Goodbye Ukraine Today – a few words…

Graham Phillips

It’s been announced today that the channel Ukraine Today is closing. Funded by oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, it was a blatant propaganda channel which, for 2 1/2 years, peddled pro-Ukraine misinformation, and lies, about the situation in ukraine-todayUkraine Donbass, Russia, and more.

I’d like to say to Ukraine Today – how many times did you lie about me…. all that nonsense about ‘Russian propagandist’, patent untruths, deceit, attempts to cause problems for me.

Even worse, I knew some of you there, we worked together in Kiev in 2011, and 2012. Yet, for a few hryvnia, you betrayed me, let alone that – the constant stream of falsifications, lies and propaganda you pumped out.

ukraine-todayI’m not Ukrainian, so I won’t join in their tendency to wish death on everyone they don’t like. Live in health, but perhaps think about what you’ve done, try to rediscover some conscience.

You were a horrible, completely dishonest channel. And now – you’re closed, while I continue.

Laters, Ukraine Today, you’re done, and you lose.


Updates from the DLPR (#9) Reconstruction versus Hearsay in the DPR

Recently, as you may know, I was back in Donetsk for two weeks. I revisited the scene of an apartment in the Kuibishevsky region of the city, destroyed by Ukrainian shelling in 2014. I started covering the fate of this flat back in July of 2015. In May of 2016, reconstruction on it began, and here is the journey –










So, that’s real information from Donbass – time spent there, photos, evidence. And, more, something positive.

Let’s now have a look at the western media version. This recent article, as circulated in the Moscow Times, written by Tanya Lokshina, a Human Rights Watch employee, vocal critic of Putin, who also works as a journalist – Raw Fear in Separatist-Controlled Donetsk

What does Lokshina’s article comprise of? A lot of things that people have supposedly told her, or that she’s overheard on her trip to Donetsk. All negative, of course. And, perhaps also of course, there’s no evidence of any of it. No videos, no audio even. Not even a photo from her, of her time there, just a stock photo. It’s literally thus ‘I (a clearly anti-DPR journalist, who has been a constant critic of ‘separatism’) went to Donetsk and heard that everything there is terrible, I’ve got absolutely no evidence of any of that, so please just take my word for it.’

So, you’ll never see photos like the above in standard western press, not just because they don’t want to tell you anything positive about life in the DLPR, because they’re not actually interested in journalism, just hearsay passed off, and passed on.

Updates from the DLPR (#8) Leaving and Returning to the LPR, and the difference…

I left the Lugansk People’s Republic a couple of weeks ago, to go to report from the DPR for a period. The LPR I left was at that time, almost entirely quiet, in terms of war. Events were of a more positive nature, this flashmob in Pervomaisk –

And here, Lugansk schoolchildren sing ‘Imagine’ to me!

Returning to Lugansk – with an evacuation taking place from a frontline village, and the reason clear in this video report, huge thanks to Sergey Yermolayev for English subtitles here –

Back in Lugansk, it was immediately thrust into reporting of a different kind, as Ukrainian forces had fired 7 times into villages by the perimeter. I go there to report on it, and ask why the OSCE are there, but don’t seem to be doing anything –

Here’s a look at the frontline, and the distance between sides –

And here, with full English subs, again thanks to Sergey Yermolayev, an exclusive English-language interview from the LPR frontlines –

We go on here, in the LPR for now, with more reportage to come, but let’s hope for a return to the positive, rather than the latest.