To Ice-man John Bolton: We live in the UK, You can’t just send death wishes here…

Graham Phillips, independent UK journalist

I’ve written about this previously, and will be filming reportage on it. Now, I know that over in Ukraine, people go around wishing death on other people, as sadly has become the (even institutional) mentality there.

However, this is the United Kingdom. And the country I was born, brought up, and still live in is not a country where people can do that. 

I was recently contacted on Twitter by a man, John Bolton, who owns an ice sculpture business. John sent me his wish that I be killed as soon as possible.

I’ve since contacted John about this, many times, by phone, email, and Twitter. In the first place, I said to him that if he apologised, I was prepared to drop it. He was not.

screenshot-1405 screenshot-1409

This is John himself, by the way


And he’s stopped answering my calls now, reneging on an earlier agreement to meet, to talk this over – 


Now, I know that John may not like my journalism. He may not even like me. And all of that is ok. John is free to contact me, criticise me, insult me even.

But, the UK is not, and will not be a country where people can just go around openly wishing death on other people.

I hope that after this, John will understand that better.

4 thoughts on “To Ice-man John Bolton: We live in the UK, You can’t just send death wishes here…”

  1. Actually I think people do have a right to say what they think in a country which has proper free speech (albeit the uk certainly doesn’t).
    The only justifiable limits are (1) a right to sue for defamation (though not a criminal offence there), and (2) criminal speech if the speech is a constructive part of a crime, i.e. “G Phillips is staying at 32 Glog St tonight and you can easily sneak in the back door to finish him off”.
    John Bolton’s words are regrettable and reprehensible but to make them criminal would be even more regrettable. It is is far better to know what such scum are thinking and saying about you than to have voices suppressed.


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