A Graham Newsletter (#6) Netherlands, to Germany, and New Project….


Well, it’s been a little while since the last one, and it’s been a very busy time. My Brexit reportage project wrapped up at Billingsgate market, but I continued coverage from the UK, as a group called Class War converged on Boris Johnson’s home in London – which got a bit heated –

After that, it was off to the Netherlands, where work started on my MH17 documentary. You can read all about that week here.

Actually, there have been quite a few posts here on the Truth Speaker – all about Yulia Marushevska, Ukrainian activist-cum-Odessa-port-chief, while in this article, I had a look back to the lost Odessa of 2013. 

I was pleased to get a new Russian visa, and wrote about that here. 

And video reportage also, in the UK, after Euro 2016 and all that, I was keen to see what British people really think of Russia and the Russians –

In the Netherlands, I was interested in what the Dutch make of Brexit, and Nexit –

Another part of this to come soon.

Also, I was pleased, in Amsterdam, to film a tribute to a man I very much admire, Theo van Gogh

Part 2 of that here.

And on from there, this week I’m heading to a Germany in a state of some chaos with 4 terrorist attacks in the last week. I’ll be going to Munich, and Berlin, to find out what the real situation is in Germany. I’m open to your suggestions on what would be interesting reportage – write to me!

In between projects, as we are, all my work is funded by support on the Patreon site, some (modest) earnings from my YouTube channel, and donations to my Paypal – gwplondon@gmail.com

IMG_20160719_202937On Friday, look out for the exclusive announcement of my new summer project. This will be a project to make the most of the season,  something vital, relevant, done within a timeframe, and after that it will be full attention on MH17, which I’ll be returning to Donbass to continue work on.

When over in Donbass, of course, I’ll also be filming other reportage. And, a man who has been doing that consistently since early 2014, Patrick Lancaster, continues to bring you news from Donbass. On a personal level, his wife is due to give birth any minute, and if you’d like to help at that time, difficult enough in any country, Patrick’s runnning a crowdfunder here. 

That’ll do for now, thanks for reading, keep in touch! Graham

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