Updates from the DLPR (#5) International Visitors in the LPR

Fair to say that tourism hasn’t exactly been a huge industry in recent times in Donbass. And, fair to add it’s not going to be while there’s an ongoing, no matter how sporadic, war situation.

There’s war itself, and also the barriers of getting through – entry from the Ukraine side isn’t possible without special clearance from Kiev, and that doesn’t exactly go down well in the DPR, and LPR, understandably.

So, visitors have to come through Russia, requiring the obtaining of a Russian visa, involving the filling out of a rather lengthy form, trip to a visa office, and some expense. Not only this, a double-entry visa is required, allowing your DLPR visitor to exit Russia, and re-enter.

So, it’s not a city break to Rome. Yet, there are those who are surmounting the hurdles, and coming themselves to the LPR, and DPR. Here, in English, a recent group of Italian visitors –

And even more recently, a Welshman here in Lugansk –

So, too early to say the the DPR and LPR are emerging as tourist destinations, but people are coming here, leaving in the one piece they came in, and going home knowing for themselves how things are here, rather than what what the western media would have you think.

Likely watch this space then, for more international visitors to the LPR and DPR!

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