Why are protests in Serbia being ignored by the media?

Protests in Serbia enter their 9th day today, with anti-Vucic protesters claiming the media are ‘blacking out’ their campaign. And it’s true, that media coverage – in every media, has been muted, only now starting to trickle out.

Why is that? Well, the reason is surely president-elect Vucic himself. He’s supposedly anti-NATO, yet Serbia conducted 206 training drills with NATO last year (to 17 with Russia). He’s supposedly a ‘pro-Russian’ politician, who gets congratulated by John McCain on his victory.  

And do the protesters support the EU? Some do, but a lot are angry with the EU for supporting Vucic, see my interview from Belgrade, yesterday –

So, what are the protests? Pro-EU or anti? Pro-NATO or anti? Is Soros funding them, as some say. Is it a new ‘colour revolution’? No one knows, it’s all unclear, and it doesn’t suit the agenda of any mainstream media. Hence the blackout.

See some of my coverage from Belgrade yesterday, here:


3 thoughts on “Why are protests in Serbia being ignored by the media?”

  1. The “true news” media only report stories which have been prepared in advance such as the false flag chemical weapons in Syria, the “revolution” in Kiev, some missiles being fired back at Avdeevka. This in Serbia is merely some people hoping along the same lines as the “occupy” people in USK, which came to nothing as this will too. If Graham could depart from his normal decorum and start a fight that might draw a little media attention though not of a helpful sort anyway.


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