Serbia Protests: Trojan Horse? And at a Crossroads.

Protests continue, after a fashion, in Serbia, for the 15th day (below, photo of a sparse pre-Easter crowd on day 13, Belgrade).  But, a question could be, why haven’t they ever been bigger, given that they do echo mass sentiment in the country of unhappiness with the current situation?

Several reasons, but the longer they’ve gone on, and the longer that no one’s come forward as the organiser, the more that cynicism has grown as to who’s behind them, and if that person may not actually even be worse than current incumbent, and generally not-that-popular, Alexander Vucic. 

A feeling hardly helped by an announcement on the 13th April that runner up in recent presidential elections, with 16.37%, former ombudsman Sasa Jankovic, a liberal, pro-EU, and even less popular than Vucic figure, is ‘forming his own political movement’.

Now while there’s no concrete evidence of Jankovic’s involvement in the protests here, the timing of his annoucement hardly helps, as protests enter a crossroads. Momentum sunk during Easter, and whether it can be recovered this week, will be seen.