Crimea, Russia and to Rage against the UK Propaganda Machine

Graham Phillips

I’ve been back in the UK for over a month now, and in that time, I’ve come to understand a few things better, especially the meaning of Orwell’s phrase that the future is ‘a boot stamping on a human face forever’.

But that’s hardly where the Orwell references end. Because in the UK it’s works a truly Orwellian-style propaganda machine, designed to keep the populace in eternal suspension of the purported threat of, of course – Russia! 

There’s Boris Johnson over in Kiev, churning out an incessant slew of anti-Russian rhetoric, without any substance to back it up, but because it’s anti-Russian, it’ll naturally be accepted unquestioned:


What we do have, of course, is Boris meeting ‘Crimean Tatars’ and condemning Russia’s ‘illegal annexation‘ of Crimea…

screenshot-1307Yet this provided without any context whatsoever. Russia’s ‘illegal annexation‘ of Crimea came about after a referendum there, which came about after a violent overthrow of government in Ukraine, Euromaidan. Yet, Euromaidan is exalted in the UK, events at eminent establishments are held in its honour, and dissenting from the narrative is not condoned –

Euromaidan is so important because the whole house of cards rests on it. It must be purported that Euromaidan was good. Because then it can be sustained that Crimea, and Donbass, are ‘bad’, and ‘Russian aggression’. And the situation in Crimea must be made out to be ‘bad’ (as it always is), with particular focus on the Crimean Tatars and their supposed repression.

In the above Crimean Tatar photo, it looks like Crimean Tatar figure Mustafa Dzhemilev, self-appointed ‘leader of Crimean Tatars‘, who supported Euromaidan tatarsin Crimea, left in 2014 for Kiev, and has provided an endless source for western media of reports of repression, persecution etc against Crimean Tatars in Crimea, despite himself not having been there for some 3 years now.

In Crimea, some are puzzled why Dzhemilev has never attempted to return to the peninsula, most accept that he has found a lucrative stream in Kiev, endlessly reciting how ‘repressed’ his people are, to eager audiences who ensure he is well remunerated for his suffering.

Yet in Crimea, Dzhemilev is regarded by most Crimean Tatars as a traitor to his own people:

And, as here, my reportage, while you can find Crimean Tatars who will tell you they preferred life under Ukraine, they are in the minority, and more, feel free to express that opinion:

But, none of this must be allowed to reach mainstream media. There, it can only be a wall of ‘blame Russia’, that’s become so much of a meme the Russian Embassy in the UK regularly joke about it –


What are the Ukrainian Embassy doing, meanwhile? Pumping out a relentless stream of tweets blaming Russia for everything…

screenshot-1264screenshot-1252And they are fully supported by the UK in doing this, the UK’s own embassy ever happy to tweet, retweet anything, as long as it’s pro-Ukrainian, and by default, anti-Russian. Ukraine really is an incredibly convenient country for those looking for a stick with which to beat Russia, so much so that all are willing to turn a blind eye to the manifest problems with, and in, Ukraine –

And when it’s not Ukraine, there’s always a subculture of Russia which can be passed off as Russia, look at Reggie Yates’ recent ‘yoof’ style series on BBC, Extreme Russia, simply a chance to go round exposing all that’s bad about the country, safe in the knowledge that no one over here will either disagree, or seek to present the other side.

So, that’s the reality as we have it, walls, and waves of anti-Russian propaganda. And nowhere’s safe, not even sport, this is how the BBC are portraying the upcoming World Cup in Russia:


Of course there are those in the UK who can see behind the lies, and the masks, to the truth. But you have to really want to. You are faced with a colossal propaganda machine in the UK, to lie down is to let it simply stamp all over you. To stand against it, you have to be be prepared to, as things are now, stand almost alone.

8 thoughts on “Crimea, Russia and to Rage against the UK Propaganda Machine”

  1. The thing is that every new US president or UK politician, shortly after coming to office gets the standard welcome message from Nato and co., Saying “hello, just to remind you what happened to Pres Kennedy, we wouldn’t like that to happen to you too, here’s your orders for the week.”

    Notably in the present instance Pres Trump was at first speaking rather negatively about nato, but now has “mysteriously” changed his tune!

    Nato has to be serious about the threat from Putin, because they are otherwise running out of sufficient serious enemies, and every decent Military Industrial Complex needs a sufficient supply of enemies (as Orwell recognised a while back). Peace is not profitable enough.

    “Euromaidan is exalted in the UK, events at eminent establishments are held in its honour,”

    Oh Graham, I appreciate that the journalistic plural is an essential module in all professional writing schools, but I would have hoped you would be at a higher level yourself. So specify a second such event and establishment or else use the singular for a singularity. “Pro-Russian vloggers claiming to be “truth-speakers”.

    “Of course there are those in the UK who can see behind the lies, and the masks, to the truth. But you have to really want to.”

    In my experience (+polls) the majority no longer believe anything the msm tell them. Those who do are usually uniformed people (such as bus/train drivers, security, police (i.e. not exactly opinion leaders) or TV-goggling sheeple, the clones of Wasteminster who wouldn’t know what the truth was if it crashed into them at tsunami speed, and the twats who imagine they are actually getting educated at their “universities”. .


  2. UK politicians, Ukraine politicians, Ukrainian embassy they might be totally dishonest but at least …. it is their job to be such or at least could be viewed to be there job. I sent you an email about Cambridge University participation in Propaganda – that is something totally outrageous as they should keep their noses firmly out of such matters. This is an example of latest High Quality “Reserach” from Cambridge Uni: and this is how they treat FOI requests they do not like


  3. With regard to LSE video when Graham was asked to leave I have two points:
    1. Isn’t it a breach of Section 43 of Education Act 1986. The only loophole ffor LSE that I see is possible is that Graham Philips is, probably, not a member of LSE. But they could not assume that.
    2. Do security have the right to remove? As far as I am aware they have no such right and if the person is not violent, is not committing a crime they have no option but to call the Police. Or even get a Court Order to evict a person. If security touched him in the process isn’t there a case for assault under English law? (It is not the Ukraine where you can beat a person up and it is not a criminal offence if there are no serious injuries)


  4. “Universities” in the uk (United Kleptocracies) have nothing to do with education and everything to do with the “democratic” regime’s propaganda so there’s no great surprise here.
    Any attempt at exposure of lies by a “university” will be simply rebuffed as here, they have absolutely zero shame, partly because the media kowtows to them as a sources of “information” and never expose their lies or corruption.
    You won’t find any honest people in uk “universities”, they are rigorously excluded as per many previous examples. Not surprising the non-“professor” staff are so stressed out.
    It is inadvisable to hang around till police come because, while most police are fairly decent and honest, there is considerable risk that the situation will be manipulated by the numerous hostile scum present into fabricating a pretence of a serious offence. So better to seek fitter company asap.


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