Alexander Vucic and I

Alexander Vucic, the president-elect of Serbia. I was recently in Serbia for 3 weeks, with anti-Vucic protests ongoing, and heard a lot of pretty negative things said about him – here just a selection –

I had my own questions for the man Prime Minister of Serbia since 2014, Minister of Information under Milosevic even. And I obtained the correct contact to message him, ask for an interview, which I did –

Screenshot (1877).png

However, there was no response. 

I’ll try again next time in Serbia, which I hope will be soon, as I love reporting from there. Meanwhile I can say there, that the country may have its own issues, and Vucic indeed part of this, but I did feel free there to report what I wanted. While Vucic may not have accepted my request for interview, there was no attempt to stop, or restrict my work either.

And that covers that!

Anti-Vucic protests continue in Serbia, after a fashion

As some of you know, in my recent time in Serbia, I covered the anti-Vucic protests there, for full videos, click here.

And here on the Truth Speaker –

I’m back in Donbass now, but will continue to follow, and keep you updated on events in Serbia. And what’s happening with them now? Well, they are going on, but any pretence of them being daily has long since been abandoned, after attendance fell off.

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For more information on them, see here –