Goodbye Ukraine Today – a few words…

Graham Phillips

It’s been announced today that the channel Ukraine Today is closing. Funded by oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, it was a blatant propaganda channel which, for 2 1/2 years, peddled pro-Ukraine misinformation, and lies, about the situation in ukraine-todayUkraine Donbass, Russia, and more.

I’d like to say to Ukraine Today – how many times did you lie about me…. all that nonsense about ‘Russian propagandist’, patent untruths, deceit, attempts to cause problems for me.

Even worse, I knew some of you there, we worked together in Kiev in 2011, and 2012. Yet, for a few hryvnia, you betrayed me, let alone that – the constant stream of falsifications, lies and propaganda you pumped out.

ukraine-todayI’m not Ukrainian, so I won’t join in their tendency to wish death on everyone they don’t like. Live in health, but perhaps think about what you’ve done, try to rediscover some conscience.

You were a horrible, completely dishonest channel. And now – you’re closed, while I continue.

Laters, Ukraine Today, you’re done, and you lose.


A Graham Newsletter (#17) Dr Liza and Tragedy on Christmas, news from Donbass

I had wanted to write this wishing you a Happy Christmas, but the tragic crash of flight Tu-154 meant there was nothing happy about the day. While mourning for drliz4all the 92 victims on board, I was devastated to learn that in their number was Doctor Liza, an incredible lady who had visited Donbass 16 times during war, taking hundreds of, often severely, wounded children to Russia and the medical treatment which, in many cases, saved their lives.

We’d been in touch since early 2015, and in 2016 of this year, I’d had the pleasure of meeting her, spending a day together, the result of which was an interview, an extract of which, I’ll show you below, the text here: There was a girl, who was given a terrible outlook, and Vika (kindly shortening of Victoria), she became well, and was coming up to the guard and would dance – a little swan or some other part, she was making such a show – a child that could not even SIT before, she lay on the arms. So, you see… Everything is possible, Grisha

I’d agreed with Doctor Liza a few days ago to make a documentary film about her in Moscow, in January, was really looking forward to seeing her. It was, and is, shattering news, and hard to think how to go forward without her. A huge loss, one felt particularly acutely in Donbass, where she did so much, helped so many, was a symbol of hope for all.

Thoughts with all those, families, relatives of victims of flight Tu-154, Doctor Liza I knew, and adored, it’s a very tough loss.


Just over a week ago, I visited Pervomaisk, to give you a unique 360-degree tour of an apartment building wrecked by Ukrainian shellling –

My assistant for this reportage, Vera, with English subtitltes –

And here’s how we made that video –

The last week saw me go to the frontlines, with Patrick Lancaster, to bring you some unique reportage. With the eyes of the world elsewhere, here’s how Ukrainian forces were shelling, by Debalstevo –

Here was an interview with a Donbass militia on the frontlines, before battle kicked off –

Here was battle waging on the frontlines –

And here’s modern warfare, a Ukrainian drone flying overhead, as shelling goes on –

The town of Debalstevo itself then came under shelling –

The last few days have seen an attempted ceasefire over the festive period fail to hold, however also a de-escalation from the days before Christmas.

I now leave to Russia for a few days, to film about Doctor Liza, and will return to Donbass in the new year. Here was the recent opening of the Christmas Tree, in Donetsk –

And in 360 degrees –

It’s been devastating news, about flight Tu-154. I wish you all the best for the season, to stay safe, there’ll be another newsletter before the new year.

A Graham Newsletter (#16) 360 Degrees, an Aramis SOS, and more

Graham Phillips

It’s been a little while since the last newsletter, and this will be the last one before the final of 2016. To kick things off with an SOS, there’s only 2 days to go for the appeal to raise funds for a headstone fit for the hero of my Donbass film of early 2016, Aramis – if you can be involved in this, it would make a huge difference –

The last period has seen me reporting everything from Donbass – shelling, events, on the street reportage – and also a quick break to Russia to purchase a new camera, a 360-degree camera, allowing you to control the video yourself (panel in the top left, make sure it’s on high resolution setting, and on a computer rather than phone) – here’s the first result of my 360 degree camera, from Pervomaisk –

I’m very excited about this format, as it allows me to bring you reportage from Donbass in a new, visceral way, and am looking forward to bringing you more 360 going forward!

All this is, of course, thanks to those who support my work – my 3 month crowdfunding campaign for independent journalism from Donbass, here. I’m currently working through the pledges I made to all of those of you who supported me, to honour my commitment to you.

For those of you who wish to make ongoing pledge to my work, I’ve now set up a link for that, here –

I’m also, of course, hugely grateful to my volunteer subtitle-makers, Sergey Yermolayev, and Anastasic Urtica. Their amazing work means I can show you, in English, all sides of the situation in Donbass. From student talent shows –

To frontline interviews – 

Special reportage – 

Coverage of press conferences – 

Exclusive interviews – 

And doing what the western media refuse to do here, simply speaking to people in Donbass –

There is also, of course, photo reportage, updates, and much more which I bring you via my Twitter account, here. And I’d like to add that you can find all of my English-language reportage in the Facebook group ‘Truth in Journalism‘ – and big up to Daniel Franz, who’s doing great work as the admin of this group!

There’s also this site, of course, the Truth Speaker, where I bring you exclusive content such as this article about the OSCE –

This debunking of more western lies about Donbass

And publishing this open letter to Donald Trump, by more than 20 industry experts –

As we now move into the festive season, I’ll be looking forward to bringing you as much reportage as possible, across formats and mediums, and as always hoping for positive, rather than negative.

Before wrapping things up for this one, a mention for Patrick Lancaster, and the great work he’s doing here, both in journalism, and the humanitarian sphere, details of his humantarian work here –

Thanks so much for being with me, my very best wishes with you, as ever! Will be in touch with you all before the new year. Graham

New English Reportage from Donbass (#2) 360 Pervomaisk, Lugansk School, Alexander Hug

The latest in the series looking at my recent, English-language  video reportage from Donbass. Graham Phillips

A 360 degree look at a wrecked apartment building in the town of Pervomaisk (you can spin the camera yourself) –

In conversation with pupils at a Lugansk school –

An interview with Alexander Hug, of the OSCE –

New English Reportage from Donbass (#1) Students, Weapons, Defectors

The first in a series bringing together my recent English-language Donbass reportage. Graham Phillips

Huge thanks for English subtitles to Sergey Yermolayev, and Anastasia Urtica. 

All my reportage is funded by crowdfunding. Huge thanks to everyone involved! To make a donation to my work, click here. 

The end of November saw me at a scene, asking why the OSCE weren’t working –

Interviewing an LPR fighter on the frontlines –

A student talent show in Lugansk –

Into December, and it’s special reportage from an LPR factory, where they make their own weapons, then test them –

And, in Lugansk, a recent press conference with a former Ukrainian fighter, crossed over to the Lugansk People’s Republic side –

Help for Donbass: an Urgent Appeal from Patrick Lancaster

By American journalist, humanitarian aid worker, Patrick Lancaster

In November (thanks to all who donated) we had a great month of distributions. We gave 2 tonnes of vegetables to the village of Spartak (perimeters of Donetsk) –

And in addition – 7 baby cribs, 3 baby carriers & 1300 diapers – to the village of Zaitsevo (by Gorlovka).

Our final distribution in November was giving 45 chickens, 45 loaves of bread, 45 Lt cooking oil, 45 Lt milk, 45 kgs of sugar, & 45 kgs of pasta to the war ravage town of Vesole.

We need need your help making December even better! We are trying to make December our biggest month of distributions ever. Very soon, we’ll be supplying many litres of fresh water to Vesole, a village whose unclean water is a real health risk for residents. We are also giving them 20-50 tonnes of coal for heating, washing, and cooking.

We also want to help a pregnant woman and her 3 kids whose house was blown up in Zaitsevo. In the next couple of weeks, we are aiming for a holiday toy, food & diaper giveaway at a medical orphanage for children with AIDS. We are also trying give food supplies for a full holiday dinner to Spartak, a town where only 5% of they population has not died or fled and that live in bomb shelters.

Soon we want to organize a children’s party for 80 children whose homes have patrickbeen hit by shelling throughout Donetsk. I am sure some more things will come up this month, but donations is all it takes to make a real impact on peoples lives here. I ask you all to please donate, now is the time.

You can donate via the link below or via Paypal to address, to Sberbank Russia Card number 4276 8801 9017 1656 or via WesternUnion/MoneyGram to “Patrick John
Lancaster” in “Russia”.

Updates from the DLPR (#9) Reconstruction versus Hearsay in the DPR

Recently, as you may know, I was back in Donetsk for two weeks. I revisited the scene of an apartment in the Kuibishevsky region of the city, destroyed by Ukrainian shelling in 2014. I started covering the fate of this flat back in July of 2015. In May of 2016, reconstruction on it began, and here is the journey –










So, that’s real information from Donbass – time spent there, photos, evidence. And, more, something positive.

Let’s now have a look at the western media version. This recent article, as circulated in the Moscow Times, written by Tanya Lokshina, a Human Rights Watch employee, vocal critic of Putin, who also works as a journalist – Raw Fear in Separatist-Controlled Donetsk

What does Lokshina’s article comprise of? A lot of things that people have supposedly told her, or that she’s overheard on her trip to Donetsk. All negative, of course. And, perhaps also of course, there’s no evidence of any of it. No videos, no audio even. Not even a photo from her, of her time there, just a stock photo. It’s literally thus ‘I (a clearly anti-DPR journalist, who has been a constant critic of ‘separatism’) went to Donetsk and heard that everything there is terrible, I’ve got absolutely no evidence of any of that, so please just take my word for it.’

So, you’ll never see photos like the above in standard western press, not just because they don’t want to tell you anything positive about life in the DLPR, because they’re not actually interested in journalism, just hearsay passed off, and passed on.