A Graham Newsletter (#9) Wrapping up Germany, and onto a Brit in Crimea

I enjoyed my recent reportage in Germany, of which you can read all about here –


Actually the main aim was to film for my MH17 documentary – which I’m aiming to be ready for mid-2017. However, it’s an interesting place, and time, to film other reportage, which has been translated into 3 languages – English, German, and Russian – and in future, I’ll be aiming to do as much tri-language reportage as possible!

Now, as for MH17, work on that goes on, and I’ll soon be making a call for open source information on this. And, I mean real open source information, in that I Eliotwant your information. Rather than the Bellingcat version, which is that they’ve already come to the conclusions, and want something to match it. But, as I’ve written here, I don’t want things to get bogged down in personalities with Eliot Higgins.

In recent times, as I actually spend likely my final time of this year in London, I’ve been watching a lot of aviation disaster documentaries. In the documentary I’ll be making, with your help, I’d like to look at MH17 on its own, but also compare to other crashes, to give a broader context.

My time back in the UK has been very enjoyable, and productive. Perhaps you recall this video, from beautiful Broadstairs, about my plan to find a British person to take on holiday to Crimea, and make a film about it, via crowdfunding –

Well, I’m delighted to say, I’ve found that person, and off we set for Crimea the day after tomorrow! The crowdfunding project for that is half-funded now, contributions hugely appreciated, to make this unique film happen –


So more on that soon!

My plan is to make that Crimea film, then return to Donbass in, likely late, September. In Donbass, I’ll work on MH17, as well as doing general reportage from Donbass. But, there’s no need to interpret that as ‘war reportage’, let’s hope Graham PhillipsI can cover positive events from Donbass. As ever, I’ll cover what there is to cover.

My time back in the UK has been hugely enjoyable, and productive. I’ve spent time with friends, family, visited different parts of the country, and just enjoyed being back in my own country. More, speaking to people here has made me much better understand how Donbass, Crimea, are perceived, and what I need to do to break through the information barrier.

It’s been very informative hearing what people here think about Russia, and why, for example –

Graham and BenSo I set off back over a lot better informed, with a significant new, valued audience from the UK, and across Europe I’m looking forward to providing with reports from Crimea, Donbass, and more.

Before that, this evening, I’m delighted to present my new documentary, about my day with former British Donbass militia member Ben Stimson – coming up soon!

Meanwhile, the very best for now, and on we go!

4 thoughts on “A Graham Newsletter (#9) Wrapping up Germany, and onto a Brit in Crimea”

  1. Dear Graham,
    1st, I value rights of freedom, speeches, thoughts, and so, the way of Bellingatcat / Eliot Higgins’es choice to try to find the truth though the investigation open public resources to be one — I mayself was/am in the some similar position, looking just only open public Internet resources, and this put me to notice and to write on my pages as a town Hull in England was a point of a cross-connections for 3 cases of air crashes – two Malaysian Planes, one missed and one crashed, and Germanwing plane, on the connection some of passangers, as “livinng, educated, worked, had their relatives – closed relatives, knowns, friends living in Hull on the moment of air crasshes 2014-2016. 3 cases! Hull is a own in UK, but really strange as the dull statistics of cross-points of air-crashes 2014-2016 suddenly connected with British town Hull.
    — missed Malaysian plane – a student here was educated in Hull, England, a student with Veitnam link / so Azian
    – British Citizen, from Hull, with Azian Singapourian genes as ancestry, and his 2yo daughther, died on another Malaysian plane crash
    – GermanWing with the depressed German suincied pilot, air-crashed as a suincide activities of German Pilot, and here was British young man about 25 yo, from Hull, England, traveling back to Hul, England to his parents to visit here
    == 3 cases == Hull , England = the mystery , really
    === Europe, 2 cases of aircrash – a driver with surname Hull or a passanger with surname Hull
    ==== in my mtDNA in genetic tests, I started to see surname Hull in my mtDNA genetic test, what do this more interesting as the mystery
    == Hull may sounded and to be writen diffirently on different languages,
    Latvian language would transfer to Russian as ХУЛЛ ХУЛ
    ХУЛА – Russian word to blame someone badly,- the abuse, the criticism
    ХУЙ – a popul Russian swarring, a name of male penis, as not the open public word, from male language for men
    ХУННЫ – the ancient time tribes, originally from Chineese, covering on their move area across Azia to Crimea and till Europe
    ХУ….. the start of Chineese names or surname for plenty Chinnese men in China
    But if to prounance Hull as ХАЛЛ, it will be near to Russian words, sounding on Russian as
    hall – холл
    But Russian word холл as[холл] [хол] sounded as English word HOLE,
    a Hole – дыра, дырка, отверстие
    But this near to word
    Holy – святой
    and, second versa for Hull as ХАЛЛ as the word on Russian
    ХАН – a KHAN
    On Russian, H may be prounced in translation or as Х or as Г
    so, English name Harry translated on Russsian as this before, or after as this
    Harry = ХАРРИ = ГАРРИ
    so, 3rd versa for Hull = ГАЛЛ + ГАЛ
    Hull — HULL – ХУЛЛ – ХУЛ – ХАЛЛ -ХАЛ – ГАЛЛ – ГАЛ
    ГАЛ have plenty returned back from Russian meaning,
    I try to say this — no one investigator had finded any criminal links to explain town HUll in England as to be in 3 cases of air-crashes by some criminal activities, and so, this is not a criminal activities of some unindetificated groups of people, but, really, a real mystery.
    And as a real mystery with air crashes, so, natural way to think as someone from the sky, probably, might find this word HULL as some swarring word for the SKY passangers of a plane, and so, reacted.
    We do not know feelings of God, and his native language, but may be The God or Allah had find a word HULL as the connection to up to sky as the offence of them all here, and it was just a natural way of the emotional reaction to swarring back? making these 3 cases of air crashes?
    By statistic, it is dangerous to sit on the plane with a passenger with the connection with a town Hull in England as – a native town, a place of the education, work, relatives from here, as 3 cases of air crashes had been connected with HULL in England

    9 British Passnagers had been on MH17 planes. some of them might had relatives in Hull, to be educated in Hull, to have relatives in Hull. Some European passangers might visited Hull as trourists. No one checked all passangers list for 5? planes in 9/11? in 2001? as a much too big work, a huge financial expensive work and a huge time to check each passanger’s life, connections, to do a hufe table database to work for the statistics to find plenty statistical cross-point.

    “To See a Dinosour on the street of NY in 2001” is 50%-50% — or to see to find or to see not to find by the formal rules of statistic as the game with 1 coin with 2 sides to feld down 50%-50%.

    So, to find HULL in England as a statistic cross-point of 3 (three) air crashes had put a town Hull on England in the real mystery of the mathematical statistic as inbelieveble event, as a Miracle to see to find, and so, the real need to go forward to investigate such things — to search this letters Hull as name of a town, as surname, in tales, legends, events, including all death events too, as air crashes and car crashes.

    3 cases of air crashes in 2014-2016, and two surname Hull in car/bus crashes in Europe – in Alps and in France. – so, 5 death cases for 2014-2016 connected with the letter Hull as a name of a town or a surname.

    This is a really interesting real mystery as some game with the death, including as a died people in air crashes, as plenty them including kids too. including British and European Citizens too.

    Dear Graham, no one British newspaper had been interesting to write to publish to investigate this as a taboo, probably, while Great Britian had a mystery game with ghosts, deaths stories legends.

    If to see a another story – the old Gulish legend from Great Britain,
    as Gulish Гулиш – a son of a goose – would be wrotten as ГУСЁНОК —
    HULL – ГУЛ
    see as this could be undertstand people from the sky as the ask to make a great boom – so, they did a boom as an air catasrtophe and a boom on the land.

    The old legend Gulish said as some people from the sky came in England, taking this British/English man with name a Gulish from England to France to kidnap the daughther of the French King to England, to Gulish to protect her after in England — it could be 1. a real story, some aliens or any tried to sort things 2. a hypnose of someone to see thing 3. a mental illness of Gulish to see things, to hear voices 3. some ancient tribe of some witches-devils played their jokes on humans 4. time travellers tried to save a life of some girl 5. a lie to cover a real history with some unknown girl, to save her life — it was a Middle Age Christianity time, so, easy to be killed for plenty reasons. Gulish took this French girl to a local priest home for his hostitality, and so, probably, saved her life. In the old English legend, if to trust for 100%, the daugther of French King from Europe had been kidnapped to England, staying in the house of a priest here, and probbaly, married later on some local lad from this village. The story said about the flight on the air across the Atlantic ocean to France and back in a Middle Age time.

    So, a name of town Hull might be still connected with the ancient story about GULISH. or a Gul changed to Hull.

    You know, people from the land of Worl of Dead people, where they alive, may tried to find the connection to pass messages to our world, and as our scientists play with a Nuclear Power, they may not able to know the consequences of their new technology of attempts of ommunication with all us here. Another versa as the time came to contact to other Worlds.

    I try to say as these senses as a fantasy, a normal human fantazy. WE do not know waht was here, as a real work of a real team of all scientists needed to be done, each small single voice here was and is the attempt to understand the truth, so, Bellingcat – Eliot Higgings’es voice and opinions too.

    I dislike any attempts of humilation people by their opinions, thoughts, each had own abilities.

    You know, dear Graham, the truth is not white or black, just one as it is, and any adults must to find strengths to take things as they are. and USA and UK and Russia and Ukraine and Donbass.

    MH17 crash, plenty dead people, flying on their holidays, working places. We all have rights to know the truth what it was here.

    I think, as still was some sadly mistake, not especial activties, as my hope. But hard to undertand why Ukrainian Air Traffic Controller ordered to low a istance to a land in a war civil zone with shooting and bombing, especially, as Ukrainian planes bomed this area, schools, and locals tried to protect their properties, schools, from this shooting, as no one informed locals here about air trafic across their land. I saw as American airlines had closed their flights BEFORE MH17 crash here — WHY? Obama said as Ukraine is safe? And if American Airlines closed their air trafic across Donbass and Ukraine as UNSAFE TO FLY ACROSS A WAR ZONE – WHY AMERICANS HAD NOT INFORMED THEIR ALLIAS? EU? UK? European countries? WHY do all airpoorts checked passengers — but NOT a flight list of planes as SAFE to flight? WHY HAD Airport in Nederthland/Holland had not checked the flight list as SAFE to flight for a plane? Plenty passengers do a huge routine for the safety them all , their baggage, their shoues, clothes, themselves — but no one check the flight route as safe?

    Why had American private air companies had been clever intelligent enough to predict to cancell their flights across the war civil zone on UKraine only? and no one European-British-Nederthland National as Citizen had not been clever enough to realize as just unsafe for their planes to flight low to a land on the war civil zone on Ukraine? Did they all waited Obama’s will work to think for the safety of their own National private air coumpanies to check routes of each plane as safe to flight?


  2. Dear Graham,

    It would be nice to invite Bellingcat / Eliot Higgins with you on such trip, making a chance to see things by fresh eyes of your strongest competitor and opponent.

    The truth is the truth, no any point to feel any fear to invite own political enemy to see things as they had been.and as they are.


  3. I remember the interview on Youtube, where Billingcat or Eliot Higgins said as he is not a professional military person to be able to recognize plenty military things, just having the curiosity to seach Internet, resources, to make own conclusions.

    USA liked his conclusions, ideas, as a good money to have such ideas for the good payment to have them.

    See, all our British Officials on the some positions as they have their political and other opinions as a part of their vacancy role to sound ideas of political power and Govertment only

    just Bellingcat finded a way to have more money, probably, to sound ideas for USA interests.

    I sure plenty people would be glad to have the work as a well paid work to keep the support of ideas of their bosses.

    See, plenty yellow pressa Journalists are in the similar working contract condition to support a vision of their bosses, editors for a good money for a such support.

    Plenty workers are thinking as some instractions of their Supervisors, managers, bosses are foolish stipid uncomfortable rubbish — but as if this a part of a well-paid contract work, people do things by these stupid instraction as they have money for this.

    Each each – no any point to be so evil with just one Bellingcat – Eliot Higgins.

    It was on news, as a war with Iraq started by USA as some refugee in Germany said what all wanted to hear, to stop in Germany and still on benefits —- no one after blames all state Officials of UN, USA, UK, EU for their choices to start a war with Iraq on the choice to trust to believe some words of some refugee from Iraq to Germany, trying just to stay in Germany and ready to say all for this.

    See – plenty years came — no one blamed people in a political power in UN, USA, UK to start a war with another far far away country just on the base of fantazy of some German refugee from Iraq here, some taxi driver.

    No one American Citizen, including American Police had put the question of the LIE TO ALL as reasons to start a war with Iraq, to kill own Citizens and Citizens of other countries after.

    If they wanted to change a leadership – it could be a military short term operation of 1 day only, returned back.

    The war with Iraq was so unChritian choice to go to kill other people to take their property – their country and countries, it was on the base of Islam as in Quran to kill enemies whom you hate as the opposite religion groups – so, the choice of Bush was on the base of Quran, Islamic choice, and this choice put the road for Islam to come in the land of Europe with refugees from this wars.

    Bush presented Bible for each, not reading himself words of Jesus here, in the hardest time of decision 9/11 what to do. If he would open Bible, reading himself words of Jesus here, as the support of his soul in the hard life situation – he would not signed to go to a war to another country. as another country is the property of other people.

    Bush had open Guran to read to kill enimes if they had opposite religion believes – so, President of America Bush had been Islamic fanat, Muslim, marked himself as Christian, or he was from the old Jewish religion before Jesus, where for 1 died was the rule to kill 100 people of your enimes. Bush took a Bible to be crowned as President USA but no one asked him to read verbally publicly words of Jesus to all, as his personal promise to support this way of the Christianity.

    Christianity with the humanitarian mersi gave a chance to build the greatest social states, laws, economics, social system. attitite to each another to be tolerant, and so to work together all to make a life better.

    American vote system on the money, so each candidate took plenty money from his-her sponsers for the promise to return back all taking political power — so, they work not to Americans and USA after, but as some servants of some groups of people, rich people, still from other countries, if a financial resources from outside USA.

    This as to hide a car, a really huge car with a driver to drive to do own interest for money. where USA state is just a car and President USA is just a temporal driver.

    The vote system on the base of money for rich groups to fight between themselves whom would be more rich to pay for all to buy this huge car USA state in our property for 4 nearest years and with their own Driver of this car – President USA.

    See, to receive a driving licence to drive a real mechnic small car, more smaller rigther USA state, all boys and girls, men and women, go to lean at first to pass exams — but for a role of a Driver of USA State as President USA, – American Citizens sure as EACH from the street, including drugdealer, drugman, or mental ill or old age person may easily to drive a car with them all here, including their kids, — as a system of control controlled interests of groups, mostly for wars to have income from the wars, sales weapons.

    Plenty Americans as cowards, having fantazies and fears as some took their country, huge, far away — Americans have more and more modern technology and weapons, but nothing helped to clear the fears of own paranoa and fantazies about someone will come to take their countries – some aliens from other plante, or Iraq or other small country from far far away.

    and ni one able to stop a mental ill American Nation of Cowards with a Paranoia and their ill fantazies, as their medical doctors not put such diagnoses to own Polititians, when they talked a rubbish, a lie, a fantazy.

    Bush said on American TV – I saw this his speech:
    – Enemies! Enimies are everywhere! Enimies rounded America, wanting to attack us! But we will be more strongest them, ….

    and after such parania speeches, American attacked other countries instead and first.

    they use these words to up their mood to attack others.

    Billions of normal people livie in USA – but where are they? where?


  4. It is a nice summer time 2016, a climate may change to be worse in the future, as much too hot to stay on the surface, so, noit any point to loss a time, to lose this wonderfull summer time not to enjoy this with all families and themselves.

    See what happened in the summer 2016 in Turkey, Europe, Siria, Africa, as a tourist destination for plenty summer holidays!

    People liked to travel to plenty tourist destinations, to have a change, a rest to see a different things. Now as a crazy world, where hard to predict things to where to travel for a holiday to stay safe.

    Air companies had the loss of their profit through all this too, are not they?


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