The Shock of Reporting from Serbia

Sadly, I’ve filmed many times from Donbass when people’s home have been hit by shelling, people killed. And that’s brought information to people, that’s news.

But can you believe that I’m here in Serbia, filming the result of NATO actions here 18 years ago – and it’s still news! People don’t know about this, it wasn’t in our media. Yesterday, I filmed about Militsa Rakich, 3-year-old victim of a NATO cluster bomb, and what do you get when you google her?

Almost nothing – actually the top results are the tweets I posted yesterday! And yesterday, here in Serbia, I filmed an interview with the father of 3-year-old Militsa Rakich, by Belgrade. She was in the bathroom, when, on the 17th April 1999, her home was struck by a (forbidden) NATO cluster bomb. She was wounded in the head, and died in her own home.

All of this reportage will be coming up, in English. And shocking as it is – it’s still news.

4 thoughts on “The Shock of Reporting from Serbia”

  1. Thank you Graham! You can actually do a whole story about newspaper reporters from the U.S. who were fired for reporting actual news during the war because they didn’t want simply demonize Serbs. Notable ‘newspaper’ was the New York Times.


  2. U’re doing very important things! Please, do not stop! The world must know what the NATO did with Serbia. And what’s going on in Donbas region! Praying for you from Russia!


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