Updates (#4) My Personal Ebay Account – Reactivated!

As you may know, last year I ran a ‘Support Donbass’ shop on ebay, to sell my work, raise humanitarian funds for Donbass. Mission accomplished, after a long period of inactivity, I recently announced that it wouldn’t be reactivated. 

Now, I am reactivating my own ebay account. I’ll use this for –

Screenshot (59)– Selling examples of my work
– Selling stock left over from the Support Donbass shop (t-shirts etc)
– Selling technical equipment I no longer need.

It’s important to remember – while any funds raised on the ‘Support Donbass’ store went to humanitarian aid in Donbass, funds raised here go towards supporting my work.

There will be a lot there, and new items constantly added. First up, we have this, very limited edition, canvas photo –


A limited print-run Je Suis Donbass t-shirt –


Battery for a Phantom 3 Drone – 


Look out for a lot more to come!

Best for now, Graham

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