The Murder of Barry Pring: 9 Years Ago Today, Exclusive Developments

Graham Phillips

Barry PringToday marks 9 years since Briton Barry Pring was killed in Ukraine, murdered – all evidence shows – by his Ukrainian wife, Anna Ziuzina. The story was first brought to public attention by Stephen Wright of the Daily Mail, here, in 2011.

And in January of 2017, the coroner in Devon, ruled it to be an ‘unlawful killing’, with Barry ‘tricked’ into standing on the motorway on which a speeding car smashed into him, killing him instantly. The only person who could have tricked him, was the person he was with, his wife of one year, then 29-year-old Anna Ziuzina.

See the introduction to my documentary on the subject here: 

And an update on Ziuzina’s new life in the sun of Spain, here:

This week, in the Mail, Stephen Wright reveleaed that Ziuzina received £21,000 in legal aid, which she claimed fraudulently, to fight for Barry Pring’s estate. Over in Spain, Ziuzina’s new millionaire partner, Ivan Lister, continues to defend her, while Ziuzina herself (now known as ‘Julianna Moore’) is in hiding.

Over in Ukraine, I can exclusively reveal, from the Pring’s lawyer, that their  anna-and-mumpolice are avoiding speaking to them, and have not issued a statement. Further, the case is now not being handled by Kiev police at all, but by police in a small town 20km from Kiev, Boyarka. Meanwhile, Ziuzina’s parents (mother Olga here) have now left Barry’s Kiev apartment, where they had lived (against the wishes of the Pring family), for several years (video here), renting it out, as they reside in Marbella, with Ziuzina, and her 3-year-old daughter to Ivan Lister.

The Ukrainian Embassy in the UK have rejected my repeated requests for comment. The UK’s ambassador to Ukraine, Judith Gough, replied: “in answer to your question, we are giving the Ukrainian authorities copies of the Coroner’s Recording of the Inquest and a CD with recorded video footage shown at the inquest. I will also ask for an update on progress in the investigation.”

There is someone who has done more, Neil Parish, MP for Tiverton and Honiton, in Devon, the Pring family’s MP.  Neil has campaigned for justice for Barry for years, and I was pleased to meet him recently for an interview about his fight for justice –

Notable here, Neil’s strong calls for the intervention of Boris Johnson, UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. 

Exclusively, today, I can reveal that Neil Parish will be raising the matter in Prime Minister’s Questions, next Wednesday. Neil today reiterated his determination today, to achieve justice for Barry, and a trial, in Ukraine.

screenshot-795Barry’s brother Shaughan (pictured here with Barry’s 87-year-old mother, Irene), who has campaigned tirelessly for justice in his brother’s name for 9 years now, told me today: This case has been going on for far too long, we are extremely frustrated as its so obvious what happened to Barry and who is responsible for his death. However, the recent Coroners conclusion has given up fresh hope, therefore we now want the Ukrainian authorities to take immediate action and bring Barrys murderers to justice.

Shaughan added: I’ve now messaged Oleskii Makeiev of Ukraine’s MFA, British Embassy, Peter Wagner head of support group for Ukraine, Ukrainian Embassy, and Pavlo Klimkin Minister for Foreign Affairs, Boris Johnson, and Judith Gough.

If you have any fresh information, please contact me –

Support the hashtag #JusticeforBarryPring

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