What Rostov is Really Like…

Graham Phillips

Man Utd are playing in Rostov this Thursday, for their Europa League tie, and of course, the media are already writing about the ‘dangers’ there, ‘Russian hooligans’ etc etc. Now there’s a couple of things to consider here – that football is football, and tempers can be a bit heated, and also that the media’s prophecy of trouble, fighting etc, will actually happen, because they put it in people’s minds (plus, really want it to happen, to have a go at Russia etc).

However, I know the city of Rostov , in the south of Russia, quite well, have been many times, and it’s strange to see ‘dangerous’ and ‘Rostov’ even in the same paragraph. The Rostov I know is friendly, sunny, lovely. This was en route to Crimea, for the film I made there, for release this summer, A Brit in Crimea: (some bonus scenes):

And this, from a little earlier, asking Rostovchans what they think of president Putin: 

That’s Rostov, as it really is! And I wish everyone visiting a wonderful time!

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