MH17 Documentary Updates (#1) Hitting the Reset Button, Week in the Netherlands, and On….

Graham Phillips

This is my first post about the MH17 documentary I’m making, and you’ll be updated every step of the way, with those with useful input given every chance to be involved. Let’s be clear, the purpose of this documentary is to be the definitive MH17 documentary, looking at every side objectively, analysing all the evidence equally. Coming to a conclusion based on a balanced assessment of evidence and information.

All the work I’ve done on MH17 before, I hit the reset button as we begin this.

This last week I was in the Netherlands, doing preliminary work on my MH17 documentary. It was a hugely productive time, starting with interviewing Robby Oehlers, in Amsterdam. Robby has a fascinating story, being the relative who actually went out out to the fields of Donbass, conducting his own investigation into the tragic crash which killed his cousin, Daisy, and her boyfriend Bryce.

Robbie MH17 Robbie MH17a

I then went to Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport myself to film the launch of the crowdfunding campaign for this MH17 film.

Screenshot (214)

Note, this project will be completely crowdfunded. But I’m not launching the crowdfunding campaign for now, because I’ll make another film before this, about Crimea – more details of that to come.

I then spent a fascinating day in Eindhoven with MH17 expert, the man who’s spent more than 2000 hours investigating MH17 – Max van der Werff Max van der Werff

From there, it was onto Rotterdam, where I gave an interview to We Are Change Rotterdam, on MH17 –

I also recorded an interview with Dutch journalist Joost Niemoller, who has written a book on the subject

Joost MH17 a Joost MH17From there, it was onto Almere, by Amsterdam, where, thanks to Greta Verdiun, I interviewed Constantin Karmanov,  who has for almost twenty years represented the leading Ukrainian aviation organisation – Antonov Design Bureau – in the Netherlands.
1ant 1ant1 1ant2

And we go on from there. I’m keen to interview as many relevant experts, relatives, and witnesses as possible – please contact me on if you have information.

As for timeframe, this MH17 documentary could take around a year to film – the emphasis is on being completely comprehensive so the end result is the definitive MH17 documentary.

As for time, the documentary will run around 90 minutes.

As you can see from the above, a lot of material has been, and will be filmed, and of course, all of that can’t make it to the finished film. So, be sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel, where I’ll be regularly putting new MH17 material as work on the film goes on. Be sure I’ll be looking at your comments on these clips with great interest, and your feedback will shape the finished film.

And we go on from here!

Very best, Graham

5 thoughts on “MH17 Documentary Updates (#1) Hitting the Reset Button, Week in the Netherlands, and On….”

  1. hi graham you should ask Alfred deMontesquiou who gave him the donetsk buk photo …….it was confirmed by paris match that alfred didn’t take the photo himself despite NATO trolls saying otherwise…i asked him to confirm who gave him the image i even posted photos of a list of possible people including pavel aleynikov who incidentally tweeted the “buk smoke plume” 5 hours before the event


  2. Great to have you working on this. But I wonder whether anything of forensic significance could have to be cut out to keep within 90 minutes. I suspect a good account could easily take more.


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