The Truth about Euromaidan vs LSE Propaganda

I’ll be doing video reportage on the subject this week, as yesterday I attended a panel discussion organised by the London School of Economics, LSE, as part of their literary festival. The topic was Euromaidan, and I went along with an open mind (as I also went to Euromaidan itself), ready to listen, sitting for over half an hour…


And all I heard from the panellists, featuring most notably Euromaidan activist Mustafa Nayeem, was one pro-Euromaidan account after another. And it became clear, this event wasn’t going to be a real discussion on Maidan at all. It was simply a Euromaidan propaganda seminar.

So, I decided to ask the panellists some questions myself, what happened?




Consternation in the panel, uproar from the pro-Euromaidan element of the audience, who had clearly gone along to hear just the above propaganda –


And I was quickly kicked out.

My question had been quite simple, how can they, at a respected London Institution, pass off a propaganda event as part of a literary festival? Where was the mention of what I saw on Euromaidan – terrorism?

More to come, for now, this is Euromaidan as I remember it – the truth about Euromaidan –

2 thoughts on “The Truth about Euromaidan vs LSE Propaganda”

  1. Oh Graham, it was obvious from the publicity that it was going to be just a propaganda nonsense. Every “proper” “university” in the United Kleptocracy has to stay firmly on-message else it would be excommunicated from the taxpayers’ gravytrain rather speedily. As for bringing an open mind, that place didn’t deserve it. Sad that you didn’t take a whole group with you. Typical of these pseuds the reaction you got! More by email…..


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