Updates from the DLPR (#9) Reconstruction versus Hearsay in the DPR

Recently, as you may know, I was back in Donetsk for two weeks. I revisited the scene of an apartment in the Kuibishevsky region of the city, destroyed by Ukrainian shelling in 2014. I started covering the fate of this flat back in July of 2015. In May of 2016, reconstruction on it began, and here is the journey –










So, that’s real information from Donbass – time spent there, photos, evidence. And, more, something positive.

Let’s now have a look at the western media version. This recent article, as circulated in the Moscow Times, written by Tanya Lokshina, a Human Rights Watch employee, vocal critic of Putin, who also works as a journalist – Raw Fear in Separatist-Controlled Donetsk

What does Lokshina’s article comprise of? A lot of things that people have supposedly told her, or that she’s overheard on her trip to Donetsk. All negative, of course. And, perhaps also of course, there’s no evidence of any of it. No videos, no audio even. Not even a photo from her, of her time there, just a stock photo. It’s literally thus ‘I (a clearly anti-DPR journalist, who has been a constant critic of ‘separatism’) went to Donetsk and heard that everything there is terrible, I’ve got absolutely no evidence of any of that, so please just take my word for it.’

So, you’ll never see photos like the above in standard western press, not just because they don’t want to tell you anything positive about life in the DLPR, because they’re not actually interested in journalism, just hearsay passed off, and passed on.

3 thoughts on “Updates from the DLPR (#9) Reconstruction versus Hearsay in the DPR”

  1. If this were really true it would have been on the BBC. And it can be perfectly explained in terms of a secret film set hidden in a forest in Putin’s Russia, where they built those “old” buildings then bombed them then reconstructed them. I mean – the idea that the BBC could have overlooked the sorts of things Graham mentions is patently unbelievable. Furthermore he hasn’t grown wings so couldn’t have taken those photos from above anyway. Also I personally witnessed Mr Phillips being handed 40 million roubles in a car park in a sleazy Moscow suburb, though unfortunately my camera’s battery flunked just at that moment. So the case is clear.


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