‘Russian Tanks’, Euan MacDonald, and the Dutch conman

Graham Phillips

I saw this tweet today, by Kiev-based British ‘journalist’, editor at the Kyiv Post, Euan MacDonald

euan-macdonaldNow, I generally try to avoid slinging dirt around, but given Euan’s persistent trolling, and open lying, I’ve decided it’s time to shed a little light on him. For in short, Euan MacDonald (pictured here) is quite a bit worse than simply a liar.

As for the ‘Russian T-72B3s’ in this photo. Firstly, where’s the actual proof that that it is that model? For that, you’d need more than a screenshot, however Euan has never bothered to leave his office in Kiev, and come down to do some actual reporting in Donbass. He’s always been ‘too busy’ to do that. 

StefanHujWhat Euan did do, was employ a Dutch conman, Stefan Huijboom, to write a slew of pro-Ukraine articles from Donbass. Relentless anti-DPR / LPR invective was indeed served up by Stefan, running in the Kyiv Post, in 2014 / 2015.

However, in early 2016, Stefan was arrested by Dutch police and is currently serving jail time in the Netherlands for a string of scams, cons, a web of lies, and deceit, stretching back years. I’ve written all about Huijboom here. 

Now it was Euan who employed Stefan, yet what’s Euan had to say about the fact that the Kyiv Post’s main Donbass journalist for over a year, was completely discredited, found to be a fraud, a liar. Euan’s never once apologised for that, never once brought it to his readers’ attention, that they were reading the words of a convicted conman. I’ve asked Euan about it here, here, here, and many more.

screenshot-907So, what is Euan? Well, apart from being blatantly pro-Ukrainian (his Facebook background a Maidan photo), he’s someone totally prepared to cover up a criminal. He was happy to employ a criminal to file articles for him, as long as they were pro-Ukrainian. Euan knew what Huijboom was writing was lies, yet, Euan, as a liar himself, was happy to go along with this.

And now, he’s happy to use a photo of me which doesn’t prove anything in particular, to prop up his latest, and oft-repeated lie on his Twitter, that ‘Russia has invaded Ukraine’ etc. Ok, Euan, fascinating. Now, tell me again about the time you employed, and covered up for, a Dutch conman?

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