A Graham Newsletter (#8) English Subtitles on my first film – Aramis!

Firstly, I’m very pleased to say I’ve contacted everyone who made a pledge to my Brexit reportage project, and am well through fulfilling all the pledges! Of course I’m very pleased to be doing this, as I’m extremely grateful to everyone who made this project happen!

Looking through the media coverage that project attracted, I found another major story the other day, this from the Huffington Post – showing once again what a huge difference this crowdfunded project made!

As you may know, I have another live crowdfunding project, my film about a Brit going on holiday to Crimea – look out for a very special announcement coming on that soon!

For now, I’m absolutely delighted to say, for the first time – today – there are English subtitles on my first film, Aramis – about a member of the Donbass militia

This film was made at the end of last year, start of this. We made it for almost no budget, simply thanks to a few donations from kind individuals, in particular 1Aramishere, I’d like to mention Tiago de Carvalho, from South Africa, whose generous donation made it possible to give the film some showings across Russia, and covered the costs of adding subtitles.

Adding subtitles was done by the man who does so many of my subtitles, Sergey Yermolayev, and for free, yet it was such a bit job, I had to give him something for this, and he’s done a great job!

In the future, I’ll definitely put on showings of my films in the west, and more, for now, I’m really happy to have English subs on a film which has been a big success in its native Russian, with over 150,000 hits.

Look out for more to come soon, for now, here’s Aramis!

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