Real Open Source Investigation versus Bellingcat Open Source Investigation

Graham Phillips

Work begins soon on my MH17 documentary (more to come), and integral to it, will be open source investigation.

Screenshot (60)And I’d like to take this opportunity to say – this will be real open source investigation, not that which ‘citizen journalism agency’ Bellingcat (often cited by western media for their MH17 work – right). Their ‘open source’ investigation involves having, or being given a conclusion, then finding ‘evidence’ to back it up. Despite dressing it up as something newfangled, the ‘open source’ investigation of Bellingcat is more akin to the worst policework of previous centuries – get the culprit, pin the blame, then go backwards to find, or falsify if needs be, ‘evidence’ to make it stick. There is a reason Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat has been made a figure of fun on German television –

There is a reason why Bellingcat have been accused of manipulating images, had their entire working practice dismissed as ‘reading tea leaves’ by a leading Graham Phillips MH17image forensics expert. There is a reason why Der Spiegel apologised for using Bellingcat as a source. Because, Bellingcat, is nothing really to do with ‘open source investigation’ – it’s just appropriated the tag to pass off the age-old dark art of fabrication, falsification.

As work begins on my own MH17 documentary, be sure, this is real open source investigation. I have no fixed conclusion whatsoever about what downed the airliner. The evidence will determine the outcome, rather than vice versa. 

I’m always contactable, always interested to see, hear or read anything which may be of interest to my documentary. But, unlike Bellingcat, who have used the tag of ‘open source’ to circumvent proper practices of journalism, everything will be sourced, verified, fact-checked. 

My email address is, as ever –

And we go forward on this hugely important project with integrity, professionalism, and commitment to the truth.

3 thoughts on “Real Open Source Investigation versus Bellingcat Open Source Investigation”

  1. Should you put your unmangled email address on a website?, as from my experience it soon gets “harvested” for spamming which is then difficult to stop.


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