My MH17 Documentary – Preliminary Work Begins, Trip to Netherlands

Graham Phillips

I’ll soon be releasing a video introduction with full details of my upcoming MH17 project – which will be entirely independent, funded by crowdfunding.

Graham Phillips MH17Before that, I’ll be announcing a special summer project.

Be sure about this MH17 documentary, this is the one which will be entirely objective, absolutely committed to getting to the truth, from the correspondent who’s spent perhaps the longest at the site.

For now, with MH17, I’ll be beginning preliminary work, going to the Netherlands for the week of the anniversary, from July 17th. I’m keen to meet up with relatives, and anyone who could be of interest.

Please, if you have any details or contacts, write to me –

5 thoughts on “My MH17 Documentary – Preliminary Work Begins, Trip to Netherlands”

  1. I don’t have any contacts or unique info but I tried to follow the published evidence closely and a number of things stood out which some might overlook (or be unaware of).
    There was a website which explained a detailed analysis of photos of the damage. In particular….
    (1) a cockpit panel had micro-damage showing that an explosion had happened less than 1 meter away, hence by implication not a buk (which would explode more distantly).
    (2) another part had bullet entry holes with copper clearly visible thereon, showing that they were caused by cannon bullets (with copper casing).
    (3) there were holes caused by a peculiar shape of fragment from a missile (and one of those fragments), again showing it’s not a buk.
    Unfortunately I can’t remember the website where I read these, but hopefully you can find out somehow.

    There are of course also various facts such as the complete absence of any reports of the vapour trail of a buk which would have been seen and snapped by thousands.
    I think their lack of interest in the remaining debris is also highly suspicion-raising.

    Meanwhile the deliberately false conviction of Megrahi in the Lockerbie case is no closer to being admitted, decades after the event.
    But I reckon the Ukr “revolution” and war has a unique place in history as the first “revolution” and war on youtube such that everyone with a brain can see for themselves what was really going on. And we then see a whole lot of earlier things in a different light too!

    PS – As soon as you start covering Ukr matters again you will disappear from the pages of the Express again!


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