A Graham Newsletter (#22) Meanwhile, in the UK…

It’s been an active time in Donbass
, and I know you’ve been following Patrick Lancaster for the latest updates from there, Patrick’s crowdfunder here, by the way.

ben-stimson-donbassHowever, there’s been plenty going on in the UK too. Firstly, there was the hugely significant news that the UK are going to prosecute Oldham-born Ben Stimson for fighting on the side of the people’s militia, in Donbass, against the Ukrainшфтn army (despite Ben by all accounts never having taken part in active conflict). This is the first prosecution of its kind, and has major implications, of which I’ve written here. 

In other news, about Brits abroad, I was happy to be able to inform you that work is well underway on my new film, made with your support ‘A Brit in Crimea (on his holidays)’.

The premiere will be in the UK in summer, and for the first time, here are some exclusive photos of the filming, which included an interview with a man from Kiev, a pro-Ukrainian from Crimean even, the whole point of this film, and principle – anti-propaganda.

screenshot-1165 screenshot-1167img_0031img_0096 img_4185 img_4187 img_4215 img_4221 img_4249 les screenshot-361 screenshot-362 screenshot-363 screenshot-364 screenshot-1169 screenshot-1170 screenshot-1172 screenshot-1176 screenshot-1177 screenshot-1178 screenshot-1179 screenshot-1182Back to the UK, and I recently went along to an event which was part of the LSE Literary Festival, and which turned out to be a pro-Maidan/Ukraine propaganda event:

Meanwhile, I’ve been continuing to work on the case of Barry Pring, here in the UK. That’s involved the Ukrainian Embassy in the UK, and here’s my post about what they do, or rather don’t do here in London.

To support my work, click here, and huge thanks in advance!

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