Ukraine Fail (Again) in Response to Barry Pring Murder

Graham Phillips

Yesterday, MP Neil Parish raised the murder of Barry Pring in the UK Houses of Parliament. –

For more details of the murder of Barry Pring, read here, by Stephen Wright (the journalist to break the story back in 2011). Introduction to my documentary, here.

Neil Parish strongly criticised the response from Ukraine, on a policing and political level. And indeed, over 9 years on, and all Ukraine has done is move the case from investigator to investigator, cover up. Yesterday, for the first ever time, there was an official response from Ukraine, the Ukrainian Embassy in the UK:

screenshot-971The Embassy of Ukraine in London took note of the question raised in the UK Parliament on February 22 during PMQ session with regard to the death of UK citizen Mr. Barry Pring in 2008 in Ukraine and the relevant criminal investigation.

In March 2012 the Prosecutor General of Ukraine reclassified this criminal case as a premeditated murder. The case is still under investigation in Ukraine by Prosecutor’s Office of the Kyiv Region and local criminal police. All legal representatives in this process will be duly notified and updated on the progress in the investigation.

The Embassy of Ukraine in London is not a law enforcement agency and cannot interfere or in any way influence a criminal investigation. Nor do we consider it appropriate that the criminal investigation be conducted under any political or personal pressure. All concerns with regard to this case should be addressed to the relevant Ukrainian investigative authorities – the Interior Ministry and Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine. The Embassy stands ready to assist with such communication and further cooperation between Ukrainian and British authorities on this case.

barry-wedding3So, that’s it, they’re not going to do anything. It’s not like they don’t have remit – embassies are flexible diplomatic institutions, and each has its own scope of activity. The Ukrainian embassy in London seem to spend all their time putting out tweets blaming everything on Russia, and writing angry letters to anyone who has a word to say against Ukraine.

(Barry Pring and Anna Ziuzina in photo)

It’s not as if Ukraine can’t take action quickly either, when they want. The Ukrainian government hasn’t appreciated my work covering the conflict there, twice deporting me, banning me from the country, simply for being a freelance journalist.  Last week, without my being informed in any way, Ukrainian authorities moved quickly to seize access to my phone records (article by Graeme Strachan) over there.

When I asked the Ukrainian Embassy for an interview, via Twitter, their reply was a threat: 


And I’ve written them many more tweets, and emails, asking to speak with them. However, no reply. I will use this forum to ask once more, for the opportunity to meet them in London, and hand over my report on the murder of Barry Pring, which was cited by the UK coroner.

I also know that Barry’s brother Shaughan has repeatedly, and is repeatedly, trying to make contact with Ukrainian authorities, as yet, to no avail.

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