US Congresswoman Maxine Waters got Pranked, how, and by Whom

A few months ago, I was pleased to present the first special English-language interview with Russian prankster Lexus, notable already (with his partner in pranking, Vovan) for pranking Elton John, Turkey’s president Erdogan, Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky, Ukraine’s president Poroshenko, and many more.

Interview with Lexus, here –

I met Lexus in his home city, Ekaterinburg, in October of 2016, and we’ve kept in touch. A couple of days ago, he contacted me, saying they’d done a new prank with US congresswoman Maxine Waters, Democrate, big Clinton fan, Trump opponent, and asked if I could do the video for it. I was pleased to do so, here’s that video:

So, here’s a recap of what Maxine Waters believed:

  • That the Russian regular army were in Lvov
  • That Russia had installed a puppet president in Limpopo, Aybolit
  • That Russia wants to kill the recently ousted president of Limpopo
  • That she’ll use all of that to keep sanctions on Russia
  • That Putin’s troops are in Gabon, supporting president ‘Ondimbo’
  • That Russia has hacked her television to make it turn on to Russia Today

And, for those interested, here’s a special video about president Aybolit!

Waters has yet to respond to this, most insightful look into how US foreign policy is formed. Meanwhile Vovan and Lexus say they’ve also done John McCain.  So surely much more to come!

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