer for her own choices? to step forward to be recorded on video by Journaluists? in political issue of confrontation?

    2. Had Hollie put her stylish clothes, makiage as to be noticed FROM OTHERS and so FILMED by Jounalists?

    3. Had SOMEONE asked Hollies to bright her image?

    4. Had you or other people PAID money to Holly to come to political meeting in the centre of London?

    5. Had you offered this as a job for Hollie? asking to bright herself in style as you will filmed this?

    6. What had accept to wait British gilr 19 yo, spending her personanel free time in the summer day, staying and talking with British Journalists – to be noticed or not to be noticed by no one? staying with the biggest trasporant in bright style image?

    7. Had British girl knew the truth about events in EU and in Ukraine anfd in Turkey? as not happened here in UK land? (jet?) and so, some people voted to leave EU just for the protection UK to stay safe? and here is not any issue as a migrants at all were? as plenty people living in UK voted to leave EU to safe their own kids, their own grandkids, and kids of others, and women too, including young woman.

    8. British UK IP never had the top in vote to think that plenty UK IP or British Nazi would wide till over 50% as over 51%??

    9. So, people, whom voted to leave UK, was not just UK IP or British Nazi?

    10. People, having own kids, own grand-kids, worried about their safety and so for the safety of UK to stay safe for each to live here. – all Ethnicks, races, religions, worried about own kids, grandkids, and safety of them and others.

    11. Had British Young Lady 19 yo Holly her own kids? How many? to worry about them and their safety?


  4. 18, Some youngers, British young people, tried to earn their pocket money on illegal things as the trade of illegal sigarets, tabacoo, drugs, as this way easy – just to tracel to pick in one country to sold here in UK after — – they may be worried that UK border with control for drugs, etc, will stop their illegal business and so their income too.
    19. Ye, some illegal tradors, British Citizens, sold illegal goods in UK, people bought as more cheap – no taxes, so more cheaper. and plenty people on benefits too, whom had kids.
    20. So, other people work hard to pay taxes. British people bought goods avoiding shops, not paying taxes, while plenty of them themselves and their kids on benefits from taxes from other people.
    21. France-Dover-London – a train or another way = to sold-to bought=to sold=income.
    22. Illegal tabacoo may be not a good quality, nobody control the quality of illegal goods.
    23. People have a cancer in UK, some from a smoke, so some from illegal tabacoo, too, probably? so NHS and budget UK will pay money,
    24. while illegal traders had not paid any taxes and so they had not support people living in UK and kids living in UK too.
    25. It would be not any point to mention this here, as just the connection British people, British Ethnick, born in UK to illegal trade markets of sigaretts, tabacoo, etc, …. as people whom will a loss of their illegal income.
    26. Plenty young British people may be in this illegal trade industry, as the way to travel all times – so, yes, they may be really unhappy to loss their illegal income as illegal tradors.
    1. EU is not safe – here are explosions in France, Germany, Belgia, Ukraine, ….. all times and in Turkey too ….
    2. London had a history of explosions – undeground, buses
    3. The border control will stop criminals, drug traders, transfer of weapons and explosions, to UK and to London — and so this will do London and UK as more safe and so more attractive to visit, to stay, to learn, to spend time, to put money in British banks
    4. as EU started to be more and more unsafe – we may predict as some rich people may decided to buy houses to stay in UK, so spend money and to give a work, and still pay British visa in taxes additionally
    5. UK Borders will control criminals, thieves out
    6. Some countries started thave biometric visa, so UK had fingerprints and photos for each on British vasa entry way, to contrl their activities in UK, so properties of British people.
    7. UK Border control is the automatic database in computer, to search any criminal activities for the police if they will need this searching
    8. UK and EU may still have some free visa, but just already as controled border entry
    9. The Civil War in Ukraine started as a political conflict of 2 sides in 2014 till now, with a mass killing women and kids and men and with damaged properties, stealing good from damaged properties and killed people.
    10. So, to have a civil war here in UK? as a result of some political conflict in UK?
    11. Any political conflict may trasfer ti a racial, Ethnical, religion conflict as a civil war? here in Uk? as to have what people in Ukraine in Donbass have since 2014 till now? not finished yet?
    12. Each saw TV to know about Ukrainian conflict, all saw photos in newspapers from here — to be able to recognise the real high dangerous to have the some here in UK and so the some Ukrainian results of Ukraine too? just already for Great Britain, UK?
    13. If so, here a personal question to investigate all people, trying to up the political battle in UK to a political conflict, and to a possibile bloody civil war in UK.
    14. Plenty foreigners in UK as their origin, voted for the exit from UK< just as they worry to stay safe and for their kids to stay safe and for London and Londoners to stay safe
    15. People with kids, grandkids, trying ti protect their kids and other kids, and so all here in UK from a civil war in UK, from criminals from EU, from criminals making explosions in Europe and in Turkey
    16. Free entry UK-EU may be on the ordinary agreemnet as this was
    17. but the border control may possible the checking and the use databes searching to save to investigate for a police
    — including illegal traders, so plenty youngers may disliked this way as prefer to stay with EU and without any border control.
    — 18. from the start —


  5. Dear Tigg, thanks for addressing so many replies to me. Even though I had to stop reading your emails as being just too much (and you put too many words here now). Also I carefully wrote a comment on this page and then you have posted several tons of things higher up so no-one will reach my own comment now.
    Anyway I think I agree with your latest point. Basically most women have become masculinised in the west. Hence I am more interested in those foreigners…..


    1. Dear Dobbb, I may to talk sometimes about somethings 24 hours, just triyng to sayy all what I think as important to say or wanted to be mentioned so to say. I was thinking you decided to stop your pen-frinship, as I had refuse to do a translation service to you,, started to have a problem with vission, so, refused, but mostly as you disliked my open way to try to share with your all my poems on Russian, so, this confused you much too.

      I would not bother to write to you here in replies, but it was you started the first, so, I replied on your reply, and you contact with me already in writing to know as I may flloded my emotional opinion to go to a risk to start all again. I rememebr all, hoping your are lucky and all right. Thank you for our small time of contact and communication, I really enooied to so some translation service to you, which I had stopped refusing as my vision dropped rapidly, so I tried to save it. But I was glad, thank you. Ti do things comfortable to you after, I will reply just this one time and will stop to reply, leaving.

      Just – each person is the individual and different, you are a man, me is a woman – so we reacted in a different way. I am more emotional, probably. You do things in your way – me in my as comfortable for me – no one pay me to write here something, all in my free time, so I am doing as comfortable and better to me.

      Graham never obligated me saying me to stop to write my opinions to him, when I flooded him, really, by opinion, thoughts, drawings, poems, he was really polite not to offend me – just probably not read.

      I knew me, so, why did you started to write in replies to me here? knowing already what it will be after as a flooding in replies and emotions?

      This is so strange, dear Dobbb. Probably, you missed me, so chancged your mind.

      I remember your offer to come to your wedding day as a guest. what I did not accept, saying, as not, as me on JSA low income and couold not offord this so I may sent just a card and all.


  6. >why did you started to write in replies to me here?
    I just wrote one sentence stating my agreement with one of your hundred sentences. And then you interpreted that as a signal to write several hundred more. I’m sure there must be some sort of job demand for someone who gladly writes hundreds of words in a few minutes like this. Just can’t quite identify it.


    1. O! I was thinking you miss me, the socialisation and a communication, so you had wrote to me, hardly know as I quick in responce and fast.

      See, when I have translated to you with extra voluntary topping on tis as unpaid work to do translation, still voluntary wrote some poem on Russia DOBBB, still voluntary did my drawing, you had not complianed me in the receiving my extra-voluntary unpiad trasnlation service as much too more e-mail and much too many work, as you had tried me to finish to traslate this subject rapidly if possible for just 1-2 days, as a book on the scientific issie.

      So, when I flooding my e-mail as extra-translation service voluntary, – you did not complian and was glad.

      But when I had topped all translation service still by my poems, on English and Russian, by my drawings too, to bright this socialisation, and in case if you wish to take them to your book from me as my present to you –

      – you liked my poem on English, which may be not bad, but you had an emotional damage in the receiving my poems on Russian, whoch I tried to share, and dedicated to you my poem Dobbb on Russian, while I gave the offer to bright the Russian Editition of your book by my poems as your translater.

      This is a normal reaction from plenty British people, as they started ask me as unwanted to be involving in any contact or issue regarding Russian language, or Russians, or Russian Ethnic – British people saw this as uncomfortable for them, asked stopped immidiatly.

      You know. I was a student to up skills for British recognising Certificates as Unemployed low income JSA since July 2014 already here in UK.

      I copy manner what another student, my neigbor,did here as she drew drawing to share them with all group, and our Tutor and Staff here too – and all smiled to her, polite, saying as this nice, talanted, bright – while doubt really as all had been complitly happy to see them to spent their time for this staff too – but no one offended her, as their student.

      I did the some in the some manner – as I am emotional person, and the subject of my skills, hobbies was regarded to them as the providers of my training to receive me a well-paid work, they knew locals, to adbice me, them, or to advice some courses – so, as I was their studend, i was really naive student, openly friendly sharing with all friendship and glandness my drawsings – as another true-brn British white Ethnic Stident did here – so, me did the some.

      I had a really strange response after this. They had said really rude and unpolite to stop immidiatly – why I had sent my drawings of Her Majesty, to show, as Her Majesty had accepted them with thanks!

      They ordered me to stop immidiatly. I had a visit of two Police Offices to my home, as they called to a Police, – Police Officers sat here, saw my drawings, including of Her Majesty, with the reply and thanks and ask to send my poem on Russian to Bukingham Palace to share them – so, I had sent my book, which printed.

      This company called to a Police, as they had treated me really differently from my Russian Ethnick. I am British Citizen since 2002 – but this did not work here to be accepted – people had a fear of me, soon, as they knew as my native language of my mother is Russian.

      I had a friend, a lover, was thinking to marry, we both single, he dealed as to me to think such way.

      But soon as he knew me as unemployed -he had a loss interest, saying me he more rich and he offered me to be his Cleaner and Lover for £5/week, to do a cheap work , unpaid work – as i am talking with a foreign accent — see. my grade as The Full University Diploma as Mathematician, The Pure Mathematician, Applied Mathematics, one of the hardest top range intellectual grade, low here in UK to offer me unpaid work to be a cleaner for locals, as they sure me need work free as a slave. I have refused.

      He asked me to say my age group 54 yo to all his as I am more older, as my so young age is not comfotable for him for his kids, as he more older me.

      He asked me to lie that my Ethnic is Italian to others, as really uncomortable would be to hear me Russian Ethnick, here in UK, after all years of Cold War with Russia since May 1945 till now.

      I offered to be my guest here to celebrate my daugther’s birthday – she was far, i gave a birth to her as a home birth, in a water, was one, just candels and roses around too, and a some butterfly was too, so, really memorising event to each mother.

      I did not wanted to be one – I invited, we had a mall dinner, sex as lovers, nice. he left. At morning when I waked up, I did not saw 1 my earning on the kitchen glass, which looked as a big bright clear diamont on white gold or platinuim – as a really expensive rare ancient earning, especial, as a really good cut of the crystal.

      I asked him, as this earning was with no any diamont – it was a pair from a local charity shop for £1.50 – one pound fifty pences only. I walked near, came, was their Jubelly day, they offered me a shampain, sweets, and I spent all my money which I had as £1.50 here as curtsy and politness, buying these pair of earning for me. I had not no one, looking for agea, as all were not right look, cut of crystal, or something 0 here was a right crystal, clear, nice, sparking as rainbow, looking as a really big diamond. but some crystal, just a nice right jewerry work o cutting all this with the great love and work.

      He said he did not picked thi. But he might look at his home. I said I missed this on a time from 5pm till 9 am here, while just me and he was on ev before. He said, – O, so, this could not be in my house. I said – yes.

      I did not saw him near this glass with earning. He was on the kitchen twice, yes, but he had not come on the place near to be able to take my earning. He said me he had not saw or touch. and we had a brake of relationship, as friends, lovers, knowns, while was so nice, so I missed a lot, cried, having a los of all in one day, celebrating birthday of my daugther with unknown.

      You know. It was not me. It was him, stopped and started our knowledge, relationship, be lovers too, and walking together too, inluding near the lake here, chating.

      Yes, he was more rich, as the owner of house, but what is wrong here for any woman to be marry for more rich man having a good property, and money too? and pension? as to have a goo financial support as to be married and relationship to keep own heart warm, kind, loved.

      All dissapired just as he disliked me as Russian Ethnick and low income JSA. as a social rank thinking man.

      O! He is so attracive! The local Manager of Morrisons, a woman, started to talk with im, staying on the distance from me, saying me as she had not time to talk to serve me, her client of Morrison with the complaine — he had not bought nothing, we just came, his trolley was empty.

      He had no one his enquerry or complain to Morrisons Customer Service

      – while I had, spending £35 in Morrisons, including for white kettel Russel Hub, which I had bought to celebrate Her Majesty Jubelly day with the new nice kettle, but when I had boiled a water just 1 time, the taste was really strange, not right, and inside of this kettle was marks, scratches, and some dirty black soil! inside a new kettle from Morrison! I bought on the sale for £20 this, and tried or to return back or to have a refund – as it was in the time 7 days warranty

      This strange bossy looking big woman, Manager of Customer Service in Morrisons which near King’s Mill Hospital in Mansfield, on NG18 5HL, to drive as to NG17 4HX, while in their receipt they put their index here wrong as BD3 7DL for Bradford, not Mansfield, so, hard to write complains — she interrupted me ruddely.

      I standed a que to wait to be served. I just spend my £35 pounds in this Morrisons store. I was their customer here from September 2001.

      I stand a long que to Customer Service in Morrisons to be sreve here, just started to talk them my complaine, as i needed to show and all marks inside of this kettle, and this black dirty sol inside of this kettle, and to say as it was not any security tax on the box, and that this kettle made in China, so, I worried this bad damage might from China factory to UK, and so, as a message to us, or especial fault. or as no security tag – any might put this, to use to put back.

      They had not wanted to hear any my thoughts, while I tried to communicate what was wrong here and why I returned this good back to Morrisons, and my advice to check these kettles too – I saw as ASDA dropped pricaes on this kodel-so it was something really wrong.

      They had refused me to refund £20 back. while I had the receipt.
      They odderef to take another kettle instead – see, if one was unsafe and wrong – you do not wish another the some, as a loss of the trust.

      I had a loss of £20 pounds as a result be really full to spend my money in Morrisons store in Mansfield.

      Their Manager or some, coming to Customer Service to serve my complain here, said me as she had not time to serve me, waiting for a long to be serve here as she busy and not have a time — but she had her time to jum on my lover, staying on the distance, to shcok me a lot, — not having her time to work to do woroking duty in working hours of shift — but “jumped” on a man, staying on the some distance from the Customer Service Desk here, my lover, whom waited me to finish to go to our walk near the nearest lake to enjoy the fresh air activities.

      I know, that Mr Almer Syson is a rally attractive British man, he will be 82 yo on 3rd August 2016, but really attractive, sensitive for females, enjoying his life with women, lovers, divorced with his wife, his next woman died, his partner, and when we met, he said me in such way to think to be married, and he attracted me.

      But he had attracted and Manager of Customer Service of Morriosn too! in his 81 yo. while he put a damaged broked shoes as more comfortable for this walk near the lake.

      Any woman will be upset to see as she was terated as I treated in Morrisons.

      See. Mr Almer Syson, Sy, lives on 23 house. me on 2s, on one street locally. he is a single, me is a single, so, was a great idea to bright life be friends, lovers, to enjoy a life, to have a support of each.

      Yes, he attracted me – but he attracted Manager of Morrisons in Mansfield really strong, straight, too, as she interrupted her customer coming to complain about the kettle for £20 , from Morrisons, – Manafer of this Morrisons, from Customer Service was inpolite, rude, with army bossy manner, rudely said me as she had not her time to serve me, as she was busy doing something else – what? what she was busy to do? she was more interesting to jump on my man, my lover, my friend, staying near to talk just with him – not with me, her customer.

      I was shocked and upset!

      Look, I am a woman, I spent £35 in this store Morrison, bought £20 kettle on the sale, to celebrate Her Majesty Jubbelly, – they upset me as their client, not refunded the cost, talked rude, as not having time, — they started to talk with some another man, with the empty trolly, whom had not ANY ISSUE TO CUSTOMER SERVICE IN MORRIOSNS AT ALL!

      He stayed, 81 yo British Pensioner, the owner of his house, a single man, on the distance from the Customer Service, waiting me, to finish my complian here, to walk after near the King’s Mill Reservoure Lake, as this was our plan, and the ability to buy something from Morrisons for a picknit – but I had not bought as their staff upset me, so I prefer to leave my money in my pocket.

      So, if you have some your fiancee, male friend, your lover – if you will walk in Morrisons to do shoppings or to complain – their female staff, really hungry for men, will try to jump on males, men, other women’r lovers – as this interesting them much much more rigther their working duty to work.

      Or, if a woman will come as a single – to hear as local female staff in age mooning as realy dule to work here, as nobody wanted and they too

      — till they saw some attractive man to attack for the attantion.

      and you see as their Morrisons female staff so lazy girls here, that they use the floor dirty surface to put products on the floor of Morriosns in Mansfield near King’s Mill Hospital BEFORE to put them on the shop shelves. so all mixed with bacterias to go inside fridge, to open, to mix with bacterias, to have dizzies, wormings, to be sick.

      A really poor management – and I saw why. Morrions had employed a really unprofessional staff here to Customer Service and as female Manager.

      Plenty people are uneployed, willing to work hard, as a god friendly polite team. But the personnel department of Morriosns had a choice for rude unprofessional staff with no any wish to work here to make a profit.

      See — I worked in retail and sales for tens years, trying to earn profit to my compnies and myself — some staff here prefr not bother by earning profits at all, as not interesting.

      See as some British superstore up them to a role to do security check of any their client “just was they looked strange or some staff borring and dule to bright life”?

      Briitsh stores started to deal as some police security force to do ckeck of any person as their game – or their personal game too, as humans are humans.

      they do not interesting in sale to earn money as a profit.

      Another day – again, Another staff, Adam, asked me to show the cheque on my 2nd shopping, while I just came from the self-checking till making this shopping under all their Morrisons CCTV and control system — while I asked their male staf Adam in Customer Service to giv my 1st shopping back, as I left my 1st shopping here in Customer Service in Morrisons, not to mix with my 2nd shopping, as I had money left and my wish to spend more money on my shopping.

      Their staff started to talk with me about thieves, while HE DEALED AS A THIE HIMSELF, NOT GIVING ME MY PROPERTY – MY 1ST SHOPPING BACK. I SPENT MY MONEY FOR MY SHOPPING IN MORRIONS – AND THEY DELAYED TO GIVE ME MY SHOPPING BACK, he asked me to show my cheque for my another 2nd shopping -he check the amount and each item here,

      So, Adam had not been interesting to serve customers in Customer Service – he was more interetsing in the searching their cheques, amounts, good which they bought.

      The work of Customer Service – to satisfy client be happy to return back. Adam as Customer Service in Morrisons started to upset curstomet, just spending money for 2 shopping here in Morrisons, asked he wanted to do security check of 2nd shopping, and he deleyed, not giving 1st shopping back to a customer, whoch was NOT Morrisons peroprty – mine – i spent my money to buy – and they had not give me my shopping back! they dealed as THIEVES – MORRISONS STAFF DEALED AS THIEVES – THEY KEPT MY PROPERTY NOT GIVING BACK



      See, you ask -wrote – I response. Now I will leave this.

      You said me as a single, unmarried, looking a foreign woman from Ukraine for yourself to be marry — so, you had not the experience of communication with women, emotional women a lot, and this while something surpirised you, as you think that women are men as you as they should deal with all as you thnk as right.

      But the real life and all people are different, while still the some, alive people, bolld and fehs, and the socialization and communication are one of the normal emotional things for all humans – we have our emotions, languages, thoughts to share to each another. some do, some not. Thanks, dear Dobbb, for all, have a great day! Regards!


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