A Brit in Crimea (on his holidays): Work Well Underway

Graham Phillips

Crimea is a territory comparatively small in area, 27,000 km2, but unquestionably huge in international significance. It may not even be too much a stretch to describe the black sea peninsula as the centre of the global information, or misinformation war. Every day in the media – Crimea threats,  Crimea strategies,  Crimea occupation , Crimea repressionMeanwhile, here are the images circulated:

crimea-putin-1 crimea-putin-2 crimea-putin

And there’s one thing in common with all of this, by the way – no one who writes, or draws, any of it is in Crimea, or even near Crimea.  It’s distance propaganda. I’ll do that again with a hashtag #distancepropaganda

Last summer, I took a British, Scottish even, man to Crimea – on his holidays. No budget (crowdfunding didn’t cover costs so he had to pay for his own holiday), no agenda. Just an experiment. Or a holiday even. In the eye of the Crimean propaganda storm, can you actually go on holiday to what is one of the most beautiful places in the world?

I’ll also be returning to Crimea this summer to film more material, to bring the film bang-up-to-date.  And, the film will be released online this summer, with a premiere in the United Kingdom! More details to come, and as you can see, as I work away on the film, the Crimea atmosphere is all around.

dsc00046 dsc00048 dsc00050

Much more to come! 

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