Serbia and Tony Blair

Did you know, that in Kosovo there’s a boy’s name Tonibler (Tony Blair)? And guess what, Tony Blair’s PR company The Guardian (oh come on, you didn’t think they were a newspaper??), even made a glossy video about that!

So, given that Kosovo was fighting against Serbia, to be such a hero there, what did Tony Blair do to Serbia? Let’s have a look:

And, on the back of this, the mass killing of civilians, Tony Blair bases a good part of his legacy as a statesman of our times…  Quite staggeringly, perhaps, he’s even an advisor to the Serbian government itself.

So, this is my new series of video reportage, about what the Serbs think of Tony Blair!

More to come!

3 thoughts on “Serbia and Tony Blair”

  1. This is really outrageous. How people of Serbia can tolerate such things? Blair is a figure of hatred even in his own country. He is really hated and ridiculed in the UK but, unfortunately, not because of the war against Serbia but because of Iraq and failed economic policies. Why would anyone [apart from some dictators from fourth world regimes so keen to have some association with some people of authority (even if that authority is long since in the past) from countries that are higher in the pecking order than their own], pay him a penny for his advice or appearance or indeed have him even for free!?


  2. Just ten hours I wrote the above comment expressing surprise that someone would have the infamous Blair ad adviser. Now it has transpired that Cambridge University researchers who are spreading anti-Russian propaganda as “research” are …. former underlings of extreme far right US politician (compared to whom Donald Trump is Mother Theresa) Jonh McCain. Clearly such a background makes him totally inappropriate for “research” in this area. My latest FOI request to Cambridge University can be seen at: and I updated with the latest information.


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