Updates from the DLPR (#10) Ukrainian Shelling Escalates, Patrick Lancaster Reports

A dramatic, fatal escalation in Donbass in recent days has seen a minimum of 6 civilians killed, and 13 injured, as Ukrainian shelling has rained down on the Donetsk, and Lugansk People’s Republics.

Covering the action from Donetsk, is US journalist Patrick Lancaster.

January 29th, Patrick reports: Artillery destroyed a home in Donetsk during the night

On his Twitter, Patrick questioned why the OSCE didn’t inspect this. 

The same day, Patrick reports: Today the biggest attack on the area this year a mechanic was injured as opened fire on his garage

Patrick also, on Twitter, using a crowdfunded drone to illustrate his reportage.

Here, Patrick’s video reportage from January 30th: 2 killed, hospital, apartments, & school damaged in today’s huge a artillery attack on Donetsk

From January 31st, an extremely graphic video: My full #Ukraine War report on the scene a where woman is killed by artillery fire in #Donetsk,(ENG SUBS)

Also from January 31st:  war: This apartment building in Kyivs’kyi district was hit by artillery fire twice today

And from the same day: The moment today when trapped miners are rescued from a coal mine after a artillery attack.

Once more the 31st: APT. building near #Donetsk train station shelled by #Ukraine forces in early morning

Today, another graphic video: 4th civilians in 3 days has been killed by Ukraine shelling in the Donetsk area

And Patrick’s investigative report: My investigative report proving that Forces fired artillery on a residential area hitting many apartments

Be sure you are following Patrick on Twitter, for real, on the ground reports, as the Donbass situation escalaes further still.

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