The BBC ‘at work’ in Donbass (#1) Adveevka Whitewash

While Ukrainian shelling was hitting, killing civilians in Donbass, as reported by Patrick Lancaster, the BBC were also in Donbass. But, what were they doing? Firstly, they were on the Ukrainian side, having apparently made no effort to go to a Donetsk under Ukrainian shelling. And while there were bodies of civilians and mass damage in the city of Donetsk, here’s what the BBC, Tom Burridge on the scene:

Ho-hum ‘Iphone videos’ of people in Adveevka queing up for soup:

A photo of a woman killed by shelling without any mention who did it (western media rules, when you can, blame the ‘rebels’, when not, just don’t say) –


And in other news? Tom there, for the BBC, simply reporting everything the Ukrainian government say as fact, without any attempt to question, analyse, or provide an alternative opinion:


No mention at all of Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk, but Tom does tweet something about there being ‘no ceasefire’ and Ukrainian soldiers ‘ready for action’. 

And, retweeting the BBC’s ‘reportage’ on regularly, it’s the UK’s ambassador to Ukraine, Judith Gough.


All of which tells you what the BBC are there for – whitewash Ukrainian shelling of Donbass, provide propaganda for the UK government. 

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