Boris Johnson and Ukraine Bingo: The Hit New Game

Graham Phillips

British foreign secretary Boris Johnson is in Ukraine just now. And now you can join in too, with this fun new game, all ages, for when Boris is either in Ukraine, or doing something connected with Ukraine!

First up!

1. Shake foreign minister Pavel Klimko’s hand and throw out a meaningful slogan!

screenshot-1196screenshot-1199 screenshot-1203 2. Pavlo not around? Find another prominent Ukrainian for a photo and strong statement (it doesn’t even matter if they are barely literate!)


3. Pavlo around but can’t get a handshake one? Stand somewhere official-looking with him, aforementioned slogan.

screenshot-12094. Mention ‘sovereignty’ or ‘territorial integrity’ (ideally done with the above!)
screenshot-1203 screenshot-1196 screenshot-1200

5. Do not mention anything about Ukrainian forces shelling civilian areas of Donbass.


6. Go to a shrine marking some terrorists who were killed (by their own people) overthrowing an elected government. Say they are ‘heroes’ who ‘died for freedom’ etc.

screenshot-1207 screenshot-1210

7. Only goes to Kiev. Why would you need to go anywhere else? Everything you need to know about Ukraine can be ascertained through diplomatic meetings in a few hours in Kiev, right Boris!

8. Blame Russia, Boris! Without providing any supporting evidence for your statements, or signs that you know anything about what you are speaking about. Just – Blame Russian, Boris!



9. Random photo opportunity.
screenshot-1221 screenshot-1223

That is Boris and Ukraine Bingo!!!


10. Want a bonus? Boris says something about Crimea, when he’s neither been, nor demonstrates knowing anything about it….

screenshot-1225 screenshot-1227

The 1st of March, and On!

Graham Phillips

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you all on the first of March, first day of spring, I wish you all well, may green shoot abound for all!


Huge thanks to all of those of you who supported my work in this last month. If you want to be involved, click here. 

There’s a lot of exciting things coming up, I’ve been very happy to receive the first submissions for the poster for my documentary film to be released this summer, ‘A Brit in Crimea (on his holidays)’:

poster_one poster_three poster_two

Masses of propaganda abouts around Crimea. Ukrainian propaganda, western propaganda, Russian propaganda. The aim of this film was to be absolute anti-propaganda, in fact 2 of the main interviews are with a man from Kiev, and a pro-Ukrainian. 

And speaking of matters Ukrainian, some of you may know the problems the Ukrainian Embassy in the UK have tried to cause for me – trying to get my passport confiscated, get me arrested, slander, threats, and on.

Well, I went to see them on a number of issues, as it happens, reportage to come:

screenshot-1193 And, incidentally, this was my spring wishes from a pro-Ukrainian.

Sadly, a fairly typical response from a pro-Ukrainian to independent journalism. Here, my recent video about the changing face of journalism in Ukraine

March doesn’t see my exact return to Donbass, but it’s getting closer, and there are many interesting places to report from before then, and on the way. So, a lot more to come, and my very best wishes for spring once more!