Updates from the DLPR (#3) A Visit to a Lugansk ‘Gulag’ (as the BBC said).

A recent BBC article blazed

Human rights activists in eastern Ukraine say they have evidence that slave labour camps reminiscent of Soviet gulags are operating in rebel-controlled areas. A newly published report alleges that 5,000 people in the self-declared Luhansk People’s Republic are held in solitary confinement, beaten, starved or tortured if they refuse to carry out unpaid work

However, the BBC had made a few fundamental ‘mistakes’ here –

  • They’d never once visited the prison in question they wrote so much about
  • They took an interview from a blatantly ‘pro-Ukrainian’ former inmate, and took his word about the terms of his detention as gospel
  • They took the word of a ‘Human Rights Group’ based in Kiev, with clear links to the Kiev government as gospel
  • There’s no evidence, videos, photos, to back up the extremely extreme claims that they make

In my new special reportage from Lugansk, now with full English subtitles, I go to visit the prison the BBC described as a ‘gulag’ here –

4 thoughts on “Updates from the DLPR (#3) A Visit to a Lugansk ‘Gulag’ (as the BBC said).”

  1. I value BBC as before this propaganda bla-bla-bla, their mark of BBC was to check the information, to trust them and their information.

    But when USA started wars from 2001, involving their allies, USA, UK, EU stopped on the way of a military censure and a propaganda. It was easy to noticed as they hided the real truth to ve shown by political goals of propaganda.

    So, I started to try to look plenty resourses on different languages, as our Goverments started to think for us what we need to know to think.

    I remember the war in Georgia, when American CNN hided the information as Georgian military by orders from Georgian President Sakaashvily started to bomb a civilian town at night, attacke UN post here. But as they had been Americn allies in a confrontation to Russia, USA hided this criminal activities of their full protected Politician to order to bomb Georgian town at night.

    I saw Russian web-sides, as kids, women had been shocked, upset, wounded, some died. and a silince to show the real events in Europe in Georgia, as Politicians ordered to bomb a town in their own country.

    Later the some but more worse came in Ukraine, where Ukrainian Politicians from Kiev ordered to bomb towns, villages in their own country, including propertis, schools, churches, buses and so to kill plenty civilians in their own country Ukraine.

    They tried to start a mass killing so strong, that no one came to try to sort out problems, to talk with people, and it was no vote as a choice to show own opinions too.

    Nobody knew how people would vote.

    Sometimes some political radical groups voices sound more high to hear, but the vote gives the right real numbers for thoughts and opinions.

    And the some. USA, CNN, had supported this, I listened as CNN Journalist said something as ‘O! They are pro-Russians!” Yes, they were, they are, as here their Motherland of their ancestors for thousand years. It was Russian Empair.

    USA support Ukrainian politics whom refused to talk with their own civilians to sort out problems and refused from the vote system.

    It was not a democraticy from 2014, in much too political orientated country. I remember as there had been all political partied in Ukraine before Maidan 2014. Their Revolution Maidan 2014 without a vote, a taking political power by a force, with damaging police by stones, fire by unworking men — they had not worked for monthes, as people whom took a political power in Kiev by Revolutions, and canceled rights of freedom, speech.

    I saw as radical crowds attacked and humilated plenty people, Politicians. so here was the high level of agression.

    USA Congress support this country without a vote, democraticy, where POliticians ordered to bomb towns, villages in their own country — so, American Politicians and Congress USA are ready for the some, for the some use of the some technology in USA, UK< EU — any place as some people will take a political power by a force and Revolutions, ordering to the army to go to bomb civilians.

    I had tried to ask American Military student, Officers, Generals on public social account as a part of their training from me here to up their skills to life:

    – If your own American Politicians, taking a political power by a force without a vote, will order to go to bomb American towns, American villages, American school, buses, airports, churches in their own country USA, so, to kill plenty civilians, kids, women, men, pensioners in your own country, so to damage other people properties by bombs, — as this started from Maidan Revolution 2014 in Ukraine, — would you, as American Military Officers, obligated to do all orders of your American Presidents USA, American Govertment, American Congress USA will go to do what they say to you – Will you start to bomb towns, villages, busses, hospitals, airoports, schools in your own country USA?

    Yes or not?

    And, in the case to be American Pilot with bombs on the plane to flight to bomb civilians of your own country, – what will be your destination and your activity?

    Americans had closed and banned and cleared all my posts, as they had not wanted that their American Miltary staff and Officeirs and Soldiers would be so clever something to think to analize in the case as in Ukraine from 2014.

    I worry, as here some training excuses of the use of military technilogy to enemies on civilians by Politicians, started in Georgia, wided to Ukraine, this is Europe. so, later the some technology to kill civilians in own country by military technology may be used in any country – against Scotland and Scottish people, against Baski in Spain, in USA in the case of civilian politican confrontation.

    Here a loss of a valueation of rights, lives of others.

    Locals in Ukraine lived in their native land of their ancestors, so why do this so was bad for American Congress USA to value rights for life and opinions of others?

    Our World started to be under American Diktature 'do as siad or you will be kiiled with your kids and women'.

    USA had 15 years of Vietnam War by choice of American Presidents USA and American Congress USA, with use of chemical 'orange', making Vienameese kids to be born without part of their bodies – legs, arms, as "American Presents from American Congress USA".

    American news had been under a military censure to hide the information. How many American History Teachers show the true photos from Vietnam which had been hidden?

    Now all the some, American military censure worked as a propaganda mashine, civilians blamed for the use their native languages of their Ethnic, Europe is not America? European Ethnics used their own native languages. Why do American Presidents uSA and American Congress USA look forward to kill Europeans in Europe for the use of their native languages of their mothers?

    There are plenty Ethnics in USA, so, languages too. Or here some plans to kill each ex-Soviet as pro-Russians?

    Russians are billions, so, this a genocide and a mass killing.

    American news had not show things from Donbass. I compare the information by BBC, CNN, as they had not show things, – some as during 15 years of war in Vietnam.

    But I saw a change. Chineese people had not served a plane of American President Obama in China, complained this is Chineese land and country and he forgot to ask to order and to pay for the right level of service.

    People fed up. American military aggression is the agrossions of mental ill hienas and murders in their top of political power in USA.

    Murders took a political power to order to go to kill others,

    What had American Police did? American Police is keeping their American Murders in power happy to kill others.

    If a man kill 1-2-3-10 people = a life sences in USA or much worse.

    When American Politicians ordered to kill much more rigther this in wars, – they killed more, own Cizitens and others, – they are a top range of "respectfull Murders", protecting by American Police.

    What is a wrong with American Police to start to be so blind ?

    Or. Some man used American weapon to kill kids in American school. a crime. But the owner of a shop in USA, whom gave the weapon, sold it to this criminal had his income.

    While it was the juridal precendent in USA, when American Judge gave 25 years for a trader of weapons, as 'they all thought that some unnamed American might be killed in Latin America by this weapon"

    It was not an evedence of any died body no one as a proof as someone had been killed. so, not a died body, no any Professionals searching of bullet, marks of weapons.

    25 years on the opinion as 'We think as someone American man MIGHT been killed in Latin America; by a weapon whom 'might been sold by this man'.

    No evedences of died bodies, bullets, marks of weapon or bullets, proves, no witnesses, just 'we sure this might be or should be' as 'we saw American Holliwood film about the some Italian Trader of weapons'.

    All right, 25 years in a prison for a Trader of weapons in Latian America by American Court USA. Great.

    But what had stopped to use this case to already American Traders of American weapons in USA, if their cliient had used this to kill a child in USA? people in USA?

    But American Court, Judges, Police never used this to American Traders as this is permitt to kill kids and people in USA by weapons from American shops only.

    Double-Laws to different Ethnic groups, Nationalities as a valuetion of crimes.

    'O, here a serious criminals as he a trader of weapons, in Latin America'. 'he is Russian Trader of weapons-so,25 years in American prison for this!

    So, his personal gilt was not to be Trader of weapons, – but Russian by his Ethnic. If he would sold American weapon by American shops, in USA, and his clients killed kids, students, American Citizens in USA, – he would go free as American Traders.

    American Juridical System is a double faces, racial, distriminated system.

    Why had American Police and Judges had not used Boot / Viktor But precident for 25 years to him as to a Trader of weapon for American Traders of weapon in USA?

    I will say why – becuase it is not any crime to kill a child, woman, students, men, as one or plenty in USA by American weapon from American Trader of weapon from American shop for Weapon Traders.

    Just if the murder bought weapon from Russian Trader – this would be a crime in USA for Russian Ethnic Trader to sold weapon.

    When a criminal killed plenty kids in American school by American weaoun from American shop, – it was no asks to the shop owner here as a real crimer.

    Why? because a crime is only a wrong final choice only whom is killing only.

    So, a person whom pressed a button is a criminal by law, as a final murder.

    here a choice, each has a choice.

    But plenty military people as slaves on orders, obligated to do orders of others whom took a political power in their country,

    American Democraticy has clans as some, people with money, as some, iin a top of power.

    It costs much too many money. They took money from others under their promises to do something in interests whom had fonded them.

    So, each American President USA and Politicians presented just interests of their personal fonder raiser, some way as Waiters on tips. doing orders and service whom paid for this.

    America had 15 years of war with Vietnam, Each American Politicians earned good money, salary, pensions. Just whom died nothing. But they are died, so, nothing to worry about some died people, yes? died is died. but someone earned their money on died, and will be. and do.

    Plenty people stoped to be interesting in Police, Polititians as 'a dirty bussiness' deals here and things.

    So, American Soldiers fight for dirty bussiness of someone. As type of military robots, just as a biological mashines robots on programm.

    The order to bomb – they go to bomb. Robots.

    Any person is a free. to do any choice. including to stop to shot and bomb civilians and other people properties too.

    Dear Graham Phillips, in case of use such some technology in USA/UK.EU how many died civilians, died kids, died women would be expected here in a compare with a number of loss, as died civilians and wounded civilians in Ukraine?

    some? or much much more?

    1. Georgian bombing towns as a loss was much low rigther the next step on Ukraine as Ukrainian loss.

    2. So, each the next step and level will give much much more losses of civilians. Where and which country will be the next? USA? UK? EU? Russia?

    3. Normal men are lazy, to fight too – here with no stops. Normal man would said, he is leaving this all … going to his home, wife, kids, to drink a beer, to eat, to sleep, to have a sex, to do what's he wanting.

    Military people are the best, mostly, educated to sacrofize their lives for other people to live, of other people goals.

    But military people on orders of Politicians of their countries. They are not free. So, each time when wrong people have took a political power – other state mashines, as Army, Fleet, Police just served to protect wrong people as servants and robots on commands.

    Had American Police, American Phychiators, American Phychologists checked the mental health of future Presidents USA as Candidats? and by testing them too before this all?

    To have any job, needs to have CV,to do plenty tests, interviews, trainings.

    Political battles may not work, as some may just lie and to be good in this.

    I afraid that the loss civilians in Ukraine just a first number of much biggest amount of future loss in some other countries and in USA too.


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