Pro-Ukrainian Attitudes Towards Independent, non pro-Ukraine Journalism (aka Death Wishes / Threats)

Last week, we marked the second anniversary of the murder of journalist Oles Buzina, in Kiev.  Although the culprits are widely known, and known as Ukrainian nationalists, because this is Ukraine, there’s been no attempt to bring them to justice.

Moreover, because of the west’s desire to cover up that which happens in Ukraine and doesn’t suit the ‘Ukraine is good, Russia is bad‘ narrative, there’s been little coverage of the Buzina case in western media.

Ukrainians, pro-Ukrainian can usually be found occupying the moral highground, happy to bask in a world much believing all the above rhetoric about Russia, and Ukraine’s poor, put-upon people, only wanting their own land etc etc (the line endlessly pumped out by their government, and oft-repeated in the media).

But what if it’s really not like that at all? I’m an independent journalist, covering the Ukraine situation for over 3 years. And because I haven’t taken the ‘pro-Ukrainian’ side (I’ve reported facts), I’ve become a ‘hate figure’ for many in Ukraine (and I’m officially banned from there, for life, as I understand.)

I accept that sometimes my work can push some boundaries, but, I never go through them, in general always try to be a decent person. And, yet, it took me just a few minutes to assemble these tweets, and comments, sent to me, in English, by ‘pro-Ukrainians’, as they’d call themselves, thousands even (no exaggeration) more in Russian, Ukrainian, of course. Just 10 here, to get started!

So, let’s have a look and see how pro-Ukrainians respond to a journalist whose work they don’t like: 


After anyone is killed, or dies, I will get a swathe of messages from pro-Ukrainians wishing me the same.

So there we have it, pro-Ukrainian attitudes to a journalist they don’t like.

11 thoughts on “Pro-Ukrainian Attitudes Towards Independent, non pro-Ukraine Journalism (aka Death Wishes / Threats)”

  1. In my experience, any person lacking in enemies is usually lacking in some virtues as well.
    And as for death-threats, they come from pathetic cowards who bark because they don’t have the nerve or wits to organise to actually do it. Consider, if someone were actually planning to assassinate someone, would they seriously give them pre-warning first? No.


  2. I think at least some of the people sending these offensive messages are based in the England and hence are committing criminal offences under English law. Personally, I would report those that can be traced to the UK to the Police. A verdict of an English court would be a good cold shower for a number of pro-ukrainian-regime people….. The other thing, I think when the phrase “Pro-Ukraine” and the like are used what is really meant “pro-regime-in-the-Ukraine”. For example I consider myself pro-Ukraine yet I am also pro-Russian and I am against Ukrainian-Regime. I think the fact that the current Ukrainian Regime managed to put an equality sign between “pro-regime-in-Kiev” and “pro-Ukrainian” is one of their propaganda achievements.


    1. eukrainian, you appear to be very naive about uk politics!
      “Hate crimes” are nothing to do with hate but everything to do with uk regime persecution of political dissidents. The uk regime is hardly going to admit to having a law explicitly against “dissidence crimes”.
      The uk’s corrupt kangaroo courts ALWAYS side with the regime corruption and lies. They would prosecute someone claiming the Kiev regime are nazis. They would more likely give honours (OBE etc) for these attacks against Graham.


  3. Dobbb, I accept that English Justice system, especially at the low end and the very high are very far from perfect, very horrible in fact at the magistrate’s court end. The main challenge for prosecuting the offenders will be the Police. The situation with them is really horrible as these largely poorly educated people think they know the law while in fact they do not! Unfortunately in England there is no right for a decision not to prosecute to be reviewed by trained lawyers, such as CPS unless the police themselves refer the case to them for a decision. As long as police passes the case to CPS and the courts there is a very good chance of conviction (even if the evidence is poor!). Political aspect will affect things but more so at the Police stage than with CPS and courts. A much less serious case (grossly overblown) resulted in extremely heavy sentencing (though politics and political correctness probably played a huge part in that)


    1. In theory you can start a private criminal prosecution but in practice the procedures are not properly published (as the non-civil are) and lawyers won’t help unless you pay a large amount. Yet another scam. The police also will never consider reviewing a false allegation if they have already taken it as true (which they tend to if it is about a “hate crime”). They prefer to just “score points” for “catching a criminal” while the real criminal is left laughing.


    2. “think they know the law while in fact they do not!”
      Hmm, rather they know the law in hypocritical dishonest practice rather than the law as pretended to be.


  4. A great many people have been greatly harmed by such false allegations and false convictions but the regime doesn’t give a damn as they are all crooks themselves.
    All governments are bad, though having more or less than one government in an area (Avdiivka etc) is infinitely worse.


  5. Private prosecution is potentially very, very expensive. In Russia, (in the Ukraine in the past) there is a right to demand review of the decision not to prosecute or to prosecute and it would be performed by prosecutors at several levels up to the very top – not purely within the Police… In the UK the only system of review is Judicial review – notoriously expensive and is utterly useless in most cases…. However I do believe that there is some chance of UK police pursuing the case if the issue is reported. Depends a lot on luck which police officer handles the case, the sergeant involved etc.


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