Updates from the DLPR (#4) Shelling in the DPR and LPR

Reports from the DPR about ceasefire violations have been in the thousands, by the week, in October. However, numbers are numbers, and it’s sadly the case that it takes victims for shelling to really make news, get attention. You will doubtless be aware that on October 27th, the city of Makeevka (by Donetsk) was hit by Ukrainian shelling, with two killed as a result, some photos of that here –

Edward Basurin, the DPR Defence spokesman, named Thursday 27th as ‘Black Thursday’, with a total of three killed, across the DPR, and 10 wounded. 

Patrick Lancaster, in Donetsk, reports heavy shelling audible this night. Let’s wait until morning, and hope for no more victims.

There is a conception that over in the LPR, things are calm and peaceful. That’s a misconception, as I filmed from the scene where it seems Ukrainian forces had intentionally hit a civilian car with an anti-tank device, with the 60-year-old male driver now in a critical condition, after having undergone an amputation –

You can take your pick of reasons for the escalation, from time of year – this time last year, and of course 2014, also saw an escalation of shelling – to the upcoming US presidential election. But, there’s no question, Ukrainian shelling is intensifying in both the DPR, and LPR, and there are victims.

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