A Graham Newsletter (#5) Wrapping up Brexit Soon, On, Much More

Now, I did say in the previous newsletter, that this one would contain all the facts and stats about the wrap-up of my Brexit reportage. But then, something a bit unexpected happened, in as much as the videos I made at last Saturday’s ‘March for Europe’ turned out to be, a bit unexpectedly, hugely popular, these couple in particular, hundreds of thousands of views on my channel, many more hundreds of thousands elsewhere – as well as a major story in Breibart. These two videos have been particularly popular.

I felt all these videos were important, so wanted to let them find their audience, have a run, before following up with more, what will be my concluding Brexit reportage. And I’d like it to be a bit different, present another side. These videos do mean there’s been a lot of attention on the ‘protest against Brexit’ side, so it’s important I present the other side.

So, the Brexit project will wrap soon, and all the figures, of a project which looks to pass over a million hits on my channel, will be revealed!

I’ve been very pleased to announce my upcoming projects, subtitles on the two films I’ve made, and the start of work on my MH17 documentary. I’ve written here about how my MH17 documentary will be real open source investigation, not the fake passed off by Bellingcat.

Screenshot (64)Of course I’m pleased to be communicating with a new audience, viewers from my own country of the UK up from around 1% before, to now 20% of overall viewers.

Of course with new viewers comes new questions, and I’m keen to answer all of these as frankly, and fully as possible. You can read here all about how I got involved in the war in Donbass, and the truth from there

Those of you who know me, know that my work is all funded by crowdfunding Graham and Patrickcampaigns. When there isn’t one live, as now, I get by on the (invaluable) support of my work on Patreon, and earnings from YouTube channel.

To get back to Donbass, I’d like to take a moment to praise the work of Patrick Lancaster (pictured with me here, January 2015) there. As you know, I left Donbass (as in living there permanently) at the start of the year to work on other projects. Patrick has stayed, and continues to work on, covering events there. This, a recent video of his, as Ukrainian shelling again strikes Donetsk –

But, of course, Patrick does much more than that, having now donated many thousands of kilos of vital supplies of food and vegetables to those in need. His latest post on that here – Screenshot (66)

If you’d like to help Patrick in this, write to him on his Facebook, I know he’s always grateful for support – https://www.facebook.com/PatrickJohnLancaster?fref=ts

That about wraps it up for this one, look out for the wrap up of the, what’s turned out to be a hugely successful Brexit reportage project! And a special announcement about a very exciting summer project. Very best for now, Graham

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