A Graham Newsletter (#12) ‘Ukraine versus Graham’, and More….

Perhaps needless to say, I’m currently blocked from Facebook, this time for posting a photo of myself by the ‘I love DPR’ sign in Donetsk. That photo ‘violated Facebook community guidelines’, apparently. So, of course, that’s not in any way blatently political repression then, is it….


Well, the last few days have certainly been ‘interesting’. On September 17th, I filmed reportage interview Vladimir Zhemchugov, a Ukrainian saboteur responsible for a string of attacks against infrastructure in the LPR. The last of these had involved him laying a tripwire, which could have blown up anyone. However, it actually blew up Vladimir and his friend, killing the friend, blowing Vladimir’s hands off.

Was I rather robust with him? Possibly so, but, there’s no other way to put this, he’s a terrorist. The video, with full English subtitles, here –

And that video now at 350,000 hits, but it’s much more than just that. Things have gone a bit crazy. Have a look at the comments yourself, see just how many death threats are there…

The death threats then escalated via levels, with a Ukrainian crowdfunding appeal on Facebook to fund my assassination offering $50,000 –


One pro-Ukrainian was rather more specific, wanting my skull, with teeth intact, and a 3cm hole. Nice guys.


Things then went over to the practically Ukrainian state outfit ‘Mirotvorets‘, which posts profiles of ‘separatists’, encouraging hunts and murders of those they describe as ‘

They put a post up requesting people in Donbass to inform them of my whereaabouts, with a pretty clear intended outcome…


Now, the Ukraine government publicly states that it doesn’t have anything to do with Mirotvorets. They could hardly do otherwise, given that it’s a site which has either claimed responsibility, or at least taken great delight, in the murder of multiple journalists in Ukraine. But that very post, organising a lynchmob for me, was endorsed by senior Ukrainian political figure Anton Gerashenko


One thing Ukrainians had found, was my apartment in Odessa. I went to live in Odessa in 2013, fell in love with the city, and in October, using all my savings, completed the purchase of a nice flat, a few miles from the centre. I left there in April of 2014, to work in odessa-grahamDonbass.

In late 2014, I let the family of six, living next door in a flat half the size, start living in my apartment, for free. And things stayed that way, until suddenly my address was being splashed all over Ukrainian media, complete with documents of property purchase.

What happened next, well, a Ukrainian ‘news’ channel describing me only as a ‘Kremlin propagandist’, blind to the irony of their making a brazenly one-sided, propaganda report on me, visited my apartment, and indeed their tour of my flat, hosted by my resident neighbour Sveta, proceeded to be one of the main stories on Ukrainian news that day.

This, the piece on one of the main Ukrainian news channels, if not main, TCN –

What’s it like to see your own flat on tv, your possessions shown to a nation, dialogue devoted to which kitchen appliances you’d purchased…. like a surreal episode of Through the Keyhole. 

Going along with this, were attempts to confiscated my apartment, with Odessa officials showing up, citing a so-clearly-faked-it’s-not-even-funny email, in which I’d supposedly agreed to gift it to ‘Ukrainian patriots’ –


The author of this, incidentally, is Mark Gordienko, a ‘Ukrainian patriot’ involved in the May 2nd massacre of 2014. 

Then, of course, the Ukrainian government officially complained about me to the UK government – extract of that here –

I would like to draw the attention of the British side to the situation with continuous provocative and disgraceful behaviour of the UK citizen Mr. Graham William Phillips, who currently resides in the occupied by the Russian Federation territories of Ukraine. 

Ambassador Natalia Galibarenko, who recently caused quite a stir with the outfit she wore to meet the queen, and behaviour, continues –

In May 2014 he was detained by security forces of Ukraine on the grounds of providing support to pro-Russian terrorists in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine and, following request from the British side, was released in July 2014 and deported from the territory of Ukraine. He has been forbidden to enter Ukraine for three years on the grounds of a threat to the national security.

screenshot-620By violating the existing border regime with the occupied Crimea he brought upon him another qualification of criminal offence under the Ukrainian legislation. It is regrettable to say that if he is found in the territorial jurisdiction of Ukraine he will immediately bear full consequences for his actions as it was in 2014. We will not hesitate to use all available instruments of international cooperation to make him accountable for his words and deeds.     

Mr. Philips’s constant and explicit support of the activities of pro-Russian terrorists in the occupied territories of Ukraine and the demonstrated impunity has caused recently a wide resonance in the Ukrainian society and media and resulted in the petition of Ukrainian and British citizens to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to investigate and prosecute Mr. Philips to the full extent of the UK laws for his reported terrorist ties and unlawful activities in Ukraine.

Ukraine has full respect for a risky work of independent war journalists in Ukraine who broadcast truth on the ground, but we will never tolerate any pseudo journalist who undermines our national security, openly declares racial discrimination ideas and hatred, expresses support for terrorist methods and makes provocations with the only aim to spread violence.

In this connection I would like to ask the British side to take all possible measures including with regard to his travel documents to stop Mr. Phillips’s propaganda work for the Russian occupation authorities in Ukraine and for him to leave our country for good. Given that Mr. Philips is proud to identify himself as a UK journalist, his actions are shameful and disgraceful, and make no good for the UK’s image as a strong and consistent supporter of Ukraine in countering Russian aggression. By his action Mr. Philips damages high standards of British journalism.

So it’s clear – Ukraine are so infuriated by a journalist, in my case a freelance journalist, reporting a side they don’t want the west to hear, and reaching a wider audience, they’ll resort to anything to stop it. Tacit support of a bounty hunt – no condemnation anywhere by Ukraine of lynch-mobs put out to kill or capture me – followed up by official request to the country of that journalist to do everything in their power to stop him.

Well, in Ukraine’s case, and the case of that quite hysterical missive, they were out of luck. The UK has, from the start, adopted a position in support of Ukraine in this conflict. Of course, as a British citizen, and the Ukrainians are correct in that I do indeed proudly identify myself as such, I feel that’s a huge mistake. All this nonsense rhetoric about ‘Russian invasion’, and worse, Britain giving their implied backing to Ukrainian shelling of civilian areas of Donbass, with huge fatalities.

But, the UK is also a normal country. The government clearly takes a ‘pro-Ukraine’ screenshot-621position, with the recent visit by Boris Johnson to Kiev staggeringly predictably failing to make any mention of the ongoing shelling of Donbass, by Ukrainian forces. But, the UK is at least consistent. They questioned me for 4 hours at Heathrow last year, about my work, and have made it clear they won’t help me in any way. But, as Ukraine was told, nor will they do anything against me, as I’ve not broken any laws in the UK. If Ukraine want to punish me, it’s up to them.

Ukraine have then made various noises about this – aggrieved, indignant they can’t get me put on Interpol etc. And then, none of this really working, they then turned around and tried to say what I’d done had actually ‘helped’ Ukraine, by boosting the hatred of the enemy, and journalists (on that side) of Ukrainian troops. Presumably, if so, what a facepalm for them, after they’d done all of the above against me!

Of course, in this time, there have also been quite a few ad hominems written about me by the pro-Ukraine western press. Such as here, here, and on.

My own view on all of it? Well, I still think there are a lot of good people in Ukraine, I’m not against the country of Ukraine, but the current Kiev government is another story, and their actions simply can’t be justified or excused. But, not do I have any vendetta against them, I’m simply absolutely committed to reporting the truth from Donbass. And, of course, this all gives yet more motivation to my work – the reaction of Ukraine, or rather the Kiev government, shows just how much my work is hitting home. And just how much they’ll do anything to stop that. This is a government, desperate for western support, and desperate for the west not to know what the real situation is.

But the truth will get out. I’m back in Donbass, back filming reportage from here, in English, and here’s the crowdfunder to support my work, and more, to be a part of it –


15 thoughts on “A Graham Newsletter (#12) ‘Ukraine versus Graham’, and More….”

  1. I wonder how many of the population of Kiev-controlled Ukraine are well aware of the realities of the “ATO”, the Odessa massacre, and so on. I suspect a high proportion even though they pretend otherwise.


  2. Don’t you think that if Ukraine wanted to pursue an enemy of the State, that their time would be better served by finding whoever it was that introduced Poroshenko to hard liquor and prosecuting them?


  3. I had mentioned in a previous email your seemingly baiting Ukrainians. While that still may be the case, I can’t think of anybody who needs it more. The whole incident of Zemchugov is a case in point. He was hurt doing something he should have been doing somewhere he had no right to be, that his enemies carried him in , tended to his wounds and didn’t dump him in the kind of basement in which his ilk force so many innocents to dwell is ‘rewarded ‘ with his hatred and vitriol. In like fashion his ‘compatriots’ proclaim him a ‘hero’ and a ‘hostage’. In other times he should have been shot out of hand

    It is notable that he, and his soldier pal, were swapped for 4 individuals, only one who appeared to have perhaps been militarily inclined. One of them appeared to a mentally-troubled Granny.


  4. See, we have a freedom of information and political parties and toughts in USA, UK, EU, but, in the practical issie of reality, we have not this, as some small country outsite USA, UK, EU as Ukraine shouted and humilated our British Journalists, British independant Journalist Graham Phillips to do just their work as a PRESSA activity to show newss as a real news from Ukrainian hiden war civil zone – people, whom live here, their lives, thoughts, them as bombed, them as killed and wounded, their properties as bombed, damaged, their schools and bombed and damaged, thier buses with civilians and explosed – all as a secret hidden trought about a huge humanitarian catasropha in Europe with locals in Europe, living on their land, with civilians. EU, UK, USA are not provide any humanitarian support to take refugees (women, kids, pensioners, men) from a war civil zone from Ukraine in Europe – this is Ukraine, a country which EU and Europe nominated as a part of Europe and a future EU — see, as EU Officials do not bother at all about a mass killing civilians, women and kids and pensioners and men in Europe. EU Officials promised to tale whole Ukraine into EU — see their care about killed women and kids from a land which they said as interesting to take to EU! See — this is what a real thing for locals in Europe to live in such EU where so easy to kill civillins, kids, women, pensioners, men, just “as some Ukrainian Nitionalist hate them to saty alive and happy”. David Cameron had not pointed in the similar political situation to British Army to start to bomb all Scottish towns, villages, schools, buses, road, churches, airports, other people proerties, shops, factories — “just as their native language is Scottish, not English as ours here in London, so we hate them as Scotts! still talking about some separation as their rights!” — No…. David Cameron was a really wise British honorable clever man, to respect other people political opinions and thoughts, a freedon of choices and speeches, and he knew, probably, as some small groups of some locals, shouting loudly others, whom are working hard not be interesting in any political ideas — so, he gave a chance for all Scotts to vote to present their opinions what they wants- — as a final result was a the smallest group of shouting unhappy political serapators in Scotland had not presented the real opinion of most of Scotts – so, Scotland stayed in Great Britain. In Ukraine, no one tried to sort out troubles of 2014 with a group of lously shouting people as wanted the seperation from Ukraine to split to stay together in Russia or in separate republic – no one Ukrainian Politic from Kiev came to talk with local, to negociate, to try to calm down the situation, to do a referendum, as I sure, as all locals had their birthes and lives in Ukrainian state – they would vote to stay in Ukraine mostly, all what they wanted – a pespect their right to use their native Russian language, and all, really! Instead a normal political work to come to hear all opinions, to work with the hot political situation, to negociate to calm down all demend — Ukrainian politicians from Kiev ordered… just to use their own Ukrainian Army military resource to come to bomb their own Ukrainian land, their own Ukrainian towan, villages, sholls, busses, airopts, churches — so to kill all locals on their native land for their political opinioans and wishes to be respected — people worked, paying taxes in a budget of Ukraine to be respected/ I am glad for BREXIT out from such EU, Europe, all this European Officials, with their ideas as it is normal to kill civilians in Europe, locals, civilians, kids, women, men – a civil war from 2014 still as not named openly as huge humanitarian catastrophe of a mass loss lives of local civilians here in Europe — Brussell Officials are thinking this is all right to kill European kids in Europe “their mother’s native language .. is Russian!”. Brexit out from EU was a really nuce choice to be able quickly closed all British borders and to sperate from Europe where Murders in Power killed local kids, women, men, pensioners, bombed other people properties, busess, airoports. See – if someone did the come in USA, as a killing American kids in American schools – American news PRESSA named such as crimes, that criminals and murders killed American kids in American schools- – but American CNN< Obama, Congress USA named as – o… this all right if kids killed in their schools, houses, flats, home as "their mother's native language is Russian, they are pro-Russian kids, pro-Russian newborn babies, pro-Russian pregnant local Slavonic women—– some blame as Hitler plan Barbarossa from WWII was to kill all Slavonic, Russians, Belorussian, Polish -they Slavs! they do not use English language as a rich people of USA-UK use! as a crime or German as a language of German Fascists was. All locals in Europe, as European Jews in Europe, had been killed with their wives an dkids in tens billions "They are Jews!". Now this blame "They are Jews! They are Hebreys!" changed to a blame "They are Russians! They talk on Russian! Their mothers are Russian-speakers! They are pro-Russians!" — M? Pardon? Locals are living on their native land, use language sof their ancestors, they are European local population of Europe. … Obama balmed they as they are … a white race, probably. His huge African relatives from plenty African villages dreamed to be re-settle down in Europe — but EU and Europe does not want them here , really, a lott, prefer to move to Ukraine to Donbass, to Latvia, to some where else. So, locals in Europe, people of white race are killed as someone ordered to reduce number of locals and women and kids in Europe to move people from Africa and other Islam countries area to settle down here in Europe. I read as some Saudi Arabia paid a lot to American Lady Hilary Clinton and otherAmerican Politicians, Congressmen USA to protect some group interests and plans. I am not able to understand why this group of rich people with their kids and wives had not tried before this to settle down to live in Ukraine during longest snow Ukranian winters with a snow, -38 Celcia Degree. So, locals will be killed by weapons, new coming popuation by a weather in winters = a reduce of number of population, kids, women. as "some rich groups and politiians unwanted so plenty people as population of their countries". They prefer a silince of lams and a silince of cemetries. I pray for American Police USA to arrest their murders in political power with their orders to go to kill kids, men, women in other countries. But American Police USA is so weakest, they prefer to protect a political power of their own American Murders in Power, whom had destroyed economics of plenty countries, plenty died, including American soldiers died. American soldiears are young woman and men. American rich Politicians liked to start wars to kill their own population, to order to live own country as unwanted here in uSA to stay and nO WORK in USA enough for all. It is a nonsence! if a Citizen can not find a good working place in own country! See – some with Mr. Graham Phillips too – he is UNWANTED British Citizen here in UK – -he is unwanted, no work as a decent work here in uK for him – he tried to earn his money, in a war civil zone confluct under bobs, filmed this all, – just as no any normal good paid work for hism here in UK. See — American, British Politicians are jealose if someone lives betters on their own way, having a work and a propery, a family and kids and a wive. They can not stop thmselve to go over and over in wars to destroy other traditions, countries, economics, to create a civil war zones, conflicts, revolitions. Soviet Military Officers and soldiers staied inside USSR on their own land, going to their families, wives, kids after their work, having 30-35 days of well-paid holiday in summer to spend with families and kids. inside – so, this was a safe, a good stylish uniform to be as a really attractive and wanted men by all women, a good salary and a respect. American Military menon duties abroad, sheept, etc – their wives and kids are missed their Dads, husbands, their Mums and Dads missed their sons and daugthers. What they saw so fat from USA land? a closed Camp, as a small area to stay inside? a small really piece of land as some military wessel-ships? no dancing with girls, no sex with girls, chats, some drinks as normal for youngers. all as Saudi Arabia paid money to their American Politicians to stat the next war or conflict? with the destiny to be killed? wounded? so – they are unwatned inside USA land, state – they are unwanted people. Yes, they are brave,me best, but unwanted in their own countries on their own native land, in their own native towns, villages- – their American rich people are unwanted them here to stay-saying out! on the war! And some … will use their wives here while they are far far away on their duties. and their wives will not want them to return back-just they want onely money as their salaries or a widows pensions. See… the best people of America as American Fleet, American Army are unwanted by others here in USA, and so, Congress USA created wars to though out far war own youngers, sme will be killed and died, as a war is a war. One American General as a pensioner wrote he realized himself just as a some servant and a slave to protect a power of rich people on his pension. He was lucky to have his pensions, while some kids as his soldiers under his commands, probably not – killed, wounded, damaged their health, stressed, died.


  5. Here is one point. Graham Phillips is the owner of his flat in Odessa in Ukraine, so the sale of this was as a trade for foreigners to come to settle down in Ukraine as in the civilian European country, having the sales of properties, shops, factories, flats, home, hotels in market. Later we see see as in 2016, just 2 years after the some, Ukranian Politics siad as wanted to take a property of British Citizen UK in Ukraine as his flat here in Ukraine “free for them in Ukrainian budget”. Has this remanded The Ukrainian Revolution 1917 here in Ukraine as Ukrainians took the properties of ALL people whom lived here in Ukraine – Ukrainians took all houses, homes, flats, shops, factories, warehouses, sheeps, hotels “free for the state”, and still killed people, living here – Russians and Jews, and some Foriegn Ethnic Groups from Europe too. Jews wrote as Ukrainins came 20 times per day in their private properties, ordering to give some money, gold to Ukranians under death threads words. Ukrainian Jews had paid money for each such visit, trying to protect lives of own families. This way had not worked, as later they had been killed or burned …. yes,,,, by the new Europen German Faschists Political Power ordereing to Ukrainians to help to kills all Ukrainians Jews, still Russian Ethnic population too. Ukrainian Jewish small town Gaisin started to be a town of a pure Ukrainian Ethnick. How many people had been killed by Ukrainians and Ggermans here? All town. Properties of others ahd been stolled by murders and thieves, people killed. See – the history of Ukrainian town Gaisin. See — it is not such many Jews here still now too. Ukrainians killed own Ukrainian Jewish popluation, taking their goods, properties to themselves. Now they wanted to kill all Russian population, taking their properties, towns, villages themselves. Ukrainian had not built these towns. no their money had been here, not their work had been here – local people built, putting their work and their money. The reason as a low value of human lives here in Ukraine, a low value of lives of kids, womenm oensioners, men, any, a low value of other people properties and right, including to have of opinion. EU promised to UKraine as Ukraine is Europe. So, thinsg which are in Ukraine is things as in Europe, under Brussel’s EU Laws protection. Europe-all near.
    European Politicians are not bother that in their Europe so easy to come to kill civilians, to bomb other people properties.
    Each man knows as hard to do saving to buy a house, a furniture, to do things nice, local worked for generation to pass somethings to theirs. Some people live in the houses of their grandparents in villages or in towns, so, a family properties for genetation, to save to keep to build it.
    No one wishes this to himself, does he? to work really hard, thinking to have something to pass to kids to grandkids, while someone will come to bomb to kill to take all what yours, to kill all your family — but USA, UK, EU Politician sin political power said for all as this all right to kiil kids and women in Europe, cocal civilians, to bomb other people properties, to damage them, to wounded kids, to bomb schools, to bomb Christians Churches, some unique, old wooden, with the art inside, keeping for centuries as a treasure of a human cultura too. But if USA, UK, EU Politicians in power said that it is all right to kill local civilians and kids and women in Europe – they are Murders, making orders to kill kids, women, men, are they?
    So, American Police is protecting American Murder in Power, do they? American Fleet and American Army protect American Mudres in a political power in their own country USA – are they?
    One stupid man will return back as a died body to a cemetry, whily all rich American Politicians are with their money, their pensions, they are happy to stay inside USA, alive, laughed on these stupid American Soldiers, lie down on cemetries and under died kids and women in other countries too.
    Why did American Police not arrest American Politicians, ordered to go to kill someone, including kids and women? Are they a biln all or a deaf all or not having heads to analize to thing or the work of American Police is to =protect American Murders, taking a political power in USA and ordering to go to kiil by using all state resources for a laugh of murders looking plentied died and wounded?
    Politicians are looking like not normal humans Homo Sapiens.
    May be they are Aliens? so they hate us, humans, Homo Sapiens, all? trying to create something to kill our kids, women, men, pensioners to them to sit to laugh?
    Plenty people are thing that Aliens took a political power in USA and other countries, as normal humans would never acted as they acted and act. I am confusing to think so too. I doubt we see humans, may be some technology changed humans to alines to use to see humans where alines are? as a type of hipnose on mind?


  6. Barak Obama had promiced to all American Citizens USA as he will closed down this secret American prison on Cuba – had he did his promise to billions American Citizens? or he had lied and he had betrayed their trust?

    Americans voted to Obama whom had promised to close down these shame American prison on Cuba. See, that a man, whom all saw as Barak Obama as American President USA was and is not this man Barak Obama for whom American Citizens USA voted to grant as their President USA — here some another man, probably, playing a role, another man, not whom ahd been granted by vote of Americans.

    May be, he is a twin, or an alien, or a creature of plastic cosmetic surdery?

    How often his DNA tests had been done to show to all publicly and regular as he is he and the some?

    This man as whom promised to others, was a nother man, not whom we saw later. This man is thinking as all right to kill kids, womenm pensioners — the real man Obama was against a toutures and humilation and against Anerican prison in Cuba,

    This new man as Barak Obama said straight after this presentation as American President to a journalist as he is ready to kill this journalist straight if he will say some secter to him as his will of President America — so, Barak Obama had siad these words as his easy will to kill American Journalist in USA, so, he had named himself as a Murder to all Americans and all publicly. So, the Murder took a Political Power in USA or it was some secret change of a person whom was a real Obama to another man, as so easy to do this change, realy, especialy with a cosmetic plastic technology, escpecially, as it is possible to do a change of a black skin to a white skin as Mikle Jackson did.

    So – whom does know whom is a man as American President now, and if it was a secret change one man to another man.

    Any way. The freedom of information in American Comstituation USA, so, public words of American President Barak Obama as he is ready to kill Americam Journalist if some sercret thruth will be oppened to a public straight, against American Constitution, what did American President Obama political power as an unlgel, as not protecting American Constitution.

    Each may saw this, just not American police, while that speech was public speach, and easy to find on youtibe, transtaled on Russian language too.

    Easy to see as a murder, taking a political power in USA said a death thread as a murder to American Journalist on his question “What was in this secret file for Presidents USA only” – a normal question, a traditional American question, typical for each ckild, person, Journalist — American President Obama said a death thread words publicly^ – If I will said this to you, I will need to kill you straight after this” — so, Barak Obama named himseld a Murder in a political power againts a freedom of speech and whom may easy to kill Journalists and PRESSA.

    See, Constitution USA stopped to work, just a piece of paper with bla-bla-bla words here, which not Highest Laws to American Congress USA and to American Presidents USA, delared they may kiil for question or for the freedom of information.

    And this happened in USA and under USA after. the end of freedom of information, blaming Journalist, killing people as a Murder and murders took a political power in USA.


  7. USA and UK blamed as Russian Revolusion 1917 was an evil to take other people property and to kill civilinas, – now USA, UK, Ukraine, EU blamed as this so nice to kill civilins to blame other people properties, to kill kids, women, men, oensioners- — say be, where and whom is the evil now and where?


  8. American Congress USA voted to provide a weapon to Ukraine, to to kill more innocent civilians, kids, women, men, pensioners in Ukraine in Europe. See – as European people in Europe will kill by American weapon from USA from American Congress USA —– see… as they gave to others what no one wants to themselves. Murders may just to kill as they need to kill – they are murders.

    There are plenty financial hole in USA to fill by money from taxes from a budget — American Congress prefer to spend money to kill people and civilians in other countries to damage properties, schools, churches, lives, destinies, economics.

    See – Murders kill as this all waht they wanted -to kill.
    Murders in Power oder to go to kill – as this all what Murder wants -to kill other.

    American Police are not able to see this? They work to now as Murders kill peole and kids in USA – not be able to recognise some them as taking a political power in USA to kill more? and still laughed as fully protected by a police and army and fleet.


  9. No one blamed Ukrainians, as I know — each blame just USA and Americans, as here their American money and orders from USA created this all situation, each knows this. America paid thousand hundreds dollars to Ukraine to keep this situation, to kill civilians, kids, women, pregnant women, pensioners. Some of the are natural blond women, girls, boys, kids, men — not colored in blond , but natural blond population with white skins, some really naive, as all blond people and women.


  10. From a Diary of German Faschist Officer in WWII: ” Hitler said plenty about a goal to build a new blond race in Europe, arias, as a blond hairs white skin race with a blue eyes. He ordered to kill all Russians, Belorussians to clear a space for other. But when we came to Belorussia, Russia, all what I and we see and find here as people whom Hitler ordered to build as a new race — they are blond and a blue eyes, with a really beatuful shapes of faces, bodies, all.”

    See — Hitler planned to kiil someone whom would be in his dreams as a future more high race of humans.

    Russian Empair provided the hospitality to British and Europeans, settle down here far from wars and economical crises and revolutions, far from the Inquesition killed and burned Europen women and kids and men.

    So, when European and Britons and American visit Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, — here plenty decesndents of their of countries and families, just usuing Russian language as a politness and great thanks to a land, saving their lives, providing jobs, a possibilities to earn income, plenty had been granted as Russian Nobles or mixed with Russian Nobles.

    and if to see now the diffrence between all, that side and nother side, probably a choice to come to Russian Empair to be Russians here was the best choice to use Russian language as a thanks for a surviving too.

    See, European men killed plenty local women, and kids, killed Jewish women and kids, killed pensioners, killed plenty women and kids of their own Ethnic groups too, see as European men and women of a modern Europe, with the knowledge of Holocaust and WWII, with billions killed civilians are the some as they continue the some game and words as here all right for men to kill women and kids and pensioners.

    Europe is the lowest human resource in men — European men cowards or robots, they will say easy what their political power order to say as right. If to say right to kill -each shout loudly as happy to hear to do this. If to say – no… they say Okey, now. till to change a mind as already agin all right.

    Plenty Germans from Saxony germany Prussia leaved their Motherland to move to live in Russian Empar and to be better Russians, living in a cold winters with a snow, righter to live under a fear of the next political German or European power ordering to kill kids and women again.

    See a point why so plenty European women and men moved from Europe to live in Russian Empair to be Russians — they wanted a better protection for their lives and for lives of own daugthers.

    See this modern European Brussel Officlas in EU Political power, as men and women, whom named as it is all right again as it was before here in Europe during WWII, during 300 years of Middle Age to kill women and kids in Europe — the new Black Death came in Ukraine in Europe since 2014, kids and women died — see as OBSE filmed during 2 years died peole in Europe — and Brussell Officials are really blind to see to notice to know htis unwanted trut=st to react to name to stop ot to open doors to refugees from European cicil war zone.

    European and British people prefer to pity just far far away someone on a great distance right whom is near them in Europe and from one European whire race too.

    British people prefer to pity just cats, dogs, whales, not humans of own white race from Europe from Ukraine from Donbass.

    I did not dfind a lot humanitarian aid, including for Christmas too.

    Ukrainians had not sent, Europeans had not sent. British peeople and British Christians had not sent. American Christians had not sent.

    It was on news, as it was no electricity, a cold snow winter, a blocked towns from a car with foods.

    And see after for all these English-Speaking British Christians, as they named themselves, with houses with plenty food, which will though out unused, happy as they as Chritians as making presents to each another in their families though relatives, while plenty poor hungry people in their own country on Christmas, in houses with no heating, and it was a civil war in Donbass Ukraine area and plenty kids.

    Ukrainian Chrisitians from Ukrainian Ethnic in Ukraine laughed knowing as here will be plenty died on Christmas, and no food and heating.

    I see, as British Christians and Ukrainins of Ukrainian Ethnic Christians and American Christians are the some, really – they named themself by such as they liked to have their presents for Christmas, better somthing with a diamond or a gold or a platina, and really plenty food.

    So, English-Speaking Christians is not a religion, really, just a way of the traditional shoping and a food habuts and this all.

    If Jesus will return back to us – will start he try to save their souls again? and still sacrofising his own life for other?

    Really, he gave his life just to celebrate this as a great holiday celebration, to do a great shopping list what to buy and what to eat? for some one just? and to stay cold and without a food, to be frozen, under bombs from others? from others whom have their long shopping list and plenty money to spend? so, he was just for rich? protecting their lives and their political power to rule to order to kill others?

    I doubt that a shopping and a food habits are a religion, just a name as this a Christian religion of all English-speakers of UK and USA.

    So, Jesus Christ had cacrofised his life for rich peopple and their shopping and food habits? for just these English-speakers USA and UK? only?

    May be Jesus Christ was a time traveler from Great Britain? so he had protected these true-British traditions, as a shopping list tradition for Christmas and a food tradition?

    And still some military British man, a brainwashed to died himself but to protect a political poer of riches?

    One British man, Mr Robert Frederick Scotford, my 2nd ex-husband, said me as aliens live on the opposite side of the Moon, flying to rule or to do change here on our planet, so, all these religion men of the past as Jesus Christs, Magomet, were just Aliens from the opposite site of Moon.

    And he said me, that these all BBritish people in our small British village are aliens from the Moon, he too, they they all look likes another way and not as I saw them as humans Homo Sapience.

    He offered me to show their and his real look as they look in the reality to me.

    I had refused, worried, that I might not be able tot take this,

    May be English-speakers as British and American Citizens- tops of political power – are aliens from the back of the Moon? and just for our eyes we see them as we are, humans, Homo Sapines, by some their tehnology?

    and so, this why this civil war in Ukraine in Europe, as to reduce the number of humans here? to reduce number of women and kids?

    as these Aliens from a back of a Moon as American and British and other politics disliked humans and kids and Homo Sapience?

    It is so easy to do the change … having technology of genetic, plastic surgery, or some energetic packages modification.

    How we may protect themselves from this?

    See – Barak Obama had promised to close American prisons in Cuba. So, he was a normal human, understanding a humanity.

    Soo as he started to be an American President USA Barak Obama he had said to Journalist open publicly recorded as He – Obama – easy to kill him – a Journalist and a PRESSA – himself — so, he declared himself as a Murder. and this as another personality, nit this 1st man for whom all America voted to be American President USA – he started to a murder straight as he just took a political power.

    From a normal human with a humanity – a murder whom may easy to kill PRESSA Journalist – it is a huge regress just for a night.

    Strange, really.


  11. This video on youtube, i looked translated on Russian. people wanted to know about aliens, it was a some secret file to read just to American President USA straight as he voted and granted.

    On the press-conference, one Journalist had asked Obama as a new President USA, what was on that secret file for Presidents USA to know only?

    Really, a naive childish question, which each child, each woman, each man, each journalist would ask, as just a natural curiosity question to ask.

    American President Barak Obama had answred as he thought in a black joke style as this^

    Obama to Journalist^
    – If I will answer to you this, I will need straight to kill you/ Hah-ha-ha (a joke)

    So, Obama said a death thread words publicly t a Journalist – PRESSA – for a normal natural curiosity question.

    See — he said a death waring message and he said as he might and may easy to kill – each – and any journalist too.

    See — a diffrence was already here between the 1st personality as Barak Obama with the humanity ideas to close American Prison in Cube —– here was as an another person and apersonality already, openly saying he may easy to kill any.

    So, American Citiznes USA voted for one man, and for his promises.

    But somethings changed suddenly and he started to have the oppisite man, without any humanity, a rude, saying he may to kill each and PRESSA JOurnalist too.

    It is easy to start to believe in any aliens usuing some technology to do change of each Political Leader.

    the face will be look as the some for us — -but whom will be or was inside?

    Had American Citizens USA would voted for a murder to take a political power to order toi kill? Yes or not?

    See – – each may hide own personality, saying that I am a white and puffy and a kind – all right – prove this to us?

    what had you did a kind?

    Had you closed down this prison in Cuba as this was your promise as people vote for yu to do this for them? – No

    Wars, a huge financial transfers from American budget to Ukraine to do what here? to fill to fire a civil conflints with plenty deaths.

    So, American people work hard to obligated to pay all taxes, as some new coming Politican shit will order to spend to kill kids and women in other countries?

    see a point to start to worry to think as about some alients rule?

    Or Mr Barak Obma is a double personality person, a tupe of amnetal illness and a mental ill person? as Doctor Jackson in book os Stevenson?

    It is worry… a plastic cosmetic surgery, the change of a color of skin is possible tii. Plastic Surgery may create any look.

    or some alients technology to do American Presidents USA as their dolls to manipulate by??

    It is a dangerouse to have 1 open public power man as a Top if Politicians as it is easy to do a change of him by using and modern technology and more modren aliens technology.

    Obama is not this man whom he was before. Had American Psyhiatricians and Psyhologists and Priests had chats with him&

    No one knows these changes and a reason of this — may be this secret file documents information was much too over to take it to keep a secret? or this changed him by such way?

    See — if there are aliens ordered to kill plenty civilians and kids and women on the planet oif the Earth – in Ukraine, in Siria, to reduce the number of population of the Earth – this one thing as we under their power.

    But if it was a decisions and wishes of humans in a political power in USA… Ukraine …. Russia … – we see a crime against a humanity, we see as Murders took their political power to kill.

    Murders need to kill – see any policeman knows as serial killers as murder stopped just only the police managed to find to arrest them to pick to The Court to prison.

    This type of a mind as an ill mind, really.

    In a civil life, American Police tried to find a murders and killlers f kids, women,m men to stop them — but soon as Murders took a political power in their own country – to do the some as to kill — a police of their counry and the army of their country and all secret services are protected their Murders in Political power.

    See — Stalin, Hitler oir what now.

    Plenty Soviet men had saw and knew what was in USSR, some had losses of wives – and each was as a rabbit and a coward to protetc a murder to kill hundreds and billions — Had Stalin used some type of a hypnose on people and men around him?

    Had Stalin used some type of a hypnose on people and men around him?

    Had Hitler used some type of a hypnose on people and men around him?

    Had American Politicians use some type of a hypnose on people and men around him?

    Had Politicians use some type of a hypnose on people and men around him?

    Holocaust time — as the changes came slowly and more and more and.
    all the some. still now – all the some.

    Had Brussell European Politicians use some type of a hypnose on people and men around them?


  12. A Journalist is a type of a morrow to show things as they are.

    So, the blame British Journalst as a British Mirrow by Ukraine, saying as Ukrainians disliked their own Ukrainian faces to see in the mirrow.


  13. Graham Phillips bought his property-his flat in Odessa in Ukraine in 2014. How will be able to manage to use his this property as an owner via 3 years ban wided for more years? Or this way of advising the properties on Ukraine for foreigners?


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