A Graham Newsletter (#14) Updates from the DLPR – ‘gulags’, and more!

Hello once more!

Firstly, I’m glad to say that things have calmed down a bit since the last newsletter, which found me dealing with death threats, and more, from the Ukrainian side. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been pleased to focus more attention on work in Donbass, and less on processing a barrage of messages, online lynchmobs etc, threatening my instant demise.

I’ve been pleased to start a new series here, on this site, giving you all factual updates from the DPR, and LPR. You can read the first one here, about the upheaval in the LPR, as it was, and the second here, about the recent primary elections held here.

I’m also going to be starting another new series soon, when English subtitles are added to videos from a little back, which still have relevance, so look out for that! As for now, there are already English subs on a lot of new reportage – not to mention the videos in the above updates!

Firstly, I was delighted to present my new film from Lugansk, with Oleg Somov (who does the production, effects for my film projects), a Master Class here by legendary fighter Jeff Monson (English, or English subs) –

Also in Lugansk, I was pleased to have the opportunity to put some questions to the OSCE, at a press conference they did here –

In a world of high-gloss news production, in which news can so easily, and effectively, become propaganda, I like to take things back to basics, as much as possible. This reportage, doing exactly what western media have deliberately never done here, simply speaking to residents on the Gorlovka frontline, asking what they want (all English subs, thanks very much to Sergey Yermolayev for this, and many others) –

And this reportage, going to places other media won’t take you, to a buffer zone of the conflict in Donbass to find out exactly how it is there –

As well as keeping you updated with news, and facts from Donbass, I also like to bring you as close to life here as possible, for you to meet the people here. Here, Lakshmi, in Lugansk since 2011, from India –

And show you life here how it really is. Here, repainting Lenin in the LPR –

Here, Lugansk students –

And here, a demonstration against US, NATO military intervention in Donbass, in Lugansk –

My most recent special reportage, this, from the LPR, as a flare goes up, and a walk to Ukrainian positions to see what’s going on, and if the proposed weapon withdrawal will go ahead –

Of coure, this is the highlights, there’s been a lot more – and what reportage will come next? Well, I read the recent BBC article about prisons in the DPR and LPR being like ‘gulags’, with ‘torture’, ‘starvation’, and more. I even know the journalist who wrote it, a former colleague of mine from my time in Kiev, Patrick Evans. I also know that he’s never been here.

So, to see an article circulated everywhere, with the BBC sheen of credibility, when it’s actually just a rewriting of a report by yet another ‘human rights’ organisation, set up in Kiev to write reports damning the non-Ukrainian areas of Donbass, under the guise of forementioned ‘human rights’ organisation…. passed up the chain by a former colleague I enjoyed a friendly relationship with.

It’s an ungratifying thing. I detest lies, the BBC propaganda machine which makes them claiming someone I’d previously held in esteem. So, I went to spend a day in one of them, to report how it really is. The reality. Not a rewriting of a pro-Kiev press release by a shamefully pro-Kiev BBC, with a once journalist turned propaganda merchant. My prison reportage to come soon, photos from that here, along with much more. Huge thanks for being with me, and making it happen! 

6 thoughts on “A Graham Newsletter (#14) Updates from the DLPR – ‘gulags’, and more!”

  1. Thank you for your work, your videos, for the information. coming from a civil war zone conflict and the buffer zone in a civil war conflict.

    I hope for Ukrainian people to finish this civil war conflict soo, returning back to the normal comfortable safe civil life as this should be as a normal life.

    It is terrible loss of humanity, attitutes to each as a civil attitutes of civil humans, a huge damage of all properties, a huge loss of human life of local civilians, and men from both side of this conflict.

    Europe and EU had promised to take whole area of Ukraine to UK before 2014, but I find as EU and Europe does not bothered at all by European Civil War in Ukraine with bombed damaged properties of European Local Civilians , with plenty died local European Civilian, living in Ukraine Donbass – while just near before 2014 EU had offered the vision to see all these people as civilians with their land and their properties in EU.

    I am a British Citizen UK, I am really glad for my country to leave such EU with Brussels buroratic blind rats, with no ability to see events locally here in Europe as a civil war, as bombed properties, as plenty killed and wounded women, kids, pensioners, men in Ukraine.

    I doubt in any ability of EY Brussed blind Officials to see events as to value the rights of properties and human rights to live normal.

    Someone came to bomb properties of local ciilians, schools, buses, hospiatal, streets in Europe in Ukraine and European Brussel Officials are not able to noticed to see this from 2014-2015-2016 years.

    The attitute of European Officials and EU is the some as it was in 1939-1945 years during WWII, when these European Women and Men and Officials put their own European neigbors to be killed by tens billions, with the loss of properties to burgers and thief.

    I saw CNN TV programmm on America, with their ‘O! Do’t worry as JUST THESE PRO_RUSSIANS killed here in Ukraine’ attitute.

    Some was during WWII ‘O! Don’t worry as JUST these European Jews , as JUST these European Gypsy, as JUST these European Gays, as JUST these European communists, as JUST all these Slavonic Ethnic Groups – Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Pols Ethnic planned to be killed to clear them complitly” —– and no one European Politic worries, all European population of modern EU had not worries too.

    Latvian Lettish Official killed their local European Latvian Jews BEFORE German Army came to Latvia to meet Germans with Latvian Lettish happy signs ‘We have not any Jews here in Latvia!” (See BBC Documentary film WWII, a part about Latvia).

    EU took Latvia inside EU on the donation from EU budget, so, on a donation from British budget, on the fnancial support of British taxpayers to work to keep Latvian Lettish Officials happy to wright there unhuman instructions to blame their own Latvian non-Lettish Ethnic Group as Latvian Aliens (people without Latvian Citizenship), as a list of forbitten 96 professions to non-Latvian Cititizens, as a humilation by the using of a native language, so British Taxpayers paid money to keep Latvian Lettish Official to humilate their own inhabitants by their Ethnic Group, while British Laws forbitten to do such in Great Britain.

    Just instead European Jews in Holocaust time of WWII in Europe, the new vitims now as the start was and are Russian Ethicnk and all people whom ex-Soviet Citizens USSR and their decendents – all Ethnic Group – as properties of all Ethnic Groups of Ukraine here under bombing in Ukraine – properties of Ukrainian, Russian, Belorussian, Polish, Jewish, Molavan, Azerbaidzhan Muslims, Russian and Ukrainian Ortodox Chrurch as Christians, — each group had their own losses.

    I am as an individual and a women, grandmother, see these Ukrainian Civil War conflict as a genoside of the local European population of Ukraine and as a genoside as a mass kiiling of women and kids, and pensioners.

    USA CNN named this their way as no one CNN Journalist came to the zone of a civil war to record the truth to show on American CNN.

    Obama and Psaki never came to here to see all by their own eyes to talk with locals, while them both said their ownpolitical fantasies and night dreams as a political vision @should be this”

    American woman Psaki was a pregnant American woman, living in USA, saying plenty her words as American Officials with no any truthfull information from here as searching. some American Officials had not knew where this Ukraine really, in Africa, in Siria, in Arab Pennisula, or in Russia, never met noone, no visited this land and locals — but they all had said the American Offciial Statements.

    Obama’s wife Michelle has her three kids – why do she as a mother of three kids was so hard cruel hearted no to do any merici as rights to live for these local European white race local kids and their mothers?

    Whom will move to fil to settle down these land? with the killed local civilians? some African groups as Obama’s African relatives from Africa? waiting this to be clear to them to settle down insted all locals in Europe?

    Each European country has a push to take plenty new coming men from Africa, Arab Countries, which are Muslim, not Christians as all locals here.

    I read as Saudi Arabia pay a lot to American Politicians, including Clinton, and may be Obama, to value their interests forward American National Interests and European Interests and British interests.

    Plenty locals in Europe, worry, as a fluid of Islamic groups, families, people, men, women, whom like to live in Christian countries of Europe, as here much better level of economics, but they do not wish to change their religion to be Christians, and their traditions too, as they sure that Europe will continue to present a highest level of European economics and science the some, if to do changes from Christian attitutes to Islamic attitute, when all gilrs and women will sit at home, not go to schools, to Universities, to work.

    In old age, Russian Tsarica Ekaterina II, from European German Princess group originally, gave the great welcome to each to settle down in Russian Empair to be Russian Citizen, with the obligation just to pick a Russian names-surname – Russian belief as Christian, Russian Orthodox Church.

    Plenty foreigners from British Empiar, Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Germany, Saxony, France, Spain, Italy, etc, plenty Jews came to settle down to live and to work and to have their properties in Russian Empair.

    If they picked Russian name-surname-Russian Christian belief, they re-maned as Russian Ethnic Group, with rights to work in each arear for all Russian Citizens, and to be Russian Nobles too, some.

    Some people prefered not to do any changes, keeping their Ethnic names, religion, too. It was a time of Ekaterina II.

    But before this, Russian Tsar Peter The Great did the some, as Russian tradition of hospitality and welcome in Russia.

    African man, a decendant of Ganibal, had been picked as welcoming to Russian Empair, and Peter The Great had ordered him to be married on Russian Noble woman of white race. This was a story of ancestors of Russian Noble, Russian Poet Aleksandr Pushkin.

    1st Council of Peterburg was Scottish The Bruce, from Scottish clan Bruce, nominated by Russian Tsar Peter The Great for this post.

    So, when British and American tourists come to Peterburg in Russia, they may see a town, where the 1st Coucil, Commander, was Scottish man from Scottish Royalty The Bruce.

    Another Bruce was a Russian General of Artillery, nominated to be Russian Noble in Russian Empair too.

    Russian Poet Bruce, as Russian, with ancestry from Scottish clan Bruce.

    Russian town Luhansk in Russian Empair had been founded by Scottish Engineer from Great Britain Charles Gascoine, re-named on Karl Gascoine in Russian Empair.

    Luhunsk Museum has rhe exposition with the engine, made in Manchester, from 18-19 century, as a closed link of people and the economics.

    British Tanks stayed in the Centre of Luhansk, in the park area with fountants, these British Tanks are from 1919 – Plenty American and British men came to Russian Empair additionaly after 1917-1919, leaving their kids with plenty local Russian women as kids of Russian Ethnic Group.

    Luhansk City had kept these British Tanks of 1919 as their Open Air Museum – Park area in the centre of Luhansk, near Tarasa Shevchenko Street.

    Museum of Dahl/Dale here in Luhunsk – as Europeans from Europe came to settle down, they needed to lean Russian language to live in Russian Empair, so it was 1st Russian Dictionary of Russian words by Dahl /Dale/Dalj done to help Europeans.

    American President Obama, American Official of High Rank Psaki, CNN Journalists are really low educated people, as all these things and more others things are easy to find in open Internet search, to read to know, before to say something as a lie or a rubbish of non-educated people of America publicly open to all World.

    When American CNN named people of Luhansk, Donbass as pro-Russians to Americans, it was a huge lie to cover things as plenty locals here are decendents of English-Speakers, from England, Wales, Scotland, still from France, Germany, Saxony, – from Europe too, from Italy too (it was Italian Republick as a Genoa Republick in Crimea in Pheodosia/Kafa/Kefe town) – and, so, this was a target as decendents here to be killed, as some richest families worried about their properties in the case if the genetic studies will give them plenty or some their genetic cousins as Russians.

    Some people prefer to kill their genetic relatives and their genetic cousins, all, rigther to worry some family hidden secrets will be open or things will come out to be known and still for all too.

    Congress USA spend thousand billions dollars from a budget USA to kill plenty local civilians as a white race in Europe — it would be really interesting to find a reason and WHOM HAD PAID SUCH HUGE TIPS TO AMERICAN POLITICIANS TO PROTECT THEIR INTERESTS AND SECRECTS.

    It was a news, for example, about Ingegerda, Norvegian Princess, baptised as Irina and later as Anna, Ingigerda as Irina was a wife of Russian Knight Yaroslav The Wise, their daugthers as Princess were wives of French, European, Scandinavian Royalty.

    Her mtDNA had been searching, published as H5a. Later some mistery started to be with missed bodies, and her mtDNA cleared from a public, But returned back from unnamed resource, as still one.

    mtDNA is the some for each women, all daugthers of maternal side, so the some mtDNA for each Ingigerda’s daugther, Princess, wives of plenty European and Scandinavian Royalties.

    Ingigerda’s daugther Anna was a wife of French King, a mother of a French King.

    I am really sorry for French people, killed plenty own French Nobles, women, kids, men, while it was just enough to change French Laws about Taxes for more comfortable, and French Laws about a Political Power to a Republic.

    I doubt French Revolution was The Great, as French men killed plenty French women, kids, men, and so as French Nobles had been Military Brave People, French people killed genes of brave people whom had protected Frenchland too. And so, France used a Forign people as French Legion, from foreigners, as no penty French men would be so brave or ready to protect their country or other people properties or theirs.

    French Revolution gave a huge humanitarian crises as a loss of European Civilins, women,m kids, men.

    I really doubt that a mass killing women and kids is a good things, as only COWARDS and HIENAS may kill unweaponed women, kids, pensioners.

    France has a Freedom of Speech, but noone said as this was a wrong to kill plenty own women and kids, ‘just as they more richer@ @just as these women so beautiful in their beautiful dresses and haircuts and hats”.

    No one said as it is a crime to kill women and kids – as a normal man never will do this.

    Purpuses of men, males – to protect women and kids, to keep them safe, all, so, the society and state exits, a life exists.

    Women saved babies from men, saved genes of men to a future as a memory of a love and thanks.

    Russian Nobles had been educated as a social casta never accepted whom below them social as the equal to them.

    Some had been kids, Some had been frosty hearted to think as others not humans, just some social animals to use them.

    Richest groups, making a political ideas and decition by their money and links, – they do not see all others as the equal to them at all, they put themselves as another race group — they ordered wars, mass killings, but they are safe and far, theirs safe and far.

    These Stupid Ukrainian, Russian, American, British, Greman, Sweddish, etc men came to fight in this Ukrainian wars just as some one feel a great fun to see such funny toy as Ukraine and America to play with.

    Men declared themselves as having a political discussion between men — but whom saw Ukrainian Civil War Conflict from 2014 – no — it was just a created excuse to start to kill local women and kids, to bomb their properties.

    The real goal here is the reducing of number of European Civilians in Europe as this what this war done and did and doing.

    Properties of civilians are bombed from 2014, schools too, busses too.

    American Law in USA named such things, as a killing kids, women, men, pensioners, as a damage ot orher people propertiesm as a bombing American sholls, buses, hospitals as a crime, a serios crime against civilians of each age group.

    But soon as these events happended in Europe – in Ukraine, American rich English-langugeese people, American Congress USA, American President USA, American news, CNN, named this :O! so good! a nice one! as here plenty killed and wounded pro-Russians in Europe!” and they put more money from American budget to push this conflict.

    USA paid money to plenty Ukrainian Officials in Ukraine from American Budget — but American President USA Obama NEVER asked his Ukrainian slaves-suppoters — WHY DO NO ONE Ukrainiona Politics from Kiev from Ukraine, having money and from Ukrainian budget and still more from American budget as unofficial American Offcials in Ukraine, had not visited these area since 2014 to talk with locals and to negociate to sort out things, but they used this political conflict 2014 straighnt as their excuse to come to start to bomb properties and schools of locals in Donbass Ukraine area.

    Each Politick of USA, UK, EU is visiting local civilians to talk with people, doing a work to communicate, to negociate to calm down the situation — here no such work had been done.

    Opposite to this normal communication, ex-Politic of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko said as she WANTED AND READY TO USE A NUCLEAR BOMBING OF THESE AREA IN UKRAINE AS HERE PRO-RUSSIANS.

    American Congress USA welcomed Yulia Timoshenko’s daugther for the greatest honor of her mother, sitting in a prison for the CORRUCTION, as plenty money from Ukrainian budget lluided OUT from Ukraine with no traces.

    American Congress USA honored Yulia Timoshenko – a thief of Ukrainian budget money, a criminal, planed to use Nucler Bombing of Ukrainian towns and villages in the East Ukraine near to Russian Border, and she put military sabatagees to explode the electrical power station, a gas station, a water station, in a winter time, to frost all local civilians to be died – including newborn babies, pregnant women, oldery — here Minus 38 Celcia Degree – a huge humanitarian Catastrophe and a genoside — and American Congress USA and Obama HONORED this genoside and ideas to use Nuclear Bombing of civilians in Europe.

    To kill — this is a crime. So, American Criminals and Murders took a Political Power in USA, making orders to others to go to kill. They use American state as a toy, budget for own hobbies to kill someone too.

    American Police USA is blind not to read this all staff at all – see – our Murders wants to kill someone as a genocide but not here in USA – so, here is not a crime at all — so, American Policemen started to protect murders in a political power USA with their hobbies to create the killing of others.

    German Police protected Hitler Political Power in Germany 1939-1945, helping to kill tens of locals in Europe, including Holocaust — by German Laws it was @so nice to do to kiil others as they are Jews” — Now from 2014 the some @so nice to kill these all women, kids, men as they are Russian, pro-Russians” — See, Murders talks as nice to kill someone – as this what murders do – they kill others.

    I was shocked as American President Obama on the quaestion of Journalist “What was in this paper ‘just for presidents USA only, to open to read it’?

    a naive natural question of curiosity as each child or any women or any men or any another Journalist may ask too — so, the Journalist asked Obama – but Obama replied such terrible way: ‘If I will answer for you this, I wiil need to kill you straight after’ ——- so, American President Obama named and introduced himseld as a Murder in a Political Power in USA as American President, for whom easy to kill.

    Obama had not said he will order to kill – he said as he will kill this Journalst HIMSELF.

    This question and this reply were openly — see, as each child, kids, women, men, Journalists might listen this.

    So, each child and eachwomen knew as Obama may kill them easily for him to kill.

    American Police works with plenty real murders and criminals, plenty crimalists, criminal psyhologists, studies — and no one was so brave to pick their own American Politicians from American Congress USA to American Congress USA as a top of political power in USA to search clearly their words, when they use word ‘to kill you’ ‘to kill them’ .. when some decision to kill had been done for a founding whom are the real political power in USA? as people from other countries blamed as Murders, plenty Murders, women and men in the political power USA, creating just wars, revolutions in others counntries, a mass killking of civilians, the rating other humans Homo Sapiens without the rights for their lives, opinions, without the respecting of rights of other people properties, choices. this looks as all their goals just to kill others – far from USA land not to be blamed as criminals.

    But Murders never stop to kill, having a criminal habits to kill kids, womenm, men, pensioners.

    So, American must to think here as all this may be and on American Land too, the some, as murders never stop to kill others,

    so, the question here – whom and where country will be the next?

    It is not the end.

    I voted for BREXIT from EU with a BLIND BRUSSEL OFFICIALS OF EU, having reports OBSE, but still blind to account this as a Civil war and a mass killing and a genoside.

    I do not want to be in such ‘Europe’ ‘EU’ where all Europeans agree as good idea to damage properties of European citizens, to bomb European schools, churches, buses as someone from America said them as this will be good for Europe to do.

    European population EU supported Hitler political power 1939-1945.

    I do not wish to be togther with animals, murders, saying as good to go to kill someone and to bomb houses.

    All Russians had been educeted from school age that European culture is the greates, British culture is the greates, American culture is greatest, polenty Russians leaned English as their Second Language from their primary school age, enjoying to know another English language, plenty people had been bilingvial, especially as some decendents of Scottish, English, Welsh, Irish, American Ethnick groups.

    My genetic test as a woman of Russian Ethnick, connected with Scotland, Shetland Islands, England, Wales, Ireland, with Connecticum and Michihan in USA, with Canadian intuits, plenty surnames came, really plenty.

    Bell, Campbell, Cooper, Anderson, Andersen, Carlson, Nelson, Hamilton, ….. a huges list, inbcluding here Cameron, Blair, Baldwin, Bond, …. plenty Mc…. including MackGregory, MacDonalds, et.
    Doerling, Darling. Angel. Niellsen, Nelson, German and Italian and Spanish surname to, Sweddish, Finnish. Tatar Yusopov, stil and Naryshkini. Russian Medvedev, Ivanov. Latvian Putnieks – which would be Russian surname Putin in the translation from Latvian Lettish.

    Plenty Latvian Lettish surname – Putin’sh, Putnieks, Putinsh, Lettish sound [sh] as s with a mark on the top, translated on English as s.

    Puninsh as Latvian Lettish Putins come to Russian surname as Putin.

    So, Russian surname Putin is Latvian Lettish surmanes Putinsh, Putins, Putnieks.

    Latvian Lettish Red Legion fron Latvia came to Moscow to Russia to protect Lenin to do Bolsheviks Political Power, they worked in VChK, killed plenty people of Russian Ethnick, and each Russian Citizen has a loss of own property – a land, a property, houses, cows, horses.

    Latvian Lettish connected with plenty foreigners by their mixed genes – with Germans, Sweds, …

    So, some of Russian Politicians in a political power may be not really Russians, Russian men, but decendents of Americans, British, Germans, Latvian Letts. Some, as Georgian Stalin which prounanced as a name of bird Starling on English [Starling] – a blackbird, a black big bird with a big nose – all Georgian have a long noses as blackbirds.

    Stalin was ex-Russian Orthodox Church Priests College’es student – they were black long dress. so, [Starling] – a Blackbird = Stalin.

    Stalin lived in England, his son was British, unmarried link.

    Plenty Georgians are other people, rigther Georgian Stalin was. Plenty Georgian men had been kid with all women to present flowers, to give money to help to survive. and all had been really proud men.

    The nickname for Georgian name [Starling] (Blackbird) Stalin as English word for a name of a bird, marked some links between Stalin and English-Great Britain, may be his genetic connection with Great Britain.

    Plenty English men had been in Georgia in the Russian Empair time, for a really long amount of time.

    if so, the longest hand of British Empair created Stalin [Starling] to Russians to be their cruel bloody Tsar after Lenin till 1954.

    In a new Russian tradition from 1917, Russian Tsar in Russia had not been named openly never as Russian Tsar publicly, but always had the full range of whole political power of Russian Tasr as de-fact.

    The some in France, in USA. Obama said to go to kill others and all went as slaves to go to kill others without any questions or doubts.

    This dominant political power is a hidden power of Tsar.

    Bush, Obama are American Tsars.
    American double faced society shamed to name their Tsar oppenly to all as Tsar, as American Tsar or American King,

    but if to see the some generations of families group, changes, we see as here are unnamed openly Royalty-Monarchy.

    If you see bees — a society of bees – insects — they had American Society Polititcal and Military Structures of Political Power —- whom ordered as their Kings-Tsar=their Queen.

    May be a human society as a society of bees too? Probably, yes, may be, as this what we have now and as we all are not the equal in rights on a food, life.

    Incents, bees, ants are the highly top organised societies with no choices. A working bee, a working ant – plenty them and they works a full daili light time. Working bees and ants know things just to work, to work, to work, and to have a rest in the night time. So, a work. No sex, no a producing ‘babies’, just a work with no any stop.

    Fighting Ants as soldiers to fght to die.

    The Queens of Bees and Ants do not work never – they have a special Servants around them, as Nanies looking for The Queen’s babies-eggs care. So, Royalty of Bees as a well protected, feeded, keeping inside from the light and weather, but working realy all time as Mum – the mother of plenty – each bee.

    The Lords as Bees Nobles-male do not work too, they kept happy just for a making a sex with Beese Princess – The Beese Queen before she will leave them inside to produce eggs-newborn beeses’es eggs.

    When the time come, Ant’s Princes cut her wings, some, probably, Beese Princeses too – as their new duty will be just a baby birth till the end of their lives.

    So, The Bees’es Queen and The Ants Queen are The Queen-Mother, really, for each theirs.

    The society of insects developed to this during billions years.

    We see as Humans Societies, countries, states developed in the similar ierarchy.

    So, this may be a reasons of crash of countries, states, Empairs, as strongest societies developing more and more to Insects Societies Schemes, as someone disliked for humans to be insects – it will be no any developing as no hope after, as a robotic genes of instincts of surviving.

    Incescts society as humans states, where strongests biggest are America, Grest Britian, Russia, Ukraine.

    Some Ukrainian Boss from Kien ordered to own Ukrainian Army to come to bomb civilians in Ukraine – they came to do these orders —– for insects, the instinct to attack must be more high a fear for the own life. The order – Yes, Sir! I do! === Incsect societies

    Russia had cruel Russian Royalty, Tsars, and – opposite – plenty kind women and men, whom had not did orders, if they could do this.

    Russian Laws declared a penalty for a missed sit belt – plenty drivers drove their car without using sit belts, plenty Russian policemen had not put any penalty as Russian Law said to do.

    West Society, European, British, American, are more trained insects society to be robots on orders of a political power: – Yes, Sir! I do!

    Russian men were lazy to work, so saying this ‘Yes, Sir! I do!”, they had been lazy to start to do this at all.

    Russian method of work was to say ‘Yes, Sir! I do!” and to forgot all at all here, doing something else as more important for the individual to do.

    Americans had not the experiences of the cruel inner bloody political power inside USA in the compation with Russian history, but Americans are more incects, more cowards, doing ‘Yes, I do! Sir!’ — the lazyness is the 1st point of a humanity as a forgive others as nobody perfect.

    When American Political power ordered something to do — all started to do this as this ordered === INSECTS = ROBOTS.

    To kill communists? – yes, Sir! I do!
    Mass sterialization women and men in USA? – yes, Sir, I do!

    Nobody said to American Presidents USA and American Congress USA – before to order this and this and this-let’s try on yourself, on your family members!

    So, when others killied in wars, sterialized, wounded as soldiers – this not to the top of political power and their kids. This just to you, as to their insects in their incests state.

    Someone said as someone from the future said as it was a nice, wounderfull, each worked hard, nobody lazy, as in the opposite way would be no surviving.

    If so, we live in the Gold Time, as we all have CHOICES.



    People of East Ukraine, here mines works in mines to send a coal to West Ukraine which bombs their properties, houses, women kids.

    So, when winters 2014-2015-2016-2016 were are, Ukrainian people used a coal from East Ukraine land to warm their houses, and as their Ukrainian thanks was to send Ukrainian Army to bomb properties and thse miners too, whom sent them a coal to warm houses.

    West Ukraine. Here was Jewish small town Gaisin / Gaysin / Haisin.

    Ukraininw ‘Gay!” , some on Russian – a sound to show emotions as ‘Hi! Hello! as ‘What is this!” (as not a question to answer for this)

    In English, a gay – a man, whom prefer other men, males, for a sex, not women. a sin – as a something really badly shamed thing.

    Ukrainian Jewish town Gaysin/Gaisin/Haisin had plenty Jews. All them had been killed, probanly, some by Gremans, some by Ukrainian Ethnic, some by Russian Ethnick during 1917 – 1944yy.

    – Sir! Yes, Sir! I do, Sir!

    And after this… a time passed … people walk and no one… no one… just empty damaged houses, ruines, and no one.

    We have here such really dangerous animals, killing all and each, and the name of this evil animal is a Men, a male.

    Polish science-fiction writer Stanislav Lem wrote his book, as it was World War III, Nuclear War, no one survive, just a small undergound community, were women, fed up from these wars, controlled the birth of babies to change a sex for newborn babies-boys to females, to girl, trying to stop the male aggressions to go to damage, to ruin to kill.

    It was not happy unnatural society — just women only.

    But when to see thse all damaged, died women an dkids from hands of males — may be need to do something to low the level of boys as the change a sex of boys to a girls or just as to agressive dogs’es puppies – so, as a chance to lice for all.

    Some mothers gave a birth for such men, some mothers duceted such their sons to be adults to go to kill other women and kids.

    May be some women and girls decided to be Lesbians as they FED UP from this male aggression? FED UP. NO NO WAY FOR A NORMAL MAN TO DO SUCH THING. THIS ALL LOOK LIKES AS ABNORMAL.

    Normal people do not kill kids, women, pensioners, not bombed other people properties.

    Bombs agains kids and women

    Look, Graham, plenty mental ill idiots, here, probbaly, with the loss of all. Normal man CARE, normal men would not do this.

    Humanns are a bialogical type of mamals animals. No one a male-mamal animal offend any female of their biological group.

    So, or here ANOTHER biological group, just pretended to be Homo Sapince.

    Or Ukraine had plenty mental ill Ukrainian men for Psyhiators to work here.

    I read here not just Ukrainian and Russian Ethnic groups from 2 sides of this civil war conflicts – BUT still plenty foreignres – and plenty American Citizens, American Military people, killed LOCALS — SO USA IN THIS WAR.

    People said as USA from 2 sides of this conflict – and supporting Kiev Politicians, and something in opposite site not to stop this civil conflict and to tkill more and more.

    Putin the some — Putin and Russia the suppliers for a cheap Russian gas, petrol to Ukrainian Army, Ukrainian Right Sector inclused, for Ukrainian militry planes, flighting flying to bomb Ukranian towns and villages

    see as when society as Incests Societies-States — no merci to survive for women and kids and all already.

    My grandfather said as Russians and Germans stopped to fight on the Christmas in WWII, coming all together in a buffer zone to celebrate Christmas, sharing their savings, singing songs.

    No one wants this WWI, no one – just riches wanted and needed.
    and after WWI was WWII more worse.

    American and foreigners soldiers came to Ukraine, so here a World War, America as USA is here and Russia here and Ukraine is here.

    So, World War II started.

    I read on English-languages news as it as a training in Russia on the case of the possible Nuclear War — things worse rigther wehere in a Cold War, started Great Britain and USA.

    Some people may just hate and to ruin all what other people built during their lives.

    Had you saw these ‘traditional’ Ukrainian houses? no tuilets? just a hole. Plenty had money but kept the old traditional way.

    So, Ukrainian men whom had not any loo, tualet sits, a bathroom, a shower in their ‘traditional houses’ came as Barbarians to bomb properties, houses, schools, which they never built here to complain to demolish them.

    Plenty men without a work — they are not working — so, they would be as Zero as Specialits if they were Specialists.

    But you know, really strange this all – 2 years of events which never had been here before as this. This is so abnormal, so easy to think as some secret experience was here on a humans as a part of American open field military biological and other weapons.

    You know…. no one really blamed Ukrainians, as people sure that this uSA and Americans organized to kill them – by paying huge money to criminas, by usuing some secret technology.

    Russian men and Ukrainian men as LAZY, they like not to go to a work, they like just to drink vodka, to eat plenty meat, to have a sex with women and to sleep.

    Russian weather in winters covered all with a snow 1,5-2 meters deep – no roads were in the past, so, all Russian people sat Inside their wooden small houses, sleeping, talking, singing, saying tales.

    This developed a special really lazy national character.

    Ukrainian men are more lazy rigther Russians, more cowards too, – see here too as to fight with women and kids, with unweaponed women and kids, and to run to save own hiena lives not to answer.

    Russian men had a traditions to say if they did somthing wrond as yes, i did this and to answer – a part of male proudness to be a man.

    Russian men lie just to wives to protect their wive’s emotions from any truth to know if this damaging truth.

    Russian men lied to vover their love affair on a side of marriage and each another too, for the protection their wives.

    Other cases, each Russian man prefer never lie and to say as it was, not worring for conclutions.

    This is a part of education of Russian Mum, to ask ‘If this your work? had you done this?’ and to be more upset for a lie of her son, trying to lie here to his Mum.

    So, when Russian men damaged something, – they say always.

    Just a criminals, thieves murders lied, but no one respect this lie.

    Here 2014-2015-2016 as years of action of men whom cowards, lieing, not saying openly as they did this.

    Caucasian Chechens educated to lie to be a Hero, as not just to do something wrong and bad – but to run to hide themselves and to lie.

    Some other Ethnics too – from British, American, Azian, Chineese, Japoneese, as men educated to lie to run to hide not to answer.

    Germans Soldiears and Officeirs during WWII had plenty photos of themselves with damaged proprties, hanging women, etc – they had not any shame to do what they did to cover their own activities – now plenty German photos on Internet to see this all.

    But here.. here… 2014-2016 = 2 years. Internet. and what – no photos and messages in Internet with photos from Ukraine and words ‘I had been here and this my job and activities!” ???????\

    USA had sallitets here, lots, – no one asked USA to provide American salliteet images to try to do conclution whom bombe houses and properties of civilians?

    Ukraine is not USA land — a far far away. So, why American Congress USA put such huge amount money as hunderds billions to push to have this Uktainian civil war?

    So, wars in Iraq, Afganistan, Vietnam for American Congress USA are not still enough? plenty ruined economics of plenty countries are still not enough?

    I read as people wrote about this strange Sirian war, as Islamic Country had been founded originally on American budget money – as USA paid locals, gave weapons – so, all others as coming here a creation- baby-toy of USA.

    USSR had The Peace Agreement to Siria to fight — so, Russia might had not a choice here, and protected not Sirian President political power, but The Peace Signing Agreement with Siria as a honest word of obligation to fight with Sirian enimies if they would attacked Siria.

    So, USA created Islamic Country, gave money, a war -Siria had been attacked and a Peace Agreement to protect Siria by Russia start to work and a work in a war conflict —- Siria had been attacked by Islamic Country —- Islamic Country is not a member UN? so, this is a Pirates ship society, as UK had not accept this as a country.

    I read all people in Russia were sure as soon as USA won a war with Sirians, ruined their state – the next country to be attacked will be Russia.

    So, when Russian Army fight to protect Siria state – they sure they fight to protect Russial

    And as Russian Ethnick bombed already in Europe as a push of American Congress money to kill civilins of Europe here, bombed houses, a war – so, a war is the war.

    If someone attacked Russia -they will bomb towns and villages after that.

    Sirian had been as brothers — Quaran commentary named Siraian, Arabs and Russians ancecstors as BROTHERS.

    Siria was a brother-state for Russians. Russians are related in genes with Arabs of Arabic Penusulla, with Siria too.

    Th point was not in Asad-but in the The Peace Agreement with Siria to protect Sirian state from invaters — Islamic Country is the invitor, a Pirates Society – UN – United Station had not recognised Islamic Country as a state to be in UN, instead, plenty countries had not accepted Islamic Country and things what were are here as a mass kiiling civilians, kids, damaged properties, Chritians Churches — all some as in Ukraine and to everywhere where American Congress uSA, Murders in political power, put their ideas to kill locals again.

    USA fighted 15 years with Vitnam, used chemical orange to poison people, kids, soil, so Vietnameese small kids had their birth without fingers-arms-palms-ill. Where was CNN and other American Freedom of Information’s American Journalists during these 15 years keeping a silince to cover this all?

    Some now, something happened -to see – and to see a censure of American news TV to cover things from Americans to know as American budget money works to kill civilians, kids, women in other countries

    But stupid Americans do continue believe in their own American news story vision, fully forgetting a lie of them as censured lie during 15 years of war in Vietnam.

    I saw as plenty white race women in UK, USA started to pick not their white race men already as women tired from the agression of men of white race, puttinbg plenty their effort to fight to kill other.

    Murders can not to kill, can they?

    Where a police to catch to stop them all to stop this?


  2. Dear Graham, I stopped to see on these wars in Ukraine, Siria as political conflicts as I see them as a biological conflict here, as the use of excuse of some political confrantation between men from 2 sides to start to kill women and kids – to reduce number of local population in this area via the reducing numvers of women and kids in this area, and men too.

    So, this what had and have happaneded, really, and in Siria and in Ukraine – the reducing numver of local women and kids and men.



    Wolves fighting between them, males-wolves to males-wolves – to the alpha-boss vacancy and for female-wolves and for a food supplies range.

    Bulls, as males, had not fight to kill their cows too, had they?

    All animals-males fight to a right to have females, for a social status and so a food supply status.


    Each biological group tried to survive while this hard. Males animals protected females animals in plenty social groups of animals.

    so, see here



    In nature, wolves had a really good smell feeling to find someone different or ill by a smell. In natures, wolves may kill own males-wolves as weakest, ill, not traditional or to push to live them.

    So, we may re-questioned Ukrainian and Sirian area conflicts where males fighting as between themselves for a political power, but in the reality – they killed local women, in a huge numbers, so reducing numbers of local women, kids, population

    — why?

    A normal happy healthy male would not kill a female woman, as he still need a sex with a woman, as he had a memory about his mother, grandmother, sisters, cousins, schoolmate-girls, collages, and as he respect his mother for agiving a life to him, to his mother in other woen around him.

    So, we may have a biological war between Homo Sapience group of humans, having their birth from their mothers,

    and, some another biological group of humans, looking as Homo Sapince for our eyes, to confucing us to think they are Homo Sapiences as we are — but they are not Homo Sapeinces, just looking such for us.

    As they do not protect women and kids, they kill women and kids — so, their biological group had not such things as “mothers”. ‘kids’, ‘women giving a birth for kids’, ‘women giving a breast feeding milk to their babies’.

    This means, they a type of chiken eggs birth, when they had their birth as a type of snake, fishes, chickens, tortillas, —- somethings as an egg, when they had their birth from this – and straight looking as Homo Sapiences, just had not their houses, money, they had not their mother or their kids too.

    It may be a case of some another biological group, or it may be a genetic growth population in some specilized tanks.

    They saw and they hate women as women are females of another biological group for them.

    They look as males, men, so, all male sociaty in each country easy accepted them as males, men.

    Only a point as they are not.

    Men respected men, as all countries with a political power of men, so, easy to take any place in any country.

    They may be may have a sex with woman, as their bodies hidden as male bodies, for some reasons as money – the information – a political power link way – to hide be diffrent -so, to do allas others to be accepted by others.

    But as if this another biological group, with their own DNA or something, it may be no kids in such marriages.

    Another group, whom hated women – some of gays-men — they do not need women-they hate women. Gays societies prefer to give a work for gays – so, not merci to help to women to survive.

    Each company where gays came, fluided by gyas, men, and if some women had been accepted – some just as they were Lesbians – as a point of a strong jeaosy to protct men to men-gays only,

    And so, another versa, as these wars in Ukraine and in Siria to kill plenty local women here was some jealosy or some emotional answer from someone powerfull a gay-man, as plenty them much to emotional, histerical, over-reacted and stupid to see to noticed this all too.

    From the biological point of view, all gays, males, men are NOT already a humans of HOMO SPAIENCE BIOLOGICAL GROUP — THEY ARE CONNECTED TO MAKE ANOTHER THEIR OWN BIOLOGICAL GROUP.


    From a biological point of view, men whom are gays are not a biological group Homo Sapences – they are ANOTHER BIOLOGICAL GROUP.


    The biological protection of own biological group in the nature is the ksenophobia. So, a swan-male will look for a swan-female, asparrow-male to a sparrow-female, a tommy-cat to a pussy-cat, etc.

    So, again, if men as males had not look for females-women — theese men are not a biological group Homo Sapience – they are another biological group.

    Just plenty biologiest had not discussed this publicly open yet.

    I do not think it would be bad to recognise things as they are – that here on the planet The Earth exists some other biological groups, looking as humans Homo Sapiences for us, but they are not, and so, some of theirs hate women-females as females of another biological group for them, producing plenty babies.

    People had cats and kittens, dogs and puppies, to recognise as someone may look for Homo Sapience females and males as they some similar way with no taboo to kill.

    So, we see as humans Homo Sapience males may attract not just women of their own human Homo Sapeince race, but humans of other humans race too, whom are not Homo Sapeinces, to realize as women as females are in the dangerous of evil will of jealosy on them to kill them and their kids as women of strange race for someone.

    I lived in my 2months-5years age in Gaysin /Gaisin/Haysin town in Ukraine.

    My mother said me as she listened me talking here with some boy or a man, probably, a boy, on a Ukrainian language
    – У тебя ммы-папы нема, а у меня е!
    – You have not your mother-you father! While I have!

    I do no remember this, a longtime ago, but may be I met someone here, looking as a human Homo Sapeince, but from another human race, where no mothers, as an egg production or an incubator production.

    We see plenty types of monkeys, fishes, birds, dogs, cats, trees, flowers, we knew as other types of human race were before as Neaderthaltes, etc et,

    So, it would be unbelivable for human race to be all as just only one biological group and race and type.

    We saw chamelions, changing colors to look some as around.

    Some animals may have the some mimicria to look humans, immitated speeches as parrots. Some snakes used a hipnoses on monkeys to keep them steel to come to eat them.

    Some Politicis used their speeches to hypnotize humans to believe them as snakes do with moneys.

    The real base is the humanity to recognise if this a person of your human race and as a base of communication.

    The real thing is the choices inside.

    It is so stupid for plenty males, men, to run to do things as to kill someone as they used to be hipnotised to do this, as slaves.

    When a battle finished, all died bodies around of the filds, and not one see or know whom came and what to do here.

    I think this is much to terible to see as men of Homo Sapience race started to kill plenty women and kids of their own local Homo Sapience Group.

    and here if you notice, plenty foreigners males-men from other countries came to kill locals too. They can not kiil women and kids in their own countries-so went to a practice to Ukraine and Siria.

    If men started to kill women and kids — they must not be accepted any more as a Homo Sapence race of humans – they are some another biological group and race.

    May still some experiences were, to do this changes in males, so, to stop them to be interesting in women, but to wish to kill them as another race females.

    If you see Lenin, Hitler — they had been as The Tsar and the King by their political power inflluetion, plenty women would have kids from Lenin, Hitler, Stalin – and, suddenly, as this not plenty kids for a some reason.

    So, if andwhen they had a sex with females, women – and no kids.

    Hitler was a crazy man to produce a special German New Race Babies, Arias, so, he could as a crazy may, to produce plenty his newborn babies, as so natural to think this — and so, no one? till 9th May 1945 – no one?

    I saw on of photo of his Eva Braun when he saw her at first to notice to choose — Eva was on a byciles, making her bottom up, what better for Gays men to show their bottoms to attract gays-men — and this worked on Hitler to pick her as his lover.

    Starlin [Starling] drew a trouses on a naked male bodies of Greek Statues with his word as they must to wear trouses. British scientists said as his reaction on male penises show Starlin as a hidden gay-man.

    We saw as Hitler and Stalin had the absolute gipnosing power on men around — they both kiiled huge number of local civilians, womenm, kids, Stalin sent to a prison or kill plenty wives of Soviet top range Generals, Offciials – each saw this and each kept a silince — no one Russian or German man killed Stalin or Hitler — each men protected them and their lives.

    If to see on a Hitler and Stalin as to some another race, as to females of another race – so, this had did men to protect them as females — a biological protection males of their females worked here.

    We see here what’s they want – a political power, a power, to come to kill women and kids.

    We do not know the whole complex of biological technology of them to attract, to manipulate others, to hipnotise others, but we see as result – they had and have much too big power of technology of searchning humans Homo Sapience to manupulate each and all.

    The open talk on this thema as here some other biological race, types, not just Homo Sapience, may open the lab testing to realise if this so or not and how much, or to closed the question as we do not know whom has a real power to rule and whom and how will or may use this.

    I read, as some British-American Genetic Scientists had changed her own genes, making something as a virus with a special DNA to come to a body to do chainces.

    Some way some military specialists may use to do changes in a local males to stop them recognise their females and kids as their own biological race-type-native-relatives-friends – they may add genes of aggretions, similar to this agrression genes of bllions years back in time.

    If so – any area may be destroyed and killed as people will start to kill each another and all their women and kids.

    Any person must to ask and to re-ask himslef and her self, as each of us may be a product of lab testing of new technology.

    Omaba wants to send American Astronauvts to a planet Marsk near or on 2017 with the goal to build here a constant base to move some to live here.

    This mean some experiences of genetic modification technology, and the experiences of reaction of productc of modification on the old products as a modern Homo Sapaience, women and kids and men to see the future problems and developing things.

    So, some geneticly modificated humans with new modificated genes may be here-or here-or that – to others invesigators to look what will be here as the reaction and what to except to wait.

    We see Ukraine and Siria as someposssible zones.

    People wrote about some strange planes, dropped or some red powders, with some blood DNA here, or some syntetic things as a celophan lines, making as a chemical burn of skins, some had somethings as smalled mites under skins, and people thoughts were as someone use them as lab mices not asking a persmission for this.

    Obama and USA said their new American goaland idea to move a part of population to Mars planet to live here to work to protect the planet Earth.

    If you ask – why will they plan for Mars? not to a Moon?
    Some said as it was enough to visit a Moon already to know as we are unwanted here. and so Obama is looking for Mars.

    American Scientists ready to re-crated back Neaderthals, disspaired 40,000 years back – so, this may be a reason for American Congress to put their money to push Ukrainian power in Kiev to kill their own Ukrainian civilians, women and kids and men – as a new-created Neaderthalts and new-created geneticly modificated ‘people’ from American labs needed some place to live?

    I am not able to understand this idea to kill plenty women and kids and men of our modern time, just as someone with to create to play with some new toy, but do notwish to provide any hospitality and welcome to risk their own homeland.

    All my thoughts gere are mine. I am not a specialist here, I may be right or wrong or both.

    But how it is possible what on Ukraine and in Siria now?

    May be someone used some experiences of people here as on their lab mices?

    This all so strange, as would an elephant started to eat a meat of a lion, as a really hungry and to dance a ballet-dance on a twing on a tree.

    This is uncommon, abnormal.

    I think a great idea to lok on each case and each men whom would offend a woman, or to kill a woman, or wounded a women, as a possible object of ANOTHER BIOLOGICAL RACE AND TYPE — NOT A HUMAN RACE HOMO SAPIENCES — ANOTHER. LOOKING AS HOMO SAPIENCES FOR OUR EYES – BUT ANOTHER.

    See… crocodules with teeth and agrottion do not eat females-crocodules! Millions years of such oldest biological TABOO.


    It is easy.

    Males never damaged females of their biological groups.
    Whom had did this – here another biological race and it needs the full genetic testing and the full investigation.

    How many them? looking as Homo Sapience males, men, but from another biological race an group?

    If they like a political power to rule? or to live as a closed group. near and all together?

    How they recognise members of their own biological group? another rigther Homo Sapeince group?

    May they have kids from females of Homo Sapence or not?
    How they reproduce themselves?

    If American President Obama wants and plans to Mars settle down base and population on Mars, may be here a sign of some erally serious problems with the planet The Earth, and Ukraine and Siria just smallest drops of this all.


  3. Dear Graham, to go against the offciail state power for a civil conflict war, – it would be good to sit to account at 1st all own strengthes and abilities to defend all lives, all properties, to archives goals and chances to win the civil political battle. In the reality of life, all this civil war political or religios or Ethnoic wars ended with the huge number of killed innocent civilians, women and kids and men and pensioners, and damaged properties around, what no one as a normal person never point a a normal kind event and choices.

    Some people always want a political power, revange, a success, to win/ Their love to a political power to rule lives of others is so strong as a personal goal to protect just this – to them to be as main political power on the top to rule by others.

    See, from outside Ukraine to see for a big difference in a living people in Kiev, in Ukraine, – and in Donbass area of Ukraine under a political separatists political power.

    No one bombs properties civilians in areas outside Donbass area, so, each person stays alive with not damaged property to live here.

    I am a woman, dear Graham, so a practical woman as all mothers and grandmothers to think though goals of surviving for kids and grnadkids.

    And what I had saw? Some group took a political power in Kiev to make Ukrainian Revolusion Maidan 2014 (it was not enough to go through Ukrainian-Russian Soviet Revolution 1917 year yet to realize the edn of all revolusions as a mass genocide local civilians? a loss of property? savings? lives?)

    So, one group of Ukrainian men put their country Ukraine in the civil war making Ukrainian Revolution 2014 ‘”Maidan” in Kiev.

    Another political group had opened the separation as another political battle in Donbass.

    After this 1st political group started to bomb a land of 2nd political group, making a reality of the real civil war in Ukraine (They never read bokks about any civil wars and plenty killed innocent people as a fact of this all?)

    So, we saw a Civil War Political Coinflict in Ukraine from 2014, during 2015, during 2016 — but if to read, some of Civil Wars in Great Britin-Europe were for over 100 years, as just one of 100 years Civil War Conflict — a great fact to think forward before to start this!

    I am a woman, so, for me this is a Biological War of men in Ukraine, together with their supporters from USA, EU, Europe, Scandinavia, etc AGAINST WOMEN AND KIDS TO REDUCE THE NUMBER OF WOMEN AND KIDS, SO A NUMBER OF THE LOCAL EUROPEAN POPULATION OF WHITE RACE AS LOCAL CIVILIANS.

    The reducing number of women and kids – this is a biological war against human race Homo Sapience.

    We see a modern France, having a problem to reproduce their ancient local French DNA Ethnick, so, African Muslim came to Europe to make kids to fill the gap of population in France and Germany.

    We see plenty gays or pedafiles in a political power or near in Great Britain, Europe, USA, – and a question or a doubt as they may deal all this reduction of number of women and kids as unwanted, or some rich families’es wishes ‘so many these others now here! much to many! we do not need so plenty here to do just some farming jobs for us or to be servants!”

    Or some aliens wish to clear Homo Sapience race place as a land to settle down their own people?

    and if so, – what to expect after that to others as they will grow in numbers? the some as in Sitia or in Donbass? The bombing and a mass killing all civilians?

    Why do All American Congresswomen and Congressmen started to be blind and deaf? including all European Rights or American Rights to survive here as organization?

    You saw European men from OBSE filmed all from 2014, and ‘still not enough evedence for us, as to UK/EU/UN/USA as still not all cleared here, some still alive!?”

    Here is a biological wars – a biological war in Ukraine in Donbass area, in Siria and Arab countries — plenty women, plenty females died, wounded, some for kids — here a BIOLOGICAL WAR!!!

    I think as a woman as a time come now to reduce the number of males, rapidly and rapidly — we do not need such huge number of aggresive violance creatures, making a fun to go to kill others or to damage other people properties!

    All people work hard to survive to pass a heritage to own kids, grandkids.

    Some criminals as males came or as a females came just as they are murders with their strong wish to kill others, cibilians without any weapons or kids, pregnant women.

    It is a really strong hate of alive people, kids, children, women, men, pensioners, Homo Sapience race.

    Christian and Jewish women and kids in Europe in Ukraine, Muslim women and kids in Ukraine in Europe too – as all lived in Donbass in Ukraine.

    Siria – the some — plenty Christian and plenty Muslim women and kids — no a religion here to protect lives no one, as here a Biological War against Homo Sapience race to reduce them.

    All mothers are so proud and happy to have their sons! For what? for them all to grow up to go to kill others? other women and other kids as their mothers teached them hate all others?

    ‘Just your Mummie, dear Tom, loves you very much! Nobody else!”

    A real man is able to love and to protect.

    Ukrainian men, males, able just to kill their own population, a civilians, women and kids to reduce their own number.

    American Congress had and has supported Ukrainian males in their biological wars against women and kids and pregnant women in Ukraine to kill them — “O! Dear Tommie! This small reduction of billions here just in Your American English Mummies interests! as these locals are pro-Russians and so their Mothers talk on Russian language! not as we are – on our English language of Murders to order to kill others or to support the killing others or murders started plenty wars! ”

    I can not understand why American men love their American English-speaking women as such women are Murders more rigther women or Mothers.

    In nature, a pussy cats may take puppies, to grow as her own kittens, all together, as female cats have so strong mother’s instinct to protect kittens.

    I had leaned , personally for myself, as Latvian Lettich women from another race, not from Homo Sapince race, as all these Latvian Lettish women as mothers with their kids vote to humilate other kids and other women. Latvian Aliens, as Russian and other Ethnic Group, teached kids here – See! Let’s not touch her! She is Latvian Lettish! (making a clear disctance between themselves, as humans and Latvian Letish Nazi).

    The some, I was educated to be friendly with all Nacionalities, all races, all Ethnic Group. The vote of American women and men for a push a civilian war in Ukraine with a mass killing of local civilians here, women and kids, put me a a feeling to feel a great distance between us, as a Homo Sapinece race from all these English-Speaking American Congresswomen as they are from another race, not humans as we are and they are evil to vote for wars and a mass killing.

    Nobody attacked USA as English-speakers land, while USSR and Russian had their Nuclear Rockets.. as unnessosory buttons never to use them jsut to have.

    This choice not to attack USA never by wars, by Nucllear Rokets, by boms, had put for some reason to think to feel all Soviet or Russian Army and their rokects just as buttons suiting to Russian ;and so srtongly, so nobody will touch.

    Such as choice to stay in the peace, was undertstand not as a friendship or a peacefull type of mood, but as a weakness by eyes of hungry eveil wolf to attack the vulnarable lambs on their own fields.

    I wrote as I see this as a really dangerous choices for USA, as in the case of atttack them, here may be a collective mass attack from plenty countries, not just from some one, as people fed up and really tired to see the attitite to force others to stay American unnamed colonies and American slaves, all have own lives and interests.

    In the case of such attack USA, it may be a collective plan and so not just 1 Nuclear Bomb, but more, and so, a huge big humanitarian catastrophe with a mass kiiling of civilians of USA. And here something to think to stop the attitute to do enemies as a great American choice to walk around the planet The Earth trying to find their own enemies in plenty places and countries though people, whom never thought to attack USA, having their own lives.

    America or USA land is much warmer, and still a large area.

    China and Japony have ideas to take Russian ;land till Sibiria, – great! but a land as USA is much bigger, warmer, better and lange! a good climate for farmering or to live! especially in Florida and California! in USA

    SO, why to take a land of coldest snow winters to Sibiria with frosts minused 50 degrees, while here a much good land in USA? with warm nice climate to live here? while not plenty people would able to survive in Sibiria, plenty would died, as much too cold here.

    China is on the south from Russia – so, Chineese people and Japanies people, women and kids, would not able to survive in the North, in Sibiria, and no rice to produce here too for them, so cold.

    While USA land much better, warmer, nice for farmering, still the warm oceans, so and fishing.

    USA had not used their own resources for oil, etc, frozen them – a good news for their future occupants to come to live to start to use this.

    USA land has a gold mines, oil. So, really nice.

    And people as American people so disliked their own American land, so they run from USA away in battles in other countries- as their own country USA has not enough working places for all their American Citizens USA, and as American Citizens prefer to be to stay far away from their Motherland too – in Iraq, in Vietnam, in Afganistan, – where much warmer righter in USA, just not their countries.

    People in other countries saw this, and one day the great pacient of others may stop to work to plan to do something not nie for these American people, busy in other people lands, countries, lives, not just in their own lives in their own land and country.

    I would not wish or want this, so, praying for American Citizens USA to stop their Politians making revolutions, civil wars in other countries to kill locals.

    I do not understand why American Citizens USA are so proud to stay under American Murders as their political power system.

    Each American President USA promised to foolish Ameicans to be kind to do something kind – as Obama’s promise to be a normal human to closed down this shame as American prison on island Cuba – and they lied, Obama lied. He had not did this to keep his promise to others. So, American Citizens USA voted to grant some African-American Lieer to be their American President USA for years as a sort of their American King.

    Royalty is much better as here no any lie, all open.

    Presindents as some Kings or Tirans, really, by their absolute political power and them to be deaf and blind to others, whom they just USED to come to a power.

    Poor USED American Citizens USA, as used condoms of a sperm of their Presidents and Congressmen-Congresswomen! All lied them, doing in own group interests!

    Or, in the hidden biological groups interests to reduce number of locals from Homos Sapience race!

    Dear Graham, you was and is a Journalist on the Ukrainian Biological War males from USA, UK, EU, Germany, Scandinavia, Ukraine, Russia, …. against local European white race women and kids and men!

    Plenty English-speakers came and will came here, probably?
    Or Chineese-speakers?


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