Who am I, Where have I Come from? Why all the Trolls? (Quickly) By Graham Phillips

In recent days the metrics on my YouTube channel, followers on Twitter and so, have shown a surge in followers, subscribers, viewers from my own country, the UK.

This has been accompanied by a fair few comments along the lines of ‘who is this guy?’. Well, I haven’t just emerged from a box, a stretch, Goa, or Barry Island. Most of my last 2 years have been spent covering the war in Donbass –

Actually I was the only western correspondent there during the blockade of Lugansk, and spent the most time on the frontlines of conflict in 2014/15. So why have you never heard of me? And, as above, why all the trolls?

Well, I covered the war western media didn’t want you to see, and which infuriated those who wanted to present their version of Ukraine. I covered the relentless shelling by Ukraine of civilian areas in Donbass, and mass civilian fatalities and casualties –

And with that, the trolls who didn’t want this information getting out. They’ll tell you all sorts of things – it’s true I started my career with RT. But in 2013, RT wasn’t the RT we think of today. I’ve not worked with them for 2 years, and believe me, now, like the channel even less than you do.

However, in a western media blackout, Russian media let me tell the story of the Ukraine war back then, which I couldn’t tell elsewhere. Since early 2015, I’ve worked for myself, fund all my projects via crowdfunding.

There have been attempts to link me with all kinds of things, mostly Russia, in order to discredit my work. It’s nonsense, I’ve got no connection whatsoever with Russia.

But, this is what happens in an information war, when people can’t discredit your work directly, and all my work is as it is, uncensored, video reports of things just as they are, they go for the source.

So, there’s a longer biography here, if you’re interested, pleased to meet you in any case! Graham

17 thoughts on “Who am I, Where have I Come from? Why all the Trolls? (Quickly) By Graham Phillips”

  1. You know Graham, I do not care what people think. I only have seen you for one day and I think you are a nice guy. You should not have to explain yourself to people who have experienced nothing. I respect you for what you are doing.


    Elly Vincken, Maastricht

    +31630394996 ellyvincken@gmail.com


  2. I saw the information about you in newsru.com news article, and as I am from Nottinhamshire, where you lived, and British Citizen as me, and filmed destinies of Russian Ethnic which is my Ethnic, and as I lived in Ukraine as a small girl 2 months old till 5 years old in the Western Ukraine in Gaysin /Gaisin/Hayson in Vinnica-Lviv Province, my 1st language till 5 yo age was Ukrainian, Russian after. I read my 1st book as a girl on UKraine – The Ukrainian tale on Ukrainian Language, – my mother worked and one Ukrainian woman looking after me in her house, learning to read Ukrainian books too.

    I lived as a child till 5 y o age in Gaisin in Ukraine, 1961-1966.

    I visited Ukraine as British Tourist, staying 14-17 September 2010, in Luhansk, in Luhansk Hotel, Number 911, probably, not sure.
    One local man from Luhansk did me the offer to married on him, moving to live in Luhusnk, what suited me, as my native language is Russians as for local people, so, easy to find a job too.
    I started to look to buy a nice wedding dress and wedding shoes already here in UK for my future marrige in Luhunsk. We looked a flat to buy, still more additionally.

    But as in Polish songs, on Polish and the some on Russian, by Anna German, “The garden treees are with blossoms just one time per year”, – another woman had crossed the way, picked and took my Ukrainian Russian fianncee, so the married, and so I cried, lefted, betrayed, unwanted old woman, as my fiancee from Luhansk picked another woman, American-Russian and more rich, more well educated, more and more younger me too, and much attractive me, probably. No, it was no any point of money – just a love, he loved her as his reaction, and so strong as she was so jealose as have all his e-mail and passport to control to his wife to know all, and still said about me to damage her, so, was not nice to me to be blamed as a bad woman after as his jealose wife said as not able to go with this as he wanted another woman – me before her, just me one not blamed them both about the situation, just cried, looking this nice wedding dress and shoes on windows of British shop, which I was so near to buy for me on my future wedding day in Luhunsk in Ukraine.

    So, as I was near to move to Luhunks in Ukraine – I would lived here to share the all destiny with all locals here as they had too.

    By Ukrainian Laws, I had rights to apply to receive Ukrainian Citizenship as I lived for 5 years as a child here. or to apply for a permanant visa entry to stay.

    I was the co-owner of property as 3 bed-roomed house on sale in UK, so, I was thinking to use this money to buy something on Ukraine. It was a free visa for British. and British Laws permit double Citizenship.

    I had not a really big income for living in UK, so, I thought to buy some property abroad, to have my own property and to live here – plenty Britons do the some as their choices, living ecerywhere.

    I thought to buy a small flat in Pheodosia, in Crimia, in Ukraine, as here warm, nice, a sea side, museums, nice food, and my own relative had owners of their property on Turkish Street (before Italian Street, after Revolusion Zhelyabove Street) in Pheodosia, and a piece of land on the sea side between Kuznecov and Voroncov Properties too. In their house, they had tenants to keep, but not had plenty profit, probably, as Russian Security DEpartment to find to keep spies had been here on this street too, so, not really a big income for the owners from tenants was, just all debts, covered by Godparent’s money. They all had not passed the cruel Russian-Ukrainian Revolution in Crima time, had been killed all, not survived, and Godparents too.

    So, I visited Pheodosia in Crimea as British tourist of Russian Ethnic to give a memory respect to died, to killed people here during Revolution time. I thought to arrange a printing order here to my book, as more cheap and a good quality as I saw books from here. I saw to look prices to buy a small flat for me to settle down here. So, I left Luhunsk on 17th September 2010 to Pheodosia, and after returned back from my holiday back to UK.

    No, I had not bought any property or house or flat, nor in Luhunsk, nor in Pheodosia, as money from the sale of my British property, as a co-owner of 3-bed-rromed house, after paying debts to creditors, left just £17,000 – not enough for my plans and prices were, so this was why I had not moved to Ukraine.

    Another reason. I changed my surnames, married twice, still change name deed, plenty to translate. I aske my mother to do a Notar paper that as a this and this her own daugther maiden name this this borth… – she refused me, saying as her wish me not go to live in Ukraine, as here much too evil people, as her memory about them, so, I had a right just not ability to spend money to do the juridical work to received my rights as Ukrainian Citizenship or visa, to rights to buy property to move – and as no money – no rights really at all.

    But I was a witness of your information, photos, vidoes from Ukraine, to see things as they had been here, about destiny of people here, women, kids, men.

    I looked the information from both sides of this conflict to know this, but really mostly all your information.

    You know, if I would marry as thought to start this process, so I would lived here … and probably you had filmed me here one day or not.

    I tried to move to Donbass area, as I had Care Assistant and First Aider … but I had money to arrange such trip – much to far from UK.

    Some places on your video was what I remember before this civil war.

    I hope for the peace will return back to all whom are here.


  3. About you. Do you remember this your photo from LOndon underground 2014-2015 time? your selfi?

    I saw you, your this face, when I was 7yo age, in 1968-1969 time, in Chita Province in Russia. I walked by steps on the last 4th flloor, left side flat, our flat.

    It was a house in the centre of Yasnaya, small closed Russian military town, near the skate field-football field in the centre not far from the cinema.

    Out exit was the las on right. Out flat was the on the top on 4th floor on left. I walked and saw this your face as on your photo in London underground photo from 2014-2015 – but on 1968-1969 on my 7th yo age, I was a small schoolgirl, small height, 1st class.

    I remember your face – I saw just couple seconds on my move up near.

    It was 2nd or 3rd floor level, you was near the flat on the right. talking. I do not remember – 2 or 3 men in a military clothes were.

    I was shocked, listened the tembr of your voice as much too high – really high – no one talk by such way from Russian men around me never – before or after – not common for Russians.

    I memorised after that you for years, years, thinking, pity you – how you will survive with such really high tembr of your voice? which just for women and females only in Russia?

    I memorised… all as this — the beutiful really attractive face, the light longest eyeslashes, white tender skins, and the so nice mix of all colors, tender, amazing, beatiful.

    I looked today … as my own some details some as with this your photos, probably related a little bit.

    Before this meeting of you, we lived in the damaged broken old house in a floor level, rain drops dropped in rains inside, a garden.

    I played here one day in the empty house – no one lived. I picked a green peas to eat, probably, too, which grew. and it was a military style black probably, radio-transmitter, so I thought as some foriegn spy might used this or lived here. But I did not said this to no one, not to my parents, not to my father, not to my friends. I kept a silince, as not mine and not my property and so nothing for me to bother or to say or to touch. You know… it was a feeling of some good energy – so I did not worried. and still – I did not knew nothing about any spied too, at all. Just was educated never pick other people property or goods, so, I did not moved to picked here – I came as I was sure this was the empty damaged house where no one lived, so, just to play and to pick green peas to eat – here was so sweet and tasty.

    Yes, I looked all your family photos … I can not explain this,

    May be a time traveler? and as some similarity – may be your my British far decendener? looking just to look on own gran gran gran mother in the past? or related?

    Or someone used to brainwash your brain and mind to put another memeory to bealve in this as the real?

    I do not know.

    You may use FF FTNDA, FTDNA, and Genebase, and 23andMe genetic testing to see results if we are related or not with you.

    I do not know. But I know as I am always glad to see you, your face, your hsapes of your body, value your braviness and you is the important person in my life.

    Dear Graham, me in 1968-1969 as 7 yo girl met and saw you and your face couple seconds while I just walked. the some as your face of 2014-2015 years 36-37 yo. the some eyes, colors, shapes, all the some, and the some look eyes. I am near 55 yo age now. You the some look as I saw you as 7 yo girl. no changes with this your photo from London underground 2014-2015 photo selfi. Thanks. Thank you. Thank you for sharing. I memorised after you. sometimes.


  4. After that I met you as a girl of 17 yo age or 17-18-19 yo age in Crimea near Sevastopol, it was a camp with wood houses – i bought one for myself, you share this place too. We slept here, each on onw wood stand bed.

    On day you asked me, if some man kissed me – I said no one yet.
    You said the offer me to lean me how to kiss, started to kiss, really tender lips.

    Just you was a s a girl, a little bit older me.

    You cooked for the company a really nice tasty red beans soup, trying to lean me how to cook something too.

    We swam, in the sea, and we used the shower room, shared for all woman. Here was a small iccident. a fat tall woman, as a mother of own military student from Tumen in Russia, asking me to brash her back, started be really strange on her reaction, saying me as i have a much tender skins and palms, her reactions so confused me, really, shocked, that i run away from this place – just took my baggage, jumped over a fence, on the road, and away, far away from this place and all. I was really shocked.

    It was some military students from Tumen pronanuced not as To Men or 2men but as Tyumen, Tjumen – soft T and u. – from a town in Russia.

    They trid to find some fience for them to marry – so, as I was here, they some offered me a marriage or prespective to start to think about the marriage – – by Soviet Laws, any military man must be married to be trusted for the military career.

    One left, asking me to wait, as he needed the permision from his father to take before to offer me the marriage.

    Another took his mother-this strange.

    It was more strange events here — they started to play with me, one and after them all here, trying to used something to tie together my arms and my legs too.

    So, I had played with them all in such their own game entertaiment for a while.

    The 1st, one Soviet Russian military student from Tumen tried to tie my legs and my arms togthers – he couold not, not had any succes, started to be a red, a heavy breezes.

    His frinds, other military Soveit Russian Students from Tumen, 4th Level of Grade, started to ask him – he responded to them to try with him – so, they had been 3-4-5- as Future Soviet Officers, 1 year up to be graduated, trying to play the game to tie my legs together and to tie my plams together — separatly both.

    They could not.

    It was a wooden house, so we played insde, so, I used all to turn around me, on sides, moving each time,.

    So, when they had tied my legs together – all them needed to do this, – I moved, taking all out, while moved, and they had nothing.

    We played in this game till them all had any strenth any more at all – they could to move more, really tired in this small physical exircises game. So, they stopped. I won, of couse.

    I doubt what they would did if they would won. I am glad not to know this.

    Just in 2016, I started to think, memorising all things back, how this really strange for 4-5 military physical looking as strong males, men, military Soviet Student of Russia from Tumen to be not able be stronger rigther one small virgin Russian girl from Riga, Latvia, USSR time.

    But here was rules, from both sides while we played.

    They had not tougched my breats, bra, bodies, between lags, as just only the end of legs and my arms near palms only and this all — so, they had been as Gentelmen. all. polite and well mannered.

    I was as a really polite too – i had not touched or beat them on all my move – —- really, i might — by leg by legs – and a small house — but i was as Lady in fighting game, not touching their bodies at all – no one.

    I did not touched their bodies, juts my body to free their tieing me.

    The strange game.

    I run… fr0om the shower experience from the,

    When I was on the train, from Simferopol, – I saw suddenly as two ruing near the train -looking for me — you was as this girl – and another man near — they run to find me to pass my Japan pink umbrella as I left it, forgot.

    And after that I memorised this scene on a train station and still now — their faces and her faces, runing to find me — no one run after to find me in my life. no one. just she… on that day.

    Thanks. a lot. so touching.

    She was she. — we shared one wooden house as two girls.
    and all women had shared shower room.

    so… I could not understand this….. as your face … was sometimes looking as reallly her face….

    She was as …. mmm… attractive, really, free manners as enjoying for a love and sex and men by her chart — but i never saw her as kissed with someone or that someone would coddle her too. just she said… as had someone, and so she tried to lean me how to kiss right for me not be confused and shamed as not prepared.

    I am thinking after about myself as a possible bisexual, as I saw as feelings of touching, kisses might be not just from men. as or you have or you have not.

    so, i easy accpeted after all … as not to be a Judge of others in their lives and choices. just not to talk to others about this all, keeping as private and just yours.

    She would be 56 yo now, probably.

    I do not know if I wish or not to meet her one day.

    But I do remember her.

    And when I saw your eyes, faces, memorising me her and alll and feeling, as really touching and strong still.

    so, my frist kiss was from her and from a girl.

    much later one man kissed me … and I had as a loss of sencess, a weakness, but he started to be rude, I stopped and left.

    another man too, but i left him, i do not why, decided as this just better.

    and after that i stopped to kiss – no any kisses as just started to be uncomfortable for me to breese

    and my 2nd British husband with his twisted evil face and twisted lips was a sickness to see him, so, no any wish to kiis as just to run and to divorce. so i divorced. happy.

    i remember -feellings – memory

    just nit able to understand things.

    I do not know what was with this girl. she was really attractive – her kids must be really attractive too.

    I hope for she survived.

    I remember her.


  5. Another last time … it was a meeting in Riga, Latvia. USSR time. My perents lived abroad for 6 years. in Mongolia, so their Riga 3 romms flats was mine, and money from them too, a lot.

    My 1st husband and me came to celebrate some Soviet holiday event with a companies of colleges in sauna. a nice place – in a forest.

    Our daugther was about 2-3 y o age. I did not use any spirit, as was with my child, not to see for her me as drunken.

    My school-friend was a single, so, I invited here here – there are were plenty single men, weel educeted with a good slaries and reputation to pcik some husband for her.

    But when I openned a door on a small room in sauna, I had saw her sitting on knees of my husband, coddled, kissed, she drunken. all was on my eyes, looing as for a sex.

    So, I had a loss of both in one day, as native beloved trusted people, as c-named sister of my and my school-friend and my husband, while my daugther was 2-3 yo age, she needed her father, family.

    I did not said nothething. when saw all, just closed a door – plenty people, i did not wanted any scandal to up, and my daugther still.

    He took her on his arms, to care to a bus -all saw this.
    He said as she was much too drunk to walk and he could left drunken woman on her own as we had invited her here with us.

    see – better to be a drunken woman myself for my husband to be near me arond to care about rigther not drunken and he will care about some another drunken owver woman as not able to walk, so, needed to care on his armns on look of all company and me too.

    I decided to give them a chance to understand themselves – i did not scolded them, kept a silince. I just bought tickets for all to travel to Sochi holiday – he by plane, we by train, left our daugther on his mother to keep to look for this time.

    In train, I met a man, started to talk with him, and … suddenly started to have the orgasms and be really wet, having a loss of sences.

    He left, knew my name as a student.

    In Sochi, on our hiliday, I saw as my so-named sister used to come though own another room bedrrom nacked – as much too hot – without any clothes. shocked me really. as here was my husband and me and she had not did such before.

    My husband said me, after, as he disliked her, as much too cold woman, as he not able to understand me having such friend from my childhood and that he liked just me one, so they sport out separated.

    But I was damaged. The feeling as to be s star and to stop to be a star as nothing return back already – so, I said I wish to take a divirce. just this took a long time till 1997 to do all as the official.

    I know plenty women think this all right – me not. I had a loss of my interest to keep this marriage and him as my husband – does not matter his choice – it was my choice.

    But when I returned back to Riga, this man from the train finded me in Latvian University, by by name Inna as a student, he followed by me, finded the location of my flat, knocked – i refused to welcome he-saying as not – i am amrried woman on another man. sorry. closed the door.

    He sat on the winetr snow with a boucket of flowers, roses or somethibngs. and and … this my 1st husband started to ask meto welcome this man to our flat, and criiing in tears as I am much to cruel, left a man on teh cold winter street — it was not the truth — Riga tran station worked 24 hours and the train was to his wife easy to left Riga out to his wife. I was not cruel.

    But as 1st husband crieng in tears, so, wecomed another man — and again – he asked me to have a sex with our guest – i did nit wanted this, but was so deeply touched, so came. and when we started-he came to open doors, so, we had a sex for three, and i was so upset, as a feeling they both betrayed and used me. I would killed them bith here after. just … could not offended and by any word or look. so kept a silince.

    My 1st husband said me as he wanted this all for me to try to understanded as he would be better for me and his penis as more longer penis too, as more easy way to realise whom would be better. stupid… way… he was noe jealose, later he asked me to have lovers, as he was not able to go inside me, sometimes, finished soon as his finger touched my night dress on me.

    So, I had areally attractive beautiful unuseful man as my 1st husband, he had finished, and I sat and cried as wanted a sex – he offered me to have lovers but to keep family. He was fully satisfied as he had finished.

    I book for his the appoitment with Aganov, Doctor for men to talk about problems in sexual life – he refused, syaing me as he shame to talk to discuss such private things as his sexual life with some other men. and he offered me to have lovers, as the choice to keep our marriage, as he liked this marriage to keep.

    I divorced. I could not take this any more to have my husband as just my friend and my brother, not as my lover. We loved each another, on each way of us, just divorced.

    But as this man… from a train – his name and surname as my lover and a father of my child, probably, was Aleksandr Serebryakov – Aleksander Silver. I was pregnant after out unprotected sex for three.

    But this was not right pregnancy – Aleksandr Serebryakov used his fingers to put deeply inside of my wobm for some reason, probably trying to have his babies from me – but he damaged me inside, i had the medical abortion on the emergency base -the abmulance took me at hospital – the developing of babby was inside of tube, not inside of womb, so, just would broken and i would died.

    My 1st husband could not forgive me this as he said me was having my 2nd unborn child from Aleksander Serebryakov would be as his child from him by papers. He upset me, as he asked me to do this to blame me after. I am glad be divorced.

    Aleksander Serebryakov’s face looked as Bin Laden’s face from Internet photos.

    He said me as he tried to find some truth about bosses of KGB, or someone in Crimea, as the corruption, big money, in USSR time, as they tried to catch him here, he run, so, really, our family as me hidden some man, on run from KGB from Crimea in our Riga flat in Latvia – we provided our hospitality, out flat, one room, clean double bed for him one, a bathc, clan towel, food, drink, entertaiment – we talked poems, plaied in chess. and still me as his lover.

    He offerred me a marriage on his 5-7 times, I refused.

    He wrote good poems on Russian, a good player in chess.

    I did not think to go to say in KGB about this. he asked the hospitality-we provided this.

    It is some your face in a silver color raincoat in Riga near your mother , your faces as twisted here, and you looked here similar to face of Aleksander Serebryakov /Aleksander Silver — looked as Kozlov Kozel Kozlovski – as He-Goat, Goat. *some Kozlovski from Poland my genetic 4-5 cousins) — on this your photo you look loked as Mr Aleksander Serebryakov .. and as a Goat.

    Bin Laden’s face was similar to Aleksander Serebryakov face too, confusing me what to think about as I met him in Riga, Latvia, USSR time, on a run from KGB, in some truth searching and political idea.

    I saw some photos, some people, as they may look differently.
    Americans, plenty of them.

    So, if I would met you as you and as Mr Graham Willims Phillips, in Riga, with your mother, all British citizens UK — I would think you was Aleksander Serebryakov, Lithonian chess player, writer, writers poems, politicians. Anarhist. at first.

    I do not know his destiny-read as he left Lithoinia to live in Russia. and he wrote his book as USSR kept some dauter of Onnassis, as a person whom he met in a train — he met me in train, but other thing as a fantasy or a real story about someone else – or he met so plenty or just a fantasy.

    No, I do not think you was Aleksander Serebryakob in Riga, Latvia on run from KGB from Crimia, covered by our hospitality in my flat … I think you just used some art, artistic skills to look similar.

    You are you. others as others.

    Just probably faces of ancestors plaied in plenty decendents. so people looked similar. such. sometimes


  6. I do not know whom are you as this is not my bussiness – as your life is your life to now about yourself all better. i just follow to read to see, as interesting, and this all.

    Really hard, as any this information from you, so hard collacted to ve received, not work to stop wars, a civil war.


  7. The organizers whom had did this all, hate all – they hate Soviet time buildings, Soviet time people, women and men. they hate and so killed.

    Murders kill others as they had a wish to kill others – hate or any

    Murders killed others as they want to kill others. they do what they want.

    They hate.

    TV news put as this is a political issie conflict – a le.

    Donbass people are people of all Ethnick — Ukrainian, Russians, Belorussians, Jewish, German, English, Scottish, Welsh, Italian, French, Scandinavian, … as from Vikings named as Varanges, from Turkish, Tatars, Muslims, Azerbaidzhanian, – all Ethnic Group, just used Russian language on the street to communicate for tousand years.

    I think, be honest with you, as some genetic studies my open the information as some people from here geneticly nonnected to ancestors of some our British Nobles as not wanted to be openned adn embarrassed own kids and themselves to accept this thruth, and worries about a loss of heritages and etc – so, this may be a reason as some decided rigther to kill them all rigther to worru own kids will not the truth

    I offered to do genetic testing on the West for Western people to find – as plenty locals are decendents of Scotts, English people, etc etc


  8. See, probably just Her Majesty gteat grandkids had right to live? to be attractive? blond? not all?

    some local people here were being surviing decendents from Russian Revolution time from Russian Empair Impair — so, some of them decendentors of Russian, English, French, German, Romanian,Sicialian, Italian Nobles and some rich people may disliked them to continue to live, worried about the own rigther for somethings, as property or title too. probably

    or worried to find plenty twins looking kids as Her Majesty great grandkids?


  9. Dear Graham,

    USSR and Russia had the experience of WWII time 1941-1945 to fight
    – as soldiers
    – as partisanens
    – as sabatagees
    – how to organise the mass evavuation kids, women from a dangerous zone of war with bombing too

    plenty locals in Ukraine used to do explosives jst to fish fish in lakes, rivers — they all educated how to do explosions

    and so, 2014-2016 – no one answre as the way Russia dod on Germany 1941-1945? as as response?

    kids killed, women men, damaged houses – no responce including the evacuation – – and so the gaol to kill locals in big number to reduced numbers of locals and to damage houses.

    UK Laws stayed on the full respect other people properties as TABOO by British Laws. — UK and Great Britian is fully support this all?

    what is a reason? what?

    My versa – a wrong or a right – – as some English Nobles, man, visiting this places as a travellor, travellors, left plenty their biological children here —- – so our English Noble families started to worry as all come to genetic testing to find plenty own relatives –

    British Laws respect now rights of unmarried women and their kids from their biological fathers, as the needs to respect this.

    British Law respect rights from heritage to daugthers as Title


    see a point – as this may me a point of worries … they may had agreat fear to open the truth as the truth history

    insluding all this Crown…

    you know… not just men had babies from their lovers-women
    some married women and plenty them had babaies not from their husbands too

    If it was the order to kill so plenty people here – it was some mistery secret to hide.

    and reallly emotional touching secret to hide, so, so plenty money.


  10. Plenty married women can not take if their husbands had kids as a love affairs or a sex with other women.

    Plenty married women can not take if their own kids will know something shame – about themselves or their fathers

    it must be a reason… it must be a reason why this all here

    it must be a reason WHY had not been organized any evaquation — and so the real goal here to kill – to kill

    Putin liked money? making money on offers?

    Putin and Russia had not provided buses to save lives?
    UK and Europe too?
    Ukraine too?

    a mass killing in Europe – open -filmed on vidoe — no any responce to save lives from American Society USA? from no one?

    no one buss as a humanitarian service to save kids from here? no one buss?

    no one buss -we offered you money to rent bus to start this?

    This looked as you filmed the financial report for people whom spent their money to organize this as their money had ben spent on ordered paid goals

    as a financial reports for Congress USA to see the way of American budget money had been spent on the real goal of uSA in Europe – to kill plenty local civilians of white race of Europe.

    I do not trust no one. i do not trust to you too.

    We offered money for you to collect to organize a busses for kids to evaquate them from here in the safe places in deep into Ukraine or in Russia – you had refused from such money to save lives of kids -as you did your money on filming kids died, wounded, bombed.

    I do not know whjom is you. I do not trust you

    All my advices to locals – to run to save lives of thrmselves and their kids and to take others


  11. Local adults, women, adults, saw as the death here from 2014 – so each woman whom staied here, keeping her kids in this dangerous place with her, not runing away – i saw as they are criminals, bad parents, as some social servive must extract all kids from them to move to the sfe place.

    I am thinking as some adults here used other people kids, as died parents, as their own kids, to mask them, as they had teached kids to name them parents

    In UK, British Social servive woul take kids from drunken parens on drigs if they did unsafe life for kids — so, all kids from locals would be extracted – fr me as for a mother such parents are criminals,

    Laws must asked each parents for wounded or killed kids — what had you wait another? staying and living under bombs from 2014? as not this?

    and so, to Judge each parents if their kids wounded or died or missed

    Dear Graham… why do Patrick is keeping his pregnant wife here with him under bombs? had he wait for her to be killed? as a pregant? with his child? two deathes? and for him to record to a video to show this on Internet?

    Patrick Lancaster is American Citizen USA?

    Why had he not evaquate his pregnant wife from here, keeping under bombs here?


  12. Dear Graham,

    Why had Patrick Lankaster had not evaquate his pregnant wife, near to her duties from this dangerous place? keeping her, pregnant, under boms?

    May Patrick Lankaster plan to film his pregnant wife killed or still with his son-daughter-child-too and so to film them on his videos too? before to left Donbass?

    Why does he keep his pregnant wife here on Donbass? American from USA? coming to do his videos here?


  13. I had been here in 14-17 September 2010 as British tourist in Luhunsk, Ukraine – it was a peacefull life, a peace, under Ukrainian state political power.

    So, Ukraine had protected the peace here, all had been alive?

    The new political group of Donbass are not able to organize the protection and a normal peacefull life here? all what had /have they have here justed died and died with not stop just die

    and 2014-2016 is a quite big amount of time to see their inability to organise the protection locals as all what they had organised for locals are died, died, wounded, died.

    They had not evaquated kids and women too.

    Men may stay to fight and to continue to fight?

    But they continue to kept women and kids here? and so to kill women an d kids under their excuse some political games in political power?


  14. See – here in UK as the some? 2 sides of some political conflicts and we will have the some here in UK after? plenty died?


  15. I can not understand why had not been the organised evaquation of civilians here done – busses, the protection and the evacuation all.

    This civil war conflict as aa mass genocide of civilians as a war zone in Europe here from 2014 tilll now.

    EU and Europe and UK and USA had not accept the refugees from a civil war conflict to take in their country as they are a white race women, kids, men, as Euroepan Ethnick. as Europenas of white Ethnic and British prefer to protect Muslim people from Africa and Arab countries rigther Christian of White race from European Ethnick Groups

    Europe as a placeess of genocide, mass killing civilians over and over and over and never stop —

    — Middle Age. 300 years of a religion political power as males, men, killed plenty local women, kids, men – 300 years with no stop.

    — WWI

    — WWII

    — Since 2014 – again, started in UKraine, Donbass. Now 2016, still continue.

    European men and women are really rubbish to protect lives, as you see,

    Just really stupid people from Africa and Siria run as refugees to find the welcome hospitality from European population EU with no any heart ever. They are looking for mass deathes in Europe… staying calm.

    While just the next political game and the some organised political conflict of 2 sides of 3 sides may come to any land – to USA, to UK, to EU, as this all just some political technology and all.


    You had record this…

    What was a reason?

    a bombing?

    from the sky? so the damage?

    the last video – died bodies, as would soon after all – plenty died bodies and a mess — but .. near died bodies is not traces of parts of bullets, bombs, what was a reason what killed them really, so and such badly?

    a mess a damaged body, deeply – and no any traces of bullets or something what would a reson of such

    some dogs may do such or animals, probably? no any sounds of dogs or animals, with the ability to eat humans in bloody mess? taking a skin?

    Dear Graham, you need to show all these you video on British police on the volntary base and British Army specilist too for them to investigate this all.

    May be someone used humans here on Donbass to do some secret military experiences on humans?

    to develop some weapons?

    When dogs eat … probably some types of wounds as a mess. on the last video. some as the skin had been taken

    but a bulet would another view?

    or some as much too strong bullet had been used on humans and civilians?

    I afraid if UK will not put a strong borders the some here may come inside UK too? the some? as this may be organised in groups of conflict in each country and the prodicing weapons and bullets are cheap.

    I read as Russians put as they had tried to develop the protectoion from some new weapons as ultra-sounded weapons as their declaration.

    May be Ukraine started to be as a base for develpers of weapons to use for humans here?

    I doubt, dear Graham I will be have any wish to be married and to have your kids after such your experience to film plenty deaths so other people had their trust, hope, believe in their future good life with their kids in their houses to see as this not

    and the some really dissaster may come in each country-=each -including USA and UK and EU.

    EU and UK and USA had not protected these people, to treat their people to loss the value of human lives, – -what will do British and Americans and Europeans if they will start to have this as not stopped this in Europe soon as this started here?


    I can not see this. when I started to see your videos, my blood pressure up really high, and I stopped as I saw as not possible to do nothing as much too big money here, and plenty countries enjoyed in such game.

    All what I may do, just to advice to run to leave to avoid the dangerous Donbass war zone …. whim will stay alive -may return back ;ater, or not

    but the value to save lives is more high value.

    Women, kids, all whom can do this, must leave, taking kids, in the safety place. any – deep in Ukraine or in Russia or in EU.


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