To Ice-man John Bolton: We live in the UK, You can’t just send death wishes here…

Graham Phillips, independent UK journalist

I’ve written about this previously, and will be filming reportage on it. Now, I know that over in Ukraine, people go around wishing death on other people, as sadly has become the (even institutional) mentality there.

However, this is the United Kingdom. And the country I was born, brought up, and still live in is not a country where people can do that. 

I was recently contacted on Twitter by a man, John Bolton, who owns an ice sculpture business. John sent me his wish that I be killed as soon as possible.

I’ve since contacted John about this, many times, by phone, email, and Twitter. In the first place, I said to him that if he apologised, I was prepared to drop it. He was not.

screenshot-1405 screenshot-1409

This is John himself, by the way


And he’s stopped answering my calls now, reneging on an earlier agreement to meet, to talk this over – 


Now, I know that John may not like my journalism. He may not even like me. And all of that is ok. John is free to contact me, criticise me, insult me even.

But, the UK is not, and will not be a country where people can just go around openly wishing death on other people.

I hope that after this, John will understand that better.

Ukraine targets Journalists (again), as the west just looks on (again)

Graham Phillips

In Ukraine, ‘radicals’ have published the latest issue of playing cards issued to Ukrainian soldiers with ‘kill targets’ on them. But don’t be fooled by ‘radicals’, be sure the Ukrainian government have given their full support to this, and the cards will be issued to Ukrainian soldiers, as previously (see my photos here of cards, after Ukrainian forces retreated from Lugansk airport, September 2014) –

ukraine-cards ukraine-cards1
Here they are: 

As well as myself, a UK freelance journalist, being on there, there are several other journalists, including prominent Russian journalist Dmitry Steshin.

So, where’s the outrage over this from the west? The headlines blasting Ukraine Targets Journalists…. where’s the outrage from western governments??

Nowhere at all. Remember, this is Ukraine and the west will blindly support Ukraine, because it’s a really convenient country to use to have a go at Russia.

screenshot-1209 screenshot-1215

Boris isn’t Fooling British People Anymore….

Graham Phillips

screenshot-1209I’ve written a fair bit about British foreign secretary Boris Johnson and his recent visit to Ukraine, where he pumped out the usual cocktail of lies and propaganda:

However, now head over to Boris’s Facebook page and have a look. Because the signs are, not everyone’s swallowing it anymore – the top comments on Boris’ post praising Maidan, here:

screenshot-1388Tim Watkins

EU meddling left Putin with no choice. Ukrainian territorial integrity would have been maintained if the EU had not persisted with its ridiculous expansionist agenda. For what it’s worth, I think the Foreign Office position on this is dead wrong, just as it is on Syria. Russia deserves to be treated with more respect.

Isobel Jardine

Well said Tim Watkins

The Russian Embassy has am excellent response to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee Report on the Relationship with Russia

There has been an intense London-Washington false propaganda campaign about both, especially Syria given the intensity and length of involvement there.

screenshot-1396And they completely fa to mention the illegal US action in Kiev and the coup, or to show any concern for Ukrainians who opposed that
Really sickening but the Government’s.behaviour appears out.of control

I corresponded with the Foreign Office, which is a waste of time Dire attitude and standard with dishonesty about both, intensely about Syria
Really shameful

Matt Taylor

Indeed, I am a five tour veteran of the Royal Marines and I side with the Russians as well. We saw what happened when we got rid of Saddam and Gadaffi, and we want to do the same thing with Assad? It is monumental ignorance and the entire British public knows it. The establishment are desperate for war with Russia, they have to know that we absolutely will not stand for it.

Now of course there are other comments on there, expressing other opinions. But, something is clear, Boris’ (and lets call it what it is) bullshit isn’t fooling all the people anymore!