Graham Phillips: A Quick Biography

This is all about myself, British journalist Graham Phillips

3 thoughts on “Graham Phillips: A Quick Biography”

  1. About 15 years ago an organisation called the Frontline Club was formed (with premises in Paddington & whose mission is to “champion independent journalism” on the footing that, unlike the totally protected “journalists” who travel in huge teams on hugely expensive budgets for the commodity media & usually stay in 5-star hotels hundreds of miles from the action, “indies” like yourself are actually on the frontline, take incredible risks on miniscule budgets & so the (UK)” Foreign Office” can afford to disown them (which they can t with big media)..
    I cannot think of someone more qualified both to be accepted as a Member & to be accepted onto their so-called Freelance Register.
    You may already know this organisation & regard it as a cosy boys club for big media people.
    If not, here are the relevant details:
    I would not normally bother to go to their talks because the speakers are usually about as “independent” as John Humphries or the BBC s “world correspondent”. If you gave a talk, these people would start hearing some real “independent journalism” & the club s name would start to actually mean something.

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