Euromaidan, 2 New English-language Films: Givi and Doctor Liza

Graham Phillips

The topic of Euromaidan has come into focus again, with the London School of Economics (LSE), as part of their 2017 Literary Festival, holding a debate entitlted The Maidan Revolution – Lessons Learned and Unlearned – LSE .

I went along to film reportage from that, and more on that coming soon.

Also, I will shortly be presenting you with two films, in English. The first marks the late Donetsk People’s Republic commander Givi, whom I knew well, had filmed many times, and my favourite memories of, and videos with, him.


The second, is a 2-hour documentary about Doctor Liza, which took me some time to make, and was a true labour of love, for a truly remarkable lady.


Both of these are already available in Russian, and I’m working on the English-language versions now. All of my work is possible only because of your support, see more details here. 

Thank you, and more to come soon, Graham

One thought on “Euromaidan, 2 New English-language Films: Givi and Doctor Liza”

  1. “The overthrow of the Yanukovich government through a popular rebellion energised Ukrainian civil society and created expectations that have been hard to live up to. The Russian occupation of Crimea…..”
    “Anne Applebaum (@anneapplebaum) is a Visiting [“~]Professor[~”]…..”

    So sadly predictable. “Proper” education now consists of the clueless being brainwashed by the meritless.
    And little chance of them learning any of the unlearned lessons, let alone unlearning any of the lessons mislearnt.


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