John Bolton: The Man Who Makes Ice Sculptures (and sends death wishes)

Graham Phillips

There will be upcoming reportage on this theme. On Twitter, I (a freelance, independent journalist) was recently sent a message by a man wishing me a swift death. I put out a tweet about Donetsk Commander Givi having been killed, and a man, John Bolton, tweeted in reply ‘Good riddance. Let’s hope you and the others follow asap’. 

screenshot-900Now, I’m used to this from Ukrainian ‘pro-Ukrainians’, there have been thousands of such, and sadly that seems to be their mentality.

But, this is a British man. A British man with a business, no less. John has an ice sculpture business, here –

johnAnd let’s be clear about this, this is not a political issue. Everyone has different views, and opinions. But it’s a point of principle. When did Britain become a country where people could go around openly wishing death on other people? 

Well, it didn’t, and that’s not acceptable. I’ve contacted John, asking to meet up with him. It will be, from my side, a polite, and decent meeting, as that is my upbringing. And I’d like to ask John the simple questions – why wish death on people? Do you think that’s acceptable?